One Moment In Time

images It seemed like yesterday that my friend Jeff and I decided to skip classes and go to the beach in Southern California. We had picked up some beer and smokes from the local store and was going to party the day away.

Laying on the beach, around lunch time and I dozed off for a minute. I guess the excitement had run me down. I decided a short nap was in store. The girls and Jeff ,were out in the surf enjoying the waves. I snoozed off.

Things are getting foggy now and I’m dreaming of my family. I still have my parents and one sister. My sister and I are close in age and are very best friends. I can now see her in my dream, it is Thanksgiving dinner and the whole family is sitting around the table. My sister is quite a joker and makes me laugh at every moment. I think she moved all the silverware around that my mother had so elegantly placed in order. Now everyone’s fork was on the opposite of where it was. My sister wanted a reaction out of my mother so she could get a good laugh. My sister had that gift like no other. She made people feel good, happy, and to make them smile.

I think I’m coming out of this snooze, waking up now and I can hear the gulls above. Screech-Screech.

It is getting late afternoon, time to leave for home. We have to be back early so we can make it look like we went to school. If I come home the same time, my mother will think I just got out of school. We are driving down Highway Five , I look up ahead and there is some kind of accident. A gray colored mustang is on its roof. Jeff mentions to me that my sisters boyfriend has a car like that. She always rides with her boyfriend. We decided to stop and see if it was her and her boyfriend. I walk up to the car and the medics are tending to a woman. I look down and it is my sister. So shocked, I don’t even know what to say. I said to her, sis? You ok? She replies; Yes I will be ok and to meet me at the hospital down the road.  Jeff and I and the girls hopped into the car and raced off to meet my sister at the hospital. The ambulance arrives and we are waiting for them to take her out on the stretcher. One attendant comes outside and walks up to me . Sir, Are you family. I replied, yes why? Your sister didn’t survive that crash. We think her Aorta was ruptured from the impact.

My heart was broken. It has been 40  years now, memories of that day are fading. I just want you to remember that in one moment in time, your loved ones can disappear. Always tell them you love them and give them a hug, it might be your last.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

Inner Working of Something Good

imagesFEI2I2UZIt is interesting when you hear news of changes to take place. You wonder if they are for the good or not. Changes in your life can be a good thing but can have stipulations they go with them. You can think at one moment this change is going to be something that is going to be better for you, but you sometimes have to look at all the little details that go along that could effect you down the road.

I think change is good .  This global economy is in sad shape, I worry about the future. I want security just like anyone else. My house is not a home without a strong support system. Everything derives from the security that I have. I know that the word security is something that means your stable. Here comes the word security again. Nothing is secure anymore, be thankful I have employment. I understand this really, I’m very thankful. I still worry about changes and how it could effect my security, my life.

I plug away at the years and hope that things in the country turn around, but sometimes I wonder. Can we compete in the Global Community. I’m not sure ,but I see that more jobs are falling off, and not enough good skilled jobs coming back. Only the future can tell . I hope I can still be of importance in the future.blogengage, rss, affiliatelights, recurring commissions

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau

Battle With The Cryo

imagesVery interesting morning getting out of work. To start things off when I came into the locker room it was darn cold. It is ten below outside this morning and walking into a locker room where it was cold just brought the chill factor in me up a few notches. The showers were running and I knew that I could get some warmth. I came out of the shower and back to the cold again. Not super cold, but cold enough to give you goose bumps. I put my home clothes on and I was getting some warmth back. It is now time to go out into the real cold. Ten below outside with a little wind. The second I walk through the double doors of the facility the cold blast hits me, my muscles tighten up. I think I now have a cramp in my neck from scrunching up. It is a rather long walk to my truck, which I’m sure is a block of ice. When I reach the truck it is cover in a little snow. The plant where I work makes it own snow from the moisture coming off from different processes within the plant. I now have to clean the truck off, in the darn cold. I start the truck but no heat. What a way to start the morning. I only live 9 miles from the plant so by the time I get to the house the truck is starting to get warmth. The best thing about coming home this early is getting the woodstove cranked up. There is hot coals in the stove from last night before I went to work. Ah, the heat from the woodstove. There is no better heat in the cold winter days like this. I can now feel the warmth from the stove. The goose bumps are going away. There take that winter. Happy New Years.© 2014 Dwayne Bilodeaublogengage, rss, affiliatelights, recurring commissions

Leaders Within You

images   What makes for a good leader? You have to look way back when you were playing with the other neighborhood children. Was there always one boy or girl who would stand out front and command all the playing rules. They were not trained to do this or were they. Born leaders of America was a saying that we have heard before. He was born a leader! Lets break it down a little. Little Richard was always told to make his bed, clean up after messes or there would be conditions. After reapeated commands from his folks it became automatic that Richard would wake up make his bed and clean up after himself. Over and over his parents at the beginning was in control of the situations of Richard. Now lets take a look in the sandbox with him standing at front telling the kids what to do. Susie you start doing this and make sure you do it how I tell you. Greg, make a road in the sandbox for our trucks. Make sure you go all the way around the box. These children are listening to what Richard has commanded them to do. It is called structure some which these other children have not received. So Richard is a leader and didn’t even know it. Yes, a born leader, but it’s only  a result of how he was raised. Instruction to details and repeated operations will result in a child who stands up and tells people what to do. It was not his fault he is your boss today, it was his parents fault. Yes Ma, I will be right there!image
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Life of A Shift Worker

imagesI have been working shift work since 1983 and I cannot see the glory in a just working a day job. Things are different at night when everyone else is sleeping. The mind still does function. I swap between twelve hours days and twelve hour nights and when I do on occasions work 8 hours it seems like a day off. The night has a certain quiet serene feeling that makes me sometimes wonder if I like working the nights better than days. I must say that after I wake up from working the night shift that my mind is in a quasar state for a bit. I have never known anything different. My Dad worked in the paper mills for 43 years and worked shift most of it. I work in the paper mills and have followed the same path my grandfather’s and my dad have been through. It is a great life for me, just saying. I guess it works for me. All I wanted to do was work with my hands, snore snore, ok sometimes when you work nights and you come home you snore mid-sentence. So I get to see the early mornings which I love so much. I come home from this magical night thing and make breakfast for my spouse so she can go to work with a full belly. There is no rushing here because after I make breakfast I get to go to bed. The birds start waking up about the same time I come home, I can hear chirping about. The critters are out too looking for food. The night owls are out and about too. Not always the animal type either, sometimes human so driving can be a little hazardous. If you have never worked nights, or some call graveyard shift, you should give it a try. Our daughter is now starting some night shifts and she is experiencing what I have done for years. You see! It runs in the family. Our son works nights once in awhile too. Now if I can get my wife working nights and not days we might see each other. I switch back to days and we are on track with each other. Hey! It all works out in the end, Good-bye night. I’m going to take a nap. Good Day Everyone.
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