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There can be only one man in this town. You need to leave immediately or else. Phoenix 1865, Population 800. This town is now becoming a city, booming with people wanting to live and prosper, a new beginning. Gambling halls have been popping up all over the main street and work is abundant. With gambling comes crime in the newly found city. There is now a group of people controlling every facet of this community. I sit here writing and now can hear gunshots going off in the alley a block away. These men will take everything, including your life if  business owners do not pay a substantial fee for protection of their establishments. The Sheriff in town, Richard McCoy is in the street confronting another man as I can see out through the windows from my room overlooking main street. The other man, a hoodlum of sort in this town, Don Cloak, proprietor of Gully’s the local pub in downtown on 1st street near McDowell and Camelback streets. This man the Sheriff is confronting has been a real problem around here. He thinks he is the governor of the community which he is not. The only man who controls everything around here is Sheriff McCoy. I can now here the men hollering at each other, they both have their pistols out. A shot rings out, both men have fallen to the ground. From the deck of Laurie’s clothing store I can see other men dress in black. I believe these men shot at the two men in the street. I watched the other men disappear around the corner of the building and one man remains, peering out, scanning the area when all of a sudden his eyes are watching me within the upstairs window. I pull myself away, hoping that he didn’t see me.

Some of the locals go out into the street to check on the condition of Sheriff McCoy and the other man. McCoy is still breathing, only a shot in the flank but he will survive. Don Cloak is lifeless. The town is in an uproar as to how the men were shot. Could the Sheriff of shot Don Cloak? It is late at night and there is a knock on my door. I am frightened as to whom may be checking my whereabouts. I am new to this community so I have no friends that would be checking me. Scared to say the least, I back away from the door, I’m shaking ,shivers up and down my spine. Who goes there? No answer. The door now starts to rattle, I’m scared, so scared. The door is smashed in, two men with guns are pointing them at me. I am now tied up to a chair in the middle of the room, men are interrogating me on what I witnessed. One man slapped me hard on the side of my head, I’m crying, real blood is oozing down my face. I didn’t see anything, I kept telling the men. Somehow this has to be a dream, this cannot be happening. A shot rang out , many shots. The two men drop to the ground, blood is pooling around their bodies. I am still shaking. A silhouette of a man is standing at the doorway, gun barrel is still smoking. I tried to scream but nothing comes out, I am too frightened. Are you ok? The man asked me. Who is this man standing at the doorway? Who are you?  I young lady am Sheriff McCoy. I was let loose of the bindings the two men had me in. I explained to the Sheriff what I had witnessed. Lady, justice will be served in this town, I will make sure of it.

The days went on and crime didn’t stop. The town now with a population of over 100 thousand residents had grown so much. I am now an old lady sitting in a long term care center for the elderly. I still reminisce about the first days of Phoenix and the day I almost died. People in my life have come and gone but memories are forever.

D.H.Bilodeau 2016



imagesI have a list of words that I have no clue what they are. We really have been loaded up with words that anyone trying to take a test would probably fail if someone really wanted to make one. Truncheon, I guess I missed this one in school. Ok it is a Billy Club that police officers use.  There is many words in our vocabulary that could put you in last place at the annual spelling bee for sure.

They were using their ” Arnold batons ” to show force in the riot that broke out at the prison. Same thing, long Truncheon’s which the correction guards use. I’m not sure if these are the manufacturer or not. I’m not an expert on any of these.

One can only think back during the caveman day’s using their clubs for either killing small or large prey. Really a truncheon, either for killing or protection. Clubs or spears or whips and chains all either for protection have been used forever. The Billy Club is still used by riot police and some departments still today.

I will have to come up with some other funny words to talk about , maybe another day. Enjoy the day.

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Handsome Boy

Kogen FallWhen someone thinks of intelligent dogs, German Shepard’s always come up. My wife and I have always had a dog, but this one was special. I never was the dog lover in the house, my wife was. Our last dog had a German Shepard mix and was a good dog but didn’t have the smarts like this one. 2012-02-26 19.04.25

It really amazes me with this dog how he is so quick to learn something. A working breed, and he will do anything for you. He will retrieve a ball, but not too keen on giving up his toy. We taught him hand instructions. If we want him to sit we raise our fist then curl it downward. To stay, we put up the stop sign, or hand out flat. To lay down, we push our hand in a downward motion. It is so cool to see this. He will back up with a command to back up. We hide treats and he will hunt them down in no time. This dog is a watch dog and his loyalty to my wife is unreal.  I have to say that I have turned into a dog lover with this one. He is our child, so we  talk like mummy and daddy. It really is sad, being a large dog, the hip issue thing has started and he is not very old. He is such a good boy, my wife would be proud of me saying that. The only thing that drives me crazy is he wants to work all the time. Every job I try to do outside becomes his job too. So raking leaves, taking the garbage out, shoveling dirt, weed whacking, or anything, becomes a real challenge. The thing I love best, or we love best, is walking on the trails out back in the woods. He will intimidate anyone who comes here, but he really is a good boy. So if you ever thought about getting a German Shepard or have any stories about your own, please feel free to leave a comment or send a pic of yours.  You can facebook me. Dwayne Bilodeau- 2011-05-24 06.51.54
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