Snowmobile Riding North

snowmobilingThis could probably be counted as one of the worst or best trips from hell. The wife and I had planned a trip to Moosehead Lake in Maine. We made plans to go snowmobile riding up there and we rented a room at a local hotel in Rockwood.

I decided it was time to get the snowmobile ready before the trip. I started it up, and took a short ride on the back lawn where I live. Something was terribly wrong with the sled. I could hear metal to metal, and crunching sound. This sled was damaged and we had no time to send it to the repair shop before our trip. My wife and I talked, we decided to go buy another snowmobile. We went to the local sled dealer and bought a used sled. Good one too, with a long seat, and longtrack.

With the sled loaded, we made our way up north. We arrived and checked in. It was still early in the day and we wanted to make our way to Pittston Farms. A place we could go get a cocktail and a bite to eat. We took off across the lake on the pole trail which led us back to land. The first sign I saw stated Pittston Farm this way to the right. I turned and went down the trail, noticing a sign that said snowmobile shop. We went a little further and another sign showed the restaurant going the opposite direction than what the first sign showed. I turned the sled, backing up into deep snow, using the reverse the sled had. We just started the other way when my wife tapped me on the shoulder and said, What is that green stuff in the snow where you backed up? I stopped in the trail to inspect if any damage and anti-freeze was  pouring out of my heat exchanger.

I remembered the sign, snowmobile shop ahead. I made it to this shop and the repair man told me he didn’t have time to work on it because he was so busy. He said, I can give you a bottle of antifreeze so you can get back to Rockwood. We made it back to Rockwood Hotel and the owners were at their desk. I asked if any snowmobile repair shops around. Hang on a minute the lady said. I could hear her talking. Joe, can you work on a sled? She got off the phone and the guy told her, Yes. His shop was a mile down the road. I loaded the sled into my pick-em-up-truck and off we went.

It was time to chill out so we decided to have some cocktails and eat some dinner. It was about 8 o’clock that evening and the owner told us the sled was done and we could pick it up. I brought my truck down and paid the guy. I off loaded my sled at the hotel parking lot and put it back up near the hotel. I went back into the restaurant with my wife and finished dining with her. I was looking outside the window, enjoying seeing all the snowmobilers riding around when I noticed a flash of something out of the corner of my eye. I then saw my red pick-em-up-truck jump about five feet sideways. I knew at this moment a snowmobiler had hit my truck at a very fast rate. I jumped up from the table and started running toward my truck . The owner of the hotel was following me because we wanted to make sure no one was injured. When we just about got to the truck, the owner replied; Oh no that is my son. I was floored with that statement. What really happened was his son’s sled did a runaway when he started it. Maybe the throttle was stuck so when there was ignition it took off at a fast rate. The sled was in bad condition along with my truck. We was glad the son was not injured but the damage was severe. The truck still could be driven, we exchanged names and numbers, and waited for a warden to file a report.

Fun comes in many ways. We took a bad experience but still had a lot of fun. Everything was taking care of at the end, and I would recommend going to Moosehead snowmobiling to anyone. Just make sure you bring lots of lucky charms. We never did make it to Pittston Farms, Bad Omen! Make sure you take the Black Fly Loop. This trail goes all the way around the lake. Just Beautiful. 2011TrailsSwett
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These Walls Around Me

images4L5BVXD1The days can be cold and long here in Maine. I was observing an elderly woman today and she said something that tugged at my heart. She asked the owner of the store what he does to keep busy. He told the old lady this is it. I work here and perform everyday business, this keeps me busy.She told him I wish I had something to do. The walls have been closing up on me. Really sad when I thought about this for a moment. She was probably a widow and had no children around. She didn’t have any hobbies, or anyone to give the stuff to. The temperature outside has been awfully cold and it is not even winter yet. I felt for this older lady because she has a long winter ahead of her and probably no one to come home to. This was an observation that made me think real hard. We are getting older too. Time is of the essence. I better get a move on life or the walls are going to close on me too.

Minus What?

outhouse-1024x768It sure can get cold in these hills in Central Maine. Waking up this morning and getting ready to cook breakfast for my spouse and I decided to look at the outside temperature. I have a LLBean unit that records the inside and outside temperature. I see 8 degree’s showing, no, -8 degree’s F, which is very cold and it is not even winter yet. Cold temperatures like this can really cause havoc around here. We did get a ton of snow, wait a ton? That is 2000 pounds and I bet we received more than a ton. It is the snow factor that insulates things around here. The exposed items like car batteries and outside toilets get the brunt of the cold temps around here. You ever hear of kids putting their tonuge on a cold pipe and sticking right to it? Well, sitting on a cold seat in the outhouse has the same effect. If you are ever at the beach in the summer look for people with rings around their buttock region. They are probably from Central Maine. The cold is only good for one thing around here and that is making ice or making snow. We need ice for our drinks when we are ice fishing. We also need ice when making snow at the local ski areas. Sometimes when you reach temperature’s like this around here, you think there is car accident’s all over the place. One car head on into another but with no damage. Usually this means someone’s battery has died and they are jump starting the other car. Another thing you see around here is a lot of nostrils stuck together. I listen to the scanner and all day there is 911 calls for stuck noses. When you breath out of your nose moisture is built up around the inside of your passages and when you inhale back through your nose the insides stick together. It takes a heat gun at a hospital to get those stickers back away. So when we see digits like that on our thermostat it really makes people think what would it be like in Alaska. I am sure the hooch  they make over there keeps the blood thinned out. There is a cure for everything. I have to go get some wood into the stove so I can try and mend this ring around the butt problem for my trip to Florida. Good Day Everyone. Happy Holiday’s 
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Land Beneath The Shelf

 images I was out ice fishing one cold morning and I was ready for catching some fish. I set all my traps and had brought a doughnut and some coffee to keep me satisfied until lunch time. I was checking my last trap when all of a sudden I heard a crack sound and it sounded like it was on the move. I could see a large gap coming my way so I started running as fast as possible to get back to the shoreline. I was way out in the middle of the lake and I’m thinking no way am I going to make it. I turned around and the crack is forming just behind me and finally it swallows me up and I plunk right into the cold murky water. I start sinking real fast and the ice is now above me and I look up through the water and I see the crack close itself back up before I have any chance to pass back through it. I am now sinking and I’m feeling like this is it. All my life is passing in my mind, just like everyone had told me. I finally come to the bottom, which seemed like forever and I crash through some kind of vortex. It is spinning and I have no choice as to go with the flow. I opened my eyes and I can see somewhat of a flashing light in the distance. Finally the spinning stops and I open my eyes. Right before me is a beautiful lady and some trolls of sort. She is waving with her arms as to be calling me. I think this must be a dream. I walk closer and I can see buildings around and what looks like streets. Sound is starting to come back to me. Henri? Come with me now or you will not ever have a chance. I start following the beautiful lady into somewhat of a passage which opens into a great room. I cannot believe what is in front of me. OMG! It is my red Ford Truck. I look in the back of the truck and all my fishing gear has been put away. I look out over the ice and I see an eagle passing by. Now where did I put my keys?


Life of A Shift Worker

imagesI have been working shift work since 1983 and I cannot see the glory in a just working a day job. Things are different at night when everyone else is sleeping. The mind still does function. I swap between twelve hours days and twelve hour nights and when I do on occasions work 8 hours it seems like a day off. The night has a certain quiet serene feeling that makes me sometimes wonder if I like working the nights better than days. I must say that after I wake up from working the night shift that my mind is in a quasar state for a bit. I have never known anything different. My Dad worked in the paper mills for 43 years and worked shift most of it. I work in the paper mills and have followed the same path my grandfather’s and my dad have been through. It is a great life for me, just saying. I guess it works for me. All I wanted to do was work with my hands, snore snore, ok sometimes when you work nights and you come home you snore mid-sentence. So I get to see the early mornings which I love so much. I come home from this magical night thing and make breakfast for my spouse so she can go to work with a full belly. There is no rushing here because after I make breakfast I get to go to bed. The birds start waking up about the same time I come home, I can hear chirping about. The critters are out too looking for food. The night owls are out and about too. Not always the animal type either, sometimes human so driving can be a little hazardous. If you have never worked nights, or some call graveyard shift, you should give it a try. Our daughter is now starting some night shifts and she is experiencing what I have done for years. You see! It runs in the family. Our son works nights once in awhile too. Now if I can get my wife working nights and not days we might see each other. I switch back to days and we are on track with each other. Hey! It all works out in the end, Good-bye night. I’m going to take a nap. Good Day Everyone.
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Time Is Moving Too Fast


I just realized today that Christmas is coming up on me real fast and I have only bought one gift so far. I’m waiting for something and maybe time to catch up with me so I can go out and do some stomping, oops I mean shopping. I woke up this morning and told myself, self, today you are going to take the batteries out of the riding lawn mowers. You are also going to take the snow blower out of the shed and get it ready for snow. Oh, It snowed here last night so I guess time caught me there. I also woke up a sleeping giant in the snow blower. A mouse jumped out of it when I finally dragged it all the way across the lawn. Darn mice, I hate those suckers they get into everything around here. Oh, what else has time caught up to me? Ok, I’m getting older before my own eyes. The reflection in the mirror has told me that I’m not getting any younger. Seems like the older you get time creeps up on you faster than when you was younger. There never seems to be enough time to get where you are going. Here in Maine, I prepare early and stack my wood outside so it will dry. I know that winter is coming and that is something I just have to get done. The summer creeps faster than I know it then I’m tossing wood into the cellar. Spring is around the corner, right? What the heck is that brown spot on my hand? That wasn’t there yesterday was it? I will have to do checks more often I guess. Oh! Since when did I need reading glasses? I could see an ant crawling from miles away and now I cannot see ants without glasses. My kids are no longer kids, I still call them kids but they are adults now. I never thought they would grow up this fast. That crept up faster than a bear shitting in the woods. I hate the fact that AARP was watching this drama of my life take place because it didn’t take long for them to send me cards. What do you mean I’m in the age gap? Come on, I was just out at a high school football game and going out to winter carnivals. When someone figures out where this time factor can be slowed down let me know. I just cannot figure it.
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We Dont Talk Funny In Maine


Funny growing up here in Maine. We have picked up different slang from all over the state. I still wonder where all these words came from. One saying comes to mind. He went off into the road, right into the pucker brush. This in reference to going into the raspberry bushes. Another is Ayuh, which in our language book refers to yes. I know different parts of the country have their own slang. I have to tell you that Maine, in general, has many depending what part of the state you live in. The Maine coast has what we call the downeast accent. You can’t get lobstah from hee-yahhhh. And Ayuh probably came from that region. The extreme north has been influenced by the Canadians so they speak with French twist. The central part of the state there is a lot of farming. The accent there is a little different than the North and South. Here is some other slang. Cocker- Meaning it was a grand event. Usetah- It used to be that way. Mired- Stuck in the mud with an off road, or even and on road vehicle. Bier- Beer. You cant get there from Hee-yahhhh! I really think that a lot of the slang here came from our forefathers that didn’t ever go to the dentist. Teeth was an option, beer was not. So if you ever come to this State enjoy the language which we have developed. AYUP!