Common Illusion of Life


It has been so hard trying to understand why things are the way they are. So many questions upon the fact we as people do not fully understand a lot of life and science in general. Are we only a fragment of this universe? Caretakers of the environment, put on this earth for only this reason. So many questions and not a lot of answers. People a lot smarter than I have tried to understand this and written books about these common questions but do we really know? Why is there weather that takes so many lives or earthquakes that do total destruction? Is there really a reason for this. Is this some type of way of eliminating so that the earth can be purged of certain internal pressures? Why do people act the way they do, causing harm to each other, is this another way of purging the land of population, a direct order from some unknown or known being. Why do we exist really? Have we been put here for some other unknown reason? Who knows really why we have been put here? I do understand that we as humans are here,  we have to make the best of it.  Caretakers of the land, to be good to one another is my direction. I cannot change things, life is to vast. I can only be a witness to life in general. There will come a time in my life and everyone’s life that we will pass to the other side. Maybe the answers are over there, who knows.

Time For Healing

imagesY5I1B5QS  She caught my eye when I was a young man, grade school if I remember. There was that twinkle in her eye that totally won me over. It was during the junior high years that I finally got up enough nerve to ask her for a date. The words from her mouth, well it is about time you asked me. Had she known I had a secret crush on her?. Maybe it was esp, or some telepathic thing that connected us. Life for us was just beginning, I knew from this moment that the two of us belonged together forever.

The high school years were no different, many nights out at the movies, going to sporting events, life was good. She still had that twinkle that I had noticed as a young man. One night after going to a movie and on the drive home she snuggled up real close to me. We approached the driveway to  her parents house and I turned off the car like I had a millions times. Usually it was, hey see you tomorrow, and I would reply, all right see you. This time she snuggled up close to me and looked into my eyes. The twinkle had brightened, we stared at each other for a moment, then she put her  arms around me and pursed her lips. This was a moment I wasn’t prepared for. I hadn’t even kissed my dog before and here before my eyes was the most beautiful girl in the world ready for a kiss. I moved forward and kissed her, and kissed her, I think we did until daylight, it was magical.

Life had moved on and we graduated high school. I was drafted and spent a year in active duty. When I returned life for us was going to take a drastic turn. She had told me she had not been feeling good. The doctors confirmed that she had leukemia. My life was shattered. I had dreams of being with her the rest of my life. Now she was fighting for her life. A few months had passed and her illness was not getting any better. The twinkle in her eyes were gone. Another month had passed and her parents called me one night to tell me that she was asking for me. She was now in a home of solitude, a place to have full care until the end. I put my sneakers on real fast after the call and made a bee line to be at her side. I walked up to her bed and looked into her eyes. She told me that she wanted one more kiss. She pursed her lips and I moved toward her. We met together, I kissed her, this time I wasn’t going to let her go. We kissed for it seemed like hours. I finally pulled back slowly and when I looked for that wonderful smile, I noticed that she was gone.

©2014 Bilodeau, H.D.

Sushi For A Maineah? You Kidding Me!

untitledThe famous saying ” you cant get there from he’ah”  is a Maine saying.  I look at Sushi in kind of that same retrospect. You cannot get that here. This is not true because you can get Sushi in Maine. A true home bread Maine resident was never brought up on eating raw fish. The fish we had was a bucket of hornpout or white perch, no tiger trout. We would of never thought to wrap this up in a rice patty and eat it like that. We might put a stick through the gills and roast it on the campfire.

I never could understand why someone would want to eat raw fish when cooking it seems like a better solution. Another thing is that Wasabi stuff you dip the rice cake into. I hear that will kill any bacteria on the fish you are eating. So next time you decide to eat raw fish, make sure to use the Wasabi. It works better than Listerine for killing off the bacteria. Sorry but I’m not eating anything that looks like a pinecone stripped down from a squirrel.imagesOXCBP642

There is something to say about introducing weird suppah’s to us Mainers. We might nod and say we like it. The truth is, we would rather be eating steak and potato’s. I was born and raised on steak and potato’s, no honey I am not going to eat that rice cake stuff rolled in squid. I don’t need diarrhea for a week, the Wasabi is way to hot for me which will give me Hemi’s, and I will take a T-bone for suppah, Thank You.images

Hope Everyone in the Northeast is staying under the radar and stoaking the fire, it is darn cold here. Still nursing this cold, but saw doctor feel good. She gave me a prescription of Sushi and Wasabi. Where is she from anyways? Please give a few comments, love to hear some on the Sushi debate.

© 2014 Bilodeau H.D.


These Walls Around Me

images4L5BVXD1The days can be cold and long here in Maine. I was observing an elderly woman today and she said something that tugged at my heart. She asked the owner of the store what he does to keep busy. He told the old lady this is it. I work here and perform everyday business, this keeps me busy.She told him I wish I had something to do. The walls have been closing up on me. Really sad when I thought about this for a moment. She was probably a widow and had no children around. She didn’t have any hobbies, or anyone to give the stuff to. The temperature outside has been awfully cold and it is not even winter yet. I felt for this older lady because she has a long winter ahead of her and probably no one to come home to. This was an observation that made me think real hard. We are getting older too. Time is of the essence. I better get a move on life or the walls are going to close on me too.