My Sea Snark Adventure’s

untitledWhen I was young, I dreamed of sailing a boat. Where we lived, when grocery shopping, you would get green stamps at the store after you checked out. There was a store with all sorts of items that you could purchase with these green stamps after collecting a certain amount.

In the book was a Sea Snark with a Budweiser Sail. The boat was made of Styrofoam and was of good size. It had a rudder that you would slide down through the middle of the boat. After saving enough green stamps I was able to get this boat. I took it home and assembled the necessary pulleys and ropes for the sail. I was so excited to try this sailboat, and made my way to the nearest lake.

I had done some reading about how to sail. If the wind was behind you all you had to do was pull the sail in a little and let the wind behind you push you. I set the sail and off I went . What a great ride I had and then it was time to tack, coming back from where I started. Argh! This is very hard because you have to go across the lake back and fourth to get back . It can be a long process tacking but your still having fun the whole way. I would take this boat to all the local lakes around the area. I can say that was some of the best times as a young man. I cannot imagine being in a large sailboat.  The Sea Snark lasted me a few years and I believe I sold it to another person. You know I cannot remember what the heck happened to it. I’m sure I sold it to someone.

I believe that a small sailboat like this for gift to any young person would be the gift they will never forget. I never had so many laughs. Sometimes I would get that boat leaning so hard that I would tip over. If you lean on the other side of the boat it would upright itself. Still a lot of fun just falling over into the water. Enough said, I wish they still had green stamps because it really was a treat.

Don’t Take Away My Santa

untitledFor several years I have always been asked what I want for Christmas. Well, Let me tell you how I feel about this subject.

When I was a young child when it was time for Christmas it was all about being surprised with gifts. We received either an apple or an orange, pajama’s, socks, underwear, and one toy. Not really this bad but I wanted to show you that it really didn’t matter what we received because it was a surprise. Today I am asked the questions of what do I want for Christmas. Can’t this holiday be just like Thanksgiving? The fact that my children, and my granddaughter, are coming here to see us is my surprise. To me, it is all about being around them and being festive. I really do not care about receiving gifts. I have what I need and these days less is better.  I don’t need a purple monkey to kick around the bedroom.

This holiday has become an income generator for the country. Not to be a scrooge here, but doesn’t it seem that way? The commercials come on before Thanksgiving and don’t stop for a month or more. So many lives in this country are stressed to the max and their budges are deleted. We can enjoy the holiday’s but with family, my orange ,and spider man pajama’s.

Snowmobile Riding North

snowmobilingThis could probably be counted as one of the worst or best trips from hell. The wife and I had planned a trip to Moosehead Lake in Maine. We made plans to go snowmobile riding up there and we rented a room at a local hotel in Rockwood.

I decided it was time to get the snowmobile ready before the trip. I started it up, and took a short ride on the back lawn where I live. Something was terribly wrong with the sled. I could hear metal to metal, and crunching sound. This sled was damaged and we had no time to send it to the repair shop before our trip. My wife and I talked, we decided to go buy another snowmobile. We went to the local sled dealer and bought a used sled. Good one too, with a long seat, and longtrack.

With the sled loaded, we made our way up north. We arrived and checked in. It was still early in the day and we wanted to make our way to Pittston Farms. A place we could go get a cocktail and a bite to eat. We took off across the lake on the pole trail which led us back to land. The first sign I saw stated Pittston Farm this way to the right. I turned and went down the trail, noticing a sign that said snowmobile shop. We went a little further and another sign showed the restaurant going the opposite direction than what the first sign showed. I turned the sled, backing up into deep snow, using the reverse the sled had. We just started the other way when my wife tapped me on the shoulder and said, What is that green stuff in the snow where you backed up? I stopped in the trail to inspect if any damage and anti-freeze was  pouring out of my heat exchanger.

I remembered the sign, snowmobile shop ahead. I made it to this shop and the repair man told me he didn’t have time to work on it because he was so busy. He said, I can give you a bottle of antifreeze so you can get back to Rockwood. We made it back to Rockwood Hotel and the owners were at their desk. I asked if any snowmobile repair shops around. Hang on a minute the lady said. I could hear her talking. Joe, can you work on a sled? She got off the phone and the guy told her, Yes. His shop was a mile down the road. I loaded the sled into my pick-em-up-truck and off we went.

It was time to chill out so we decided to have some cocktails and eat some dinner. It was about 8 o’clock that evening and the owner told us the sled was done and we could pick it up. I brought my truck down and paid the guy. I off loaded my sled at the hotel parking lot and put it back up near the hotel. I went back into the restaurant with my wife and finished dining with her. I was looking outside the window, enjoying seeing all the snowmobilers riding around when I noticed a flash of something out of the corner of my eye. I then saw my red pick-em-up-truck jump about five feet sideways. I knew at this moment a snowmobiler had hit my truck at a very fast rate. I jumped up from the table and started running toward my truck . The owner of the hotel was following me because we wanted to make sure no one was injured. When we just about got to the truck, the owner replied; Oh no that is my son. I was floored with that statement. What really happened was his son’s sled did a runaway when he started it. Maybe the throttle was stuck so when there was ignition it took off at a fast rate. The sled was in bad condition along with my truck. We was glad the son was not injured but the damage was severe. The truck still could be driven, we exchanged names and numbers, and waited for a warden to file a report.

Fun comes in many ways. We took a bad experience but still had a lot of fun. Everything was taking care of at the end, and I would recommend going to Moosehead snowmobiling to anyone. Just make sure you bring lots of lucky charms. We never did make it to Pittston Farms, Bad Omen! Make sure you take the Black Fly Loop. This trail goes all the way around the lake. Just Beautiful. 2011TrailsSwett
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Ends Meat

images1ZCRXCXHFunny how we hear sayings and you wonder who in the heck came up with them. For instance- Ends Meat. It usually means someone is just getting by, scrapping for the last bits. The last bit of meat, the end of it. How about the bottom of the barrel. I often think about this one as a bunch of Stevedore’s after offloading a ship. They find one barrel of whiskey and are at the bottom of the barrel. Four drunken dock workers at the bottom. Another one is, cat gotcha tongue. Whoever had this happen had all rights to name this one. This really means a person is very quiet. Here is another, frog in your throat. This refers to something stuck in your throat and you are having trouble, maybe coughing. I just cannot imagine someone from another country coming here and trying to learn our language. We have slang words for everything. You hungry? How about pigs in a blanket. Now really how many people have been witness to pigs in blankets. This refers to a roll like dough wrapped around a hotdog. Even that is a funny word. Hotdog- Was this in reference to a dog, a wiener, you know the low to the ground dogs, the Dachshund. Certainly we have developed sayings or snippets that refer to a lot of stuff. Oh, a snippet is like the ketchup that is stuck to the bottle on the rim. I got to go because it is colder than a witches left titty. Good day everyone.blogengage, rss, affiliatelights, recurring commissions

Beer Making Business-Failure or Success?


Years ago I tried making beer. I bought a kit that included the 5 gallon jug and all the beer making stuff included. The first part told me to boil the stuff in this bag and add water and sugar. No problem I could do this I had made a pie before. So the stuff started to boil and I was really not paying too much attention until it hit the critical temperature and Mt St. Helen’s erupted and made the biggest mess I have ever seen on the stove top. My wife wasn’t too impressed with this adventure. I brought the temperature down a little and things started to look much better. When this process was done it told me to add water and put this brine into the 5 gallon jug and to put a stopper on the top with a bubbler. I would watch these bubbles until I fell asleep every night. Bubble Bubble! I’m thinking how long does this take, come on, 2 weeks and still bubbling. Well, finally one day after getting back from work I checked it and the bubble process had stopped. The book told me that it was time to start bottling. I went down to the local bottle redemption center and asked for nice green bottles. You know Heiny or something like that. I also wouldn’t mind having those Corona bottles there. I looked into the bottle and there was green mold. I asked the clerk what the heck was in them. He told me people put lime’s or lemon’s in them. Ok, I figured I could clean them out with a little work. I got home and cleaned up all the bottles that night. I’m thinking this beer making business is not really that easy. The next day I was ready to bottle the beer and cap them. I had a long plastic tube which I was using as a siphon. I would put the bottle on the floor and bring the hose down into the bottle and fill it up. The problem that exsisted was I had no way at the time to really stop the beer from flowing once I started. The best method was to put the hose in my mouth between fills and exchanges of the new bottle. It was about halfway threw that I started to feel funny and a little giddy. I think by the end of the bottling I had consumed about one third of what I had made. I was finished with the process and had one hell of a buzz. I guess this beer was potent because I woke up with one heck of headache. I realized after making this beer that buying it at the store was much easier, really. I give it up to the real beer makers that don’t even use sugar and probably have a valve to shut off the flow. Bottles Up Everyone!