Highway 95-Gobble Gobble


I was traveling from Virginia to Central Maine to spend some time with my folks during Thanksgiving. It was raining real hard so driving was becoming very difficult. I was not getting any help on the driving front because my spouse was sleeping. The sky was becoming very dark and I was getting a feeling that things were going to turn sour real fast.

It was the smell of the Turkey, time spent with my siblings that I was thinking about. I really do believe this is the best holiday of any of them. Family getting together and having a great dinner. The folks will be so happy to have their children and grand child for Thanksgiving. The smiles on their faces, the drinks, and football. I heard a screech and the car in front of me is going sideways, fishtailing, roads are getting slippery now.

The road were getting horrendous and I was slowing the vehicle down to keep safe. We were moving into Southern, Maine over the Portsmouth Bridge when the snow was coming down so hard on Highway 95. The traffic was still moving at a clip when off to the side I noticed a speed limit sign. Wow, when did they move the speed limit up to 75 mph? I asked my wife. Can you believe that, people are going to kill themselves going that fast. I nodded and agreed with her. Still moving North and traveling very fast the car in front of me started slipping and crossed the centerline. The vehicle crashed into a semi, blowing the car into pieces, debris flying through the air.

The debris kept flying and smashed my windshield and something hit me hard. The lights went out. I woke up with dust flying through the air. It was the dust from the airbag. I instantly thought of my wife, how she was doing. I look over and only see her starring into nowhere. Her eyes not blinking. The debris had gone through the window striking her in the chest area. I had lost my love, the only one who understood me, my hugger. What was I going to tell my family, it was going to tear me apart.

The ambulance and fire personal came to our assistance. They dragged her out of the car, looking with a sad face, I knew there was nothing they could do. I was brought to a police car to be questioned and checked to see If I had been drinking. No officer, I told you I haven’t had a drink. The officer responds with me having to walk the line to check for sobriety. I think you need to settle down Mr. or I’m going to take you to jail. I guess I didn’t settle down and I was looking between bars in a jail. Where had everything gone wrong? I was alone, no family and in Jail.

I can tell you people and insist that you do not drink and drive this holiday and make other arrangements if the snow make traveling to bad. No person in this world would want to see anything happen to you, Turkey or not. Enjoy the holiday folks, be smart, don’t drink and drive.

Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

One Moment In Time

images It seemed like yesterday that my friend Jeff and I decided to skip classes and go to the beach in Southern California. We had picked up some beer and smokes from the local store and was going to party the day away.

Laying on the beach, around lunch time and I dozed off for a minute. I guess the excitement had run me down. I decided a short nap was in store. The girls and Jeff ,were out in the surf enjoying the waves. I snoozed off.

Things are getting foggy now and I’m dreaming of my family. I still have my parents and one sister. My sister and I are close in age and are very best friends. I can now see her in my dream, it is Thanksgiving dinner and the whole family is sitting around the table. My sister is quite a joker and makes me laugh at every moment. I think she moved all the silverware around that my mother had so elegantly placed in order. Now everyone’s fork was on the opposite of where it was. My sister wanted a reaction out of my mother so she could get a good laugh. My sister had that gift like no other. She made people feel good, happy, and to make them smile.

I think I’m coming out of this snooze, waking up now and I can hear the gulls above. Screech-Screech.

It is getting late afternoon, time to leave for home. We have to be back early so we can make it look like we went to school. If I come home the same time, my mother will think I just got out of school. We are driving down Highway Five , I look up ahead and there is some kind of accident. A gray colored mustang is on its roof. Jeff mentions to me that my sisters boyfriend has a car like that. She always rides with her boyfriend. We decided to stop and see if it was her and her boyfriend. I walk up to the car and the medics are tending to a woman. I look down and it is my sister. So shocked, I don’t even know what to say. I said to her, sis? You ok? She replies; Yes I will be ok and to meet me at the hospital down the road.  Jeff and I and the girls hopped into the car and raced off to meet my sister at the hospital. The ambulance arrives and we are waiting for them to take her out on the stretcher. One attendant comes outside and walks up to me . Sir, Are you family. I replied, yes why? Your sister didn’t survive that crash. We think her Aorta was ruptured from the impact.

My heart was broken. It has been 40  years now, memories of that day are fading. I just want you to remember that in one moment in time, your loved ones can disappear. Always tell them you love them and give them a hug, it might be your last.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

I Need To Get Home

1526496_10153742281120078_15619122_nI sit here this morning and dwell about the accident scenes that came about yesterday with the icy roads. One truck driver slid off the corner going into a bridge and broke through a guardrail. The truck was hanging off the edge facing the river. Life before your eyes moment. This driver told me he still had his bowels intact. Still can you imagine looking out the glass of the truck and seeing water in front of you. This was a large truck, not a semi but still a multiple axle truck. 1493242_760992203929836_667714854_n

Numerous calls came in yesterday. It was like bumping cars at the fair with cars bumping each other and sliding right off the road. One scene we had 5 cars off the road. We had to shutdown a major route through our town. Called out again for assistance for Sheriff Dept with another car off the road. I was approaching the scene and off to my right I see a small pickup truck off the road. This was not a day to be on the roads. I know people have things to do on the weekend but really is it worth your life venturing out into ice slick roads. Many warnings were reported to stay off the roads. One town in our region closed all roads in their town. First time ever doing this.

Most people are understanding when we told them about a detour but some complained. It really, excuse my language, pisses me off when someone complains when we are trying to control the situation. One time a few years ago a person was hollering at me because they needed to get somewhere. I told them so didn’t that person that was laying under the blanket, never to see another day. Sometimes my firefighter peers and I are up against a jungle. Please understand we are only doing our job. It is our duty to mitigate the situations.

There is new hope for today. I checked the weather report and it stated the sun might pay us a visit. I really think we have been lacking some vitamins, last Sunday was the last time it appeared. Have a great day- I’m off to fire training. The picture with this post was taking from FB and I believe was in New Brunswick, Canada. A weather channel had reported. WAGM-TV

© 2014 Dwayne Bilodeau

I Am A First Responder

untitledI have often thought about my role as a first responder. I’m not a doctor nor a paramedic. I have been in the medical field for more years than most are old. I have made about 2000 dollars in the field for the 30 years I have done service to this community. My face has been at many of accident scenes through the years. I have responded to many high profile incidents and held a hand of someone in need. I sit and wait and I’m on- call, twenty-four-seven at all times. There is many of days that I lay my clothes down in an order as to get up real fast and everything is in order.  Sometimes I wonder what this life of a responder really is. The only people that know how I feel about this is my piers. My family cannot understand, or they try not to understand what it is about me. I cannot help myself, I think I was born to be a responder, put on this earth for a greater reason than even I cannot explain. Every single day I listen to the chatter of incoming calls and wonder when my next call is coming. Is it not that I sit and feel I’m waiting for the next big one? You know how I feel, don’t you? I am a responder in the Fire Service as well. My turnout gear is packed in the truck ready to go at a moments notice. I am also a responder to Hazmat, being a Technician. This is the one response that really scares me. I have never been to an incident yet but I know that when I am called upon I will respond. It really scares me with the fact that WMD is a common word these days and responders have to worry about secondary devices targeted to responders. It is hard being this person I am, but I will respond to any responses that come my way. I have too, I was born to be this person, right?
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