Dragon vs Firefighter

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The dragon and I were in a battle during a structure fire the other day. Fighting fire is quite a challenge at times. Our department was toned out to a structure fire with a garage totally involved and a trailer starting on fire from extension. I jumped into my POV personal operating vehicle and drove to a neighboring town for a mutual aid call. The call came in during the day and was on a week day. Usually in these parts trying to find enough SCBA certified firefighters can be a real challenge.

I heard our own fire chief report that he was picking up the Engine to respond and I told dispatch that I was reporting to the scene. As I approached the scene I could see a large plume of black smoke. This garage was a working auto repair garage and many tires were outside between the garage and trailer. The residents in the trailer were out of the house and two people that were working in the garage sustained burns on their hands. I approached another firefighter that was laying water down in the garage section. There was only two guys and I at first and the one firefighter handed me the inch and three quarter hose so that he could hitch up with the other firefighter from his town to start an attack of the main house. So here I am, the back up man and the attack man on the garage which was totally engulfed at this time. Me and the dragon were in a fierce battle and I was hoping that more firefighters were going to respond soon. The water supply was in short order because only the two firetrucks at the time was the only water we had at first. The two firefighters were going to start an attack of the trailer when a call was made that the water supply was down. We had to wait until another tanker showed up or water supply set up.

I was looking at the fire from end to end of this garage and with the small hose I had it didn’t really seem to knock anything down. There was a car inside which was roaring and everything else inside was cooking. I sprayed water from end to end with the hope of keeping the flames down so that it would hold off from torching the trailer. I kept water on the oil tank from time to time and also removed a propane tank. I would jump from side to side, keeping water between the garage and house as best possible.  Other firefighters started showing up and I handed the hose to two other firefighter from another town who responded mutual aid.

The structures were destroyed and multiple family members, like twelve were left homeless. The dragon slayer won the battle but not without I giving it my best shot at the beginning. It is so hard living in a rural community with dwindling numbers in the department. It really is hard during the day time when most people have regular jobs. I’m sure this is a problem all over the country.  It also makes it hard to get water established since we are out of a hydrant district. Every fire in our community has to have a rural water supply or rural hitch setup for water at a fire. Sometimes five or six towns are called to have tankers coming. We do practice fill sites and dump site setup but it is still hard when you do not have enough first responders in the first place.

I just wish that more people would join their local fire departments. Some of us are getting older and we need some young guns to help out. Most of the brothers on my department have been on our department for 20 years or more. I am 53 years old and have been on for only twelve years, a young pup when it comes to service time. My days of being a structural interior firefighter are coming to an end soon. I hear of too many firefighters going silent and I do not want my spouse to get a call saying I expired from a heart attack fighting a fire. I do not want the dragon to claim another. Have a good day and feel free to respond in any way about your feelings on volunteer firefighters or departments and some of your stories. Good Day!

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014  The picture featured is from Sun Journal in Maine.


Loose Lips



Life’s surprises doesn’t always give you a fuzzy feeling. I walked into a local store and inquired to this young lady about a motorcycle she had on her lawn forsale. Hey, your selling your motorcycle? No, we are selling it for my boyfriend’s brother who is moving to Alaska. I was floored, this brother is a supervisor in my facility. Oops, slip of the tongue. This young lady had no idea I even knew her boyfriends brother. So a surprise to say the least to me. I wonder why someone would want to leave a six figure job, move all the way across the country. I wonder why anyone would want to move from cold to even colder climate. It really takes some sole searching to make a move like that and I envy anyone who can shut it all down.

Recently our son lost his job in a management position. You know he is telling me that he is happier now than he ever has been. There is stress without the larger paycheck but he is mentally sound now compared to what he was before. So maybe this fella, , has come to the same conclusion in his life. His position recently has moved him up the cooperate ladder and with this maybe the stress has become unbearable .

I guess the conclusion to this story is sometimes you have to do what makes you happy. One life to live so they say. I will plug along with the somewhat stability I have at the moment and get closer to retirement.  Also, I feel bad for the young lady who had the foot in her mouth. I did however tell her that I wouldn’t say anything at work. You have to be careful with what you say. Loose lips sink ships is an American English idiom meaning “beware of unguarded talk”. The phrase originated on propaganda posters during World War II. Wikapedia.

You know it is peaceful here in the morning. I thought someone was talking outside to realize that it was a Barred Owl. Darn those things will scare you. The sound is like who cooks for you.  Here is a link to a Barred Owl Sound.

I will move on today with a guide, me myself and I and keep my own mouth shut. I will see if the young lady called this person to tell him what info was laid out by mistake. Maybe a call into the office. Hey, if you keep your mouth shut about this I will promote you. Ha Ha Ha Ha, I don’t see that happening. Good day Everyone.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Standing On The Edge Of Life



I wanted to be a police officer but ended up a firefighter. I am on a volunteer department and only get paid when on a call. The money is not important because I only get about 400 dollars a year. Why would anyone decided to get involved in something that could end your life very quickly anyways? I can only respond to this question as it pertains to myself, others will have different opinions for sure.

First of all, there is no other adrenaline rush like when your pager goes off and you never know what the nature of the call on the other end is going to be. Really think about this for a moment. You are sitting, watching television, and the tone goes off. You rush to the garage and gather your turnout gear and try to get it on quickly. Someone needs your help and needs it now. Firefighters! A plane has just crashed into the lake with possible survivors. Or a call comes out with a house is on fire and people are trapped on the second floor. How about a victim is trapped in motor vehicle. So you never know what to expect but to always expect for the unexpected. It is kind of like fishing. You never know what the next one is going to be.

I have often thought about why I chose to be in public service in the first place. What was the trigger. I remember as a young man in in primary school when the kids and I were playing red rover red rover. Two teams with all the kids holding hands. The object of the game is to crash through their line of interlocking hands. If you get through the line someone is eliminated. This one particular day a kid ran over as fast as he could and got clobbered in the face. His face started to bleed and all the kids just stood there. I ran over to this kid and helped him get to his feet and brought him to the teacher. Was this the trigger? I am kind of thinking that it could be the first. Helping someone in need and not just sitting there watching.

I remember when my wife and I was traveling years ago when the car in front of us hit a pedestrian and the victim went flying through the air. I immediately stopped our vehicle and tried to administer help. The victim died but I was right there on his last agonal  breaths. I decided at this point that I wanted to learn first aid. I took an EMT-B class just to have more knowledge of first aid and maybe I could help someone or my family if needed. I passed the class and proceeded to work on an ambulance for a few years. It became hard for me raising a family and working in a paper industry, doing shift work. I raised my family, one year our son decided to become a firefighter and wanted to know if I would do it with him. I decided to take the class for firefighter- one and passed the class. I started working on the local fire department and I was back into the emergency field. Again money was never the reason it was the fact that I could help someone out if needed.

The years are moving and there will come a time when I will have to pass the towel in, but I have been so happy doing what I always wanted to do even though it was on a volunteer basis. I know it takes certain types of people to do this kind of business. I wonder if we were chosen for this type of business by what we saw as young children. I’m sure there is a connection. Good Day Everyone.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


My Firefighter-Medic Life

imagesI read an interesting story about a firefighter who was teased about what he does for work. There was an family get together and this one well to do guy comes up to the firefighter and makes a statement. So how is the checkers games going? The firefighter looks at this guy and was about ready to smash him in the face for this rude comment. The firefighter finally gives him a one-two punch.

I drive down every highway around here with ghost haunting me. I remember this couple that was in an accident where the girl is dead and the boyfriend is pinned in the car. The man keeps asking if his girlfriend is alright. The firefighter/medic responds with. she is being taking care of. The girl is dead and he has to lie to the fellow. I personally have been put in this situation. Is anyone really prepared to be of witness to such horrific incidents without some long term affects. I would need another call to reset my memory from the last horrific incident.

I am not alone in this personal affects of the brain. It is compared to PTSD, many firefighters/medic’s are afflicted with this. Still to this day I remember the accident’s like it happened yesterday. There is crosses in the road which are reminders of the incidents that I witnessed. It is somewhat of a trigger every time I see these on the highways.

Back to the man at the gathering. So the firefighter responds with another one. I was at an accident where the mans head was severed from a flying object off a pulp truck. He was not just a object that got struck. He was a man with a wife and four young children.  The firefighter responds to the yuppie, So, my checkers game is good. It is the only thing that takes my mind off the horrific incidents I see on my job. I don’t just sit around” asshole” playing checkers all the time. I don’t sit behind a desk with smooth hands and wearing a three piece suit. The next time you see a firefighter remember what they have been through. There is moments on the job that we sit around for the next call but the next call might be your love one that needs our help.

Something to ponder about. I have been witness to a lot in my years of public service. This is what I do and very proud to help people in dire need. I am a firefighter on a on-call department. I was an EMT years ago and have worked on the job site as a firefighter-medic-hazmat tech for 25 years in local paper mills. I have witness many things in my life. So the next time you see a paramedic or firefighter please tell them you support everything they do. Good Day Everyone.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Otis Mill

78670I could go on into the history of this paper mill but wanted to talk about the history of my forefathers and thereafter. Both my grandparents worked in the Otis Paper Mill or the old International Paper Mill in Jay, Maine. One of my grandfathers worked there for almost 50 years and my own father worked in this mill for 43 years. I worked in this mill as an electrical and instrument tech for 20 years until it closed in 2008. millcrew1903

The community was built upon this industry. The Northern territory or Northern Division was started because of the abundance of tree’s in this state. The paper mills owned and controlled the woodland division and this was what brought people from all over the world to work here. The Italians were the masons and built all the structures around here. They also built building’s for the woolen mills too. This part of the country was an industrial giant back in the day.  Some of the paper mills in this area are still in operation but not running like the booming days from like from the 40’s to 80’s. All industrial facilities are struggling with today’s market prices. Fuel cost has increased and the good ole dollar just doesn’t have much strength anymore in the USA.across-river1885sm

My forefathers worked hard for a living to build this community. I have seen good days and bad times in this region. The local shoe shops have all gone away and everyone is struggling to find jobs just like any other part of this country. Small stores have closed shops because of larger compaines. I can understand why because only the bigger companies can survive in today’s industry. We are becoming a poor country- I will not get into any political debate why, but think our country has been sold out to  foreign industries with a better dollar value.images39S5IG3Q

It was sad to see the the Otis Mill close when it did, I have a lot of memories and visions of my forefathers walking the same steps I took. It is only a place of historic events for some writers to talk about. I am the history of this paper mill and will always remember that place. $T2eC16FHJGoE9nuQeWioBQUMTCM(!w~~60_35

Crying In The Woods

Avalanche_Rescue_Dog_Looking_A_6552172I am part of an elite special search and rescue team out of Ashvielle, Texas. Our major concentration and training has been in Search and Rescue. I am special- qualified in low angel rescue and searching with dogs. Our team was called out to the the State of Maine because a woman had gone missing on the Appalachian Trail a week ago. I had my dog Bert with me and another person on my team was going with a search dog too. I had all my gear in my back pack and flashlights for hiking at night if needed. This woman was hiking alone on the AT when she failed to contact her husband Tony two days before. Her husband new that something wasn’t right and called the authorities.

The day started out with all our team meeting at the local fire station in Apton with our team leader Dean giving us a pre-op and giving us coordinates to search for the day. I looked over the map of the terrain that Bert and I would be canvassing and notice the elevation to be around 3200 feet. I had hiking boots with spikes in the bottom which gave me better traction. One of the firefighters gave me a ride closer to the area I would be searching.

I found out that this lady had an enormous amount of hiking experience and that she was well prepared for hiking in the mountains. I’m sure she just went off trail and got lost and that we would find her in no time. Usually our team found most people that we went looking for and I felt like this was going to be the same. I had been all day searching and calling out her name. Julia! Julia! I hollered for her all day and never heard any response back. I called back to my team leader Dean to tell him I had not found any indication of anyone hiking this area. I could find no foot prints and also looked for turned over rocks, or broken whips on the tree’s. The hike was starting to wear me down so I decided to stop and get some water. There was a big rock and the sun was shinning on it brightly which I felt would give me some warmth. Bert sat down next to me and I brought out some water for the both of us. I was looking at my map and making decisions to change course when I thought I heard someone crying from within the wood line about 100 meters ahead. Sometimes when your looking for someone so bad your mind does strange things and I just thought it was my mind thinking I’d heard a voice within the woods. Again, I could hear someone crying. This time Bert’s ears popped up so I knew that I wasn’t just imagining this sound.images

Bert and I  moved toward the ridge line and into the woods. The crying sound was getting stronger and I know could hear this person calling out, Help! Help!  We were about to cross over this stream and down next to the stream and near a large felled tree I saw a woman. I called out, Are You Julia? Yes, Please help me. I got on my two-way radio and called team leader Dean to give him information of my coordinates and that she had been found. Julia was so happy to see me. Here is a link of a true story that happened in Maine. This woman was never found.

I accessed her condition and found that she had two broken legs from a fall she had taking. She had dragged her injured body at least one mile through the woods. She understood that she needed to get to a stream if she was going to be found. Both her hands were cut up as well. I took out my bandages and wrapped them around her hands. I had soft splints in my gear bag and splinted both legs the best I could. The crying from Julia had stopped. She had no more tears to let out. She was very dehydrated. The rest of my search team embarked upon the scene and we were able to carry her back to the fire station to an awaiting ambulance. Her husband was relieved that his Julia had been found.Cave_Rescue_training_12_4in

In the weeks afterward our team was called out to another search and rescue. The Arizona mountains, where a team of sky jumpers could not be located. Bert and I were ready for anything- – – – – – – – – – – –   ©Bilodeau,D.H.

Hiding Behind The Curtain

microphoneWhy I put myself into these positions? One time when our daughter was young and taking gymnastics classes, I the old athlete, wanted to show our daughter a tumble.  I started my roll and then I heard a snap and the most excruciating pain overcame me. Something in my neck didn’t like the extra stress and I laid there on the floor not even able to lift my head off the floor. My wife had to pick my head up and help me to my feet. I probably should have called an ambulance. I put myself into a position that I was not prepared to do.

I was at work one day and was told to do a safety topic in front of my piers. This is right up there with singing in front of a large group, whoever  is this guy up front trying to sing. Fear will set in and really mess you up. I had downloaded information of a topic I wanted to mention and was somewhat prepared. It really makes it easier if you know what your talking about. I did however bring a prop of the topic to be talked about.  So why did I decide that last night was going to be the night of the speech? I guess it was being able to put myself out there and not to worry about what others will say. Life is very short folks and to hide from everything you really miss out . So with my little speech completed, I’m going to hunt down a Karaoke Machine and start practicing for my next up front performance.

Lessen learned through all of this is to make sure you are prepared for anything in life. Do not be shy to step out of the box. Life is too short folks.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014
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Abundance Of Something

2014-03-13 13.01.33What is all this white stuff around here. I decided it was time to go out and start cleaning the snow. I was very comfortable in the living room. The woodstove was pumping out some nice heat and going out into the cold just didn’t seem right. I was thinking that if I wait long enough the snow would be gone. However being the smart guy that I am, How was I going to get to work in the morning? So I went into my cellar to retrieve my snowmobile suit and gather up my mad bomber hat and some gloves.

I’m all bundled up now and feeling a little locked in. I make the move out to start cleaning off one of two trucks that I have. One truck I use everyday and it doesn’t have a plow. The other truck is the old truck with a plow. I decided to get the everyday truck cleaned off first . I tried to open the drivers side door and I couldn’t open it. Frozen in time. I pounded on the handle and finally the door opened. I spent some time cleaning this truck and it was not easy. The snow we had last night was filled with a lot of moisture and I had to pound ice off. I then proceeded to the old plow truck. I tromped through the snow and started the cleaning process. Phew! I”m getting tired already and haven’t even started cleaning the driveway yet. 2013-12-30 06.57.11

I finished the plowing in the driveway and now it was time to start the snow blower so I could clean the walkways. This was going to be a task since I burned up the starter during the last snow event. I had to take the spark plug out and spray starter fluid to assist me in starting this. I pulled on the pull cord many times before it started up. I proceeded the process of cleaning. I was about halfway done when the snow blower quit. Oh no! Now I have to try and get this started without the starter fluid. Lucky for me it started right back up.2014-03-12 17.53.03

You know what usually happens when your all bundled up like this? You have to go to the bathroom. Back into the house and reverse the process.  Then start the process over and so I can finish the job outside. It is not easy being me.  I finished this job and felt like taking a nap after all this work. So I told myself, You? Take a nap, Me, Ok no problem. The wood heat is feeling so good. I will have to make it another day to finish this story. Good night everyone. The shoveling will have to be completed in the morning.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

New Invention- Keeping America Cool

SchwartzCap_backNew snow here in Central Maine. We have so much snow that I joined a group of local’s who have come up with an idea to start shipping snowballs to California. The Governor of that State called for assistance in keeping people cool. This group or one smart guy, came up with an awesome invention. We will distribute this item along with a pack of ten snowballs. It is similar to a stocking hat where you place the snowball within. The user will take the long tail of the hat and stuff it down the back of their shirt.

Studies have been concluded, and it has proved to drop the body temperature by 6 degree’s. The governor has ordered Five Hundred Thousand to start. We have had to hire the locals from the next town over for assistance. So far business is booming and with the amount of snow we have been collecting from this new named storm, we can continue our business at least into August.

You can find this product in most of the online stores and pricing is dependent on the consistency of the snowballs. With this storm there is more water content and because of the viscosity we have to charge more for this product. We will be rolling this product out to public shortly. It will be going public on the New York Stock Exchange within a month. California is our testing ground and so far of what we have heard there is a lot of happy people. The Fire Service is now talking with our Chief CEO right now and we hope to land an order with the Wildland Fire Service. We are applying for a grant from the Fire Act Program to buy more stocking hats. Stay tuned folks.

Our Catch Phrase is- Keeping America Chilled, One Hat At A Time.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Muffin’s for Me

untitledAfter a hard nights work I decided to try out the muffin’s that were made the previous night by the bakery down the street. I have driven by this particular bakery with the windows down and the scent is to die for. Every morning when I would come home it was the same old thing. Toast and two eggs, sunny side up, with a half slice of cheese on them. Yes, a delicious breakfast but the aroma from these muffin’s was impregnating my mind. This has to be one of the senses we have no control over. The smell of something that will be etched in your mind forever. I have often thought that once a certain scent has touch the brain it remains forever. The muffin’s are one such item that I will never forget.

There have been times of scent essence that I would not want etched in. For instance around these parts there is a large egg farmer. Every so often a caravan of poop trucks drive down the highway. Not only that this gets etched into your brain, but also your skin, and clothing. One day I was going to an interview for a prospective job. I was in a hurry because I didn’t want to be late. I look up ahead and there they are, the caravan of poop trucks. You could almost see the smell from behind their trucks. So I get to the interview now smelling like chicken poop.

Another instance was when the wife, children, and I were on a summer vacation. We were driving around the beach town looking for some place to eat when we approached a traffic light. The most un-godly smell you have ever smelled was at the intersection. It had to be 90 degree’s out that day and we later learned a fish truck had over turned and its contents along with it.

We can use our sense of smell to our advantage too. You can smell a nice cologne on a person which in some cases be an attractant. It will either drive you crazy or drive you away, one way or another.

I’m going to stick with the smell of muffins today and all other scents will have to wait. Good Day folks- I’m smelling coffee right now.


Only Minutes Of Clarity

Surgeons%2520Looking%2520at%2520PatientA call came out to a report of an unknown problem. My heart skipped a beat. I had to drop the tools I was using when trying to fix an electrical issue. I grabbed my pouch of tools and walked faster than normal. Someone is calling out for assistance of an unknown factor, they are in distress. My mind is trying to swap from electrical fixer upper dude to a medic. No reports of what has happened but to just report. I get back to my shop, drop my tools on my work bench, then retrieved my medical bag. I am no longer the electrician. I walk to the trailer where this person is located to find someone clinging, minutes to possible unconsciousness. I have to figure out in only a minute or so what is wrong with this person. My mind is still stuck at the electrical job I was just working on minutes before. What is wrong, I ask a few questions to the people around him and get a medical history report of the patient. He does have a medical history and I find that I can make a difference in a hurry. I reach down to my medical bag, take a quick inventory of my supplies and grab what is needed. I give this person a quick dose of what I believe his issue is. Within minutes this person starts responding to my treatment. He is starting to understand a little more than before and things are starting to come back to normal for this patient. Two other responders show up and we monitor this person for awhile. The patient shakes my hand when I’m leaving. It doesn’t get any better than that. I walk out the door and my mind has to swap back to electrician, just like that. Moments like this make you realize how precious minutes can make. Enjoy your day, I will.


The French In Me

imagesDXK6SCLYI have often wondered what part of me is the Frenchman. I know a few swear words in French and also a few things around the dinner table. I am full blooded French on both sides of the family. Don’t get me wrong I am French, I know it. I have been carrying a radio for my work places for almost thirty years and wondered how everyone communicated back in the day. The papermaker’s from my community were from French and Italian descent. I remember when I first stated working in the paper mills as a papermaker, that I remember the old timer’s using a lot of hand signal’s. I will give you a vision of a paper machine. It is about the length of a football field or longer and usually around 300 inches wide or more. It is a long way to try and talk to someone on the other end of the machine. I remember if a person wanted to tell someone he was going to bathroom, and to cover his job for a minute, he would raise one arm in the air and move it up and down. The reason this was developed was because in the bathroom above your head you would tug down on a rope and all the waste would flush down a pipe.

Another example was if you wanted the deckle on the machine to shift to the front of back. This is where the whole sheet of paper you are making shift an inch or so to the front or back of the machine. So one guy on the far end would get another coworker’s attention by waving his arms. He would take one hand and point to the right or left. It was called pissing in or pissing out and everyone understood this logic.

I still can catch people in the community using these signals. I saw a guy one day, with his middle finger up in the air. He was pumping his arm up and down then moved it to the right. Ok you want me to piss in a little there? These younger people, they need to make their signals a little more clearer. I once saw a lady in Walmart pumping her arms up and down to her husband in the back of the store. She was trying to tell her husband she had to take a chilopa, or go to the bathroom. He thought she was going to check out. This communication is losing strength around here.

I still however use hand signs and talk with my hands. It must be the French in me. I can count to ten maybe in French. I’m glad my Fire Chief speaks fluent French because we have a lot of Canadian’s that travel here in this part of the country. I been to many accidents that he was the only one that could talk to them. I tried once and only ended up swearing at them. I will keep my mouth shut next time. The lost art of hand signs from the paper industry is going away. Everyone is using radio’s to talk and no one is face to face in communicating anymore. Like SI said from Duck Dynasty, you don’t even smell them anymore. I’m pumping my arm up and down right now, got to go.

Of Medical Attention- Please!

imagesWho is there for me? I sometimes wonder if something happened to me that a responder would be near enough to help. Living in a rural community, the rescue service tries their best, but at times they could be quite far away. I hurt myself last summer and I was trying to make a decision to call for an ambulance or drive myself. It is hard making decisions in the moment. I sliced my hand, no it was not life threatening, so I decided to drive the truck to a local doctor. Still not a good decision but I made out reasonably good. I was stitched up and off I went.

I am a first responder at my workplace. We usually have three or four  guys that I work with responding to medical calls. It all depends usually how many of us are there. Someone might be on vacation, or taking a paid sick day. I sometimes wonder if something happened to me in the mill would there be someone to help me, like I have helped others. It is hard to get people to sign up for this extra duty when they are already doing their normal positions within the facility, including myself. I work as a electrician normally, but still respond to fire, hazmat, and medical calls. I  put myself into this position because I did this for 20 years at another industrial facility. I was not going to throw away a chance to save someones life if needed. I really do enjoy doing this stuff. But who is there for me?

Are people not signing up as responders for a reason? I wonder if they are scared of what they will see. Yes, I have been witness to some horrible stuff, but I look at this as part of my job. I would want the next person to help anyone in dire need. Bystander’s are always around when we have incidents, but are usually just standing there. I know these people would help out in any situations of an emergency. But still they hold back from signing up as responders.

The fact that I’m sitting here all alone right now and thinking about what if something happened to me right now? I  think that every human should have one of those life alerts available to them. I’m not just talking a cell phone. You might not be able to speak. I am going to ask the government for a grant so that all Mainers can use this service for free. I will call this service the Healthcare  Act 2014. Calling ALL MAINERS- YOU CANT GET THERE FROM HERE if you don’t have your new government issued life alert device.

On a serious note: Really, have you ever set out a plan as to what you would do in an emergency of medical attention? It is hard to put a band aid on your finger with one hand when the other is bleeding. DARN-IT I just spilled hot coffee on my foot. Oh the pain, so what do I do now? Goo on Boo or not? The answer is somewhere in a book, or on the computer, but now the foot is starting to bubble up and the pain is serious. Now you cannot walk to call for help, your starting to feel a little dizzy. I have the answer! Hit the Life Alert Button on your new Government issued button.

I will always try my best at being a medical responder and I would hope that some day if you ever thought about doing this stuff to please reconsider it. A life is worth saving. Enjoy the day folks, I’m styling in my new Government Issued Alert Button.©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

The Asian Black Widow’s

third manBehind the corner of the building I could see him. He was standing at the edge of the building in the shade, I could not make out his face. Dark clothing had disguised him very good. I could see the glock pistol he was carrying. Why had I become a target? I had a very normal life. I worked in the Prudential Insurance building on Common Wealth Street . I was the head Insurance Adjuster for the State of California. Could this be of interest for some criminals in the city? I was questioning this in my mind when all of a sudden I saw another person on the other side of the street. This was a female in dark clothing. I thought for a moment I saw a flash of a camera. I was not smiling because just above my head the bricks on the building came smashing down upon my head. I was so scared that I ran down the street and into an Asian Restaurant. I could hear the clanging of pots in the kitchen. I found a closet to hide in. My breathing was so labored and I was shaking at the knee’s. Why was I a target? I still could not get this through my head. I waited for it seemed like hours before I came out of this closet.

I made my way back to my apartment to find it had been ram sacked and debris was strewn all over the place. Someone wanted something I had but why didn’t even I know what this was? I was walking around the room picking up things when I saw something shinning on the floor. It was a necklace with a tigers eye on it. I know I didn’t own anything like this. I was going to bring this to the police, in the district station, to try and get some answers.

I had talked with a detective McBrition. He was a portly man, and glasses as thick as magnifying lens. He asked me if I had ever seen a stone like this with tiger eye. I replied I had never seen this before. McBrition told me that it went back to ancient times and was tied to the Asian Black Widow’s. They were a ruthless group that would behead men or women for information being disclosed about their group. They were in the drug smuggling business and would also do anything or kill anyone that tried to get into their area of interest. I was just about to pass-out when the detective told me this information.

I went home and thought about what I had learned today. How was I, the little guy who works in a cubicle of any interest to anyone other than my employer? I had to find out more to save myself. I went to the local library to do some research. I was sitting at the table minding my own business when I looked up and saw a man walking real slow behind one of the shelves. Was I going to just sit there and wait for this person or was I going to run like a track star? I decided to wait and see if I could get a glimpse of this person. I put the book closer to my face. I heard a cough and then when I looked up I was hit so hard in the head that I saw stars. I tried to see who had hit me but the lights went out real fast. I woke up in the hospital, the nurses were tending to my wound. Things were still foggy and I was having a hard time making sense of it all. Finally a doctor came up and asked if I was awake. Yes, I think so Doc. What happen to me? You was hit in the head with a blunt object. We had to put staples in your scalp to put the laceration back together. You are going to be ok. My head was pounding. You have anything for this horrible headache? I spent a few days there and was discharged.

I was getting out of work one night and walking to the parking garage when I saw someone in the distance. They were holding a glock again and I had no place to run this time. After doing some research at the library, I understood what this group wanted. In the last forty-five years the government had been implanting chips inside babies. This information held info to New York Exchange and all the names and passwords to get to any account. The government had secret information that was sent to only a few influential people of the names of the people implanted. I now understood that I must of been one of them. The man was approaching at a fast pace now, I crunched myself real low down between two cars. My heart was pounding so fast and I was trying to slow my breathing down. I heard a loud pop and I looked down. There was blood flowing out of my stomach and froth was coming out of my mouth. I coughed a few times then I heard another loud band and a thud to my chest. I took one more last breath, and then I was gone. The man took out his pocket knife and retrieved the chip.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

I Love New Day’s

imagesI will never forget the coworker I had a few years back. He was the guy that was always smiling, laughing, and just had a joy about him. One day I had to ask him why he was so happy all the time. He told me it was a new day. He also told me that to wake up in the morning and realizing that he was alive made him so happy. Everyday was a gift ,and it was a time to celebrate this gift. Wow, I was breathless by this response. It made me understand how precious life really is.

So I woke up this morning and smiled, It was going to be a great day to start. I lifted the covers off the bed and notice it was a little cold. Ok, maybe I turned the thermostat down, I cannot remember. I walked down the stairs and it was even colder. Darn it, I forgot to check the oil tank and the furnace said enough is enough. It is a new day right? Shove it up the kahuna for me. I am not smiling one bit. So the priority has dictated my first day off in the week off adventure. I will have to find a tank truck driving by to hitch up with a source of fuel. Good thing I have a back up plan though. Crown Royal sits and waits on the counter top. Oh, this could be the fuel I am looking for. No, not this early young man, get your priorities straight there Tonto. Ok, make a call to the local oil dealer and get some of that magic fluid that is so desperately needed.

So back to the coworker, he was right. You have to wake up every morning with a smile. Be happy that a gift has been giving to you to make it another day. This was what everyone needs in their life. Some inspiration to uplift the sprit. No, not the Crown Royal. Just a little of what my coworker had and the comment he made. Now, off to get some heat in this house. The spouse was not happy this morning. You have to keep them happy and no shower before work just isn’t going to do it. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t have a smile like I did. It was a gift, right? Enjoy the day. I know I will.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

The Tahoe Experience

800px-Emerald_BayOne can only imagine how a parent must feel letting their son leave three days out of high school. My brother and I had planned this move at the beginning of our junior year. We both had worked part time to save enough money to move from Maine to California/Nevada region. Lake Tahoe was nestled up north in the Sierra Mountain range. I moved to a town called Kings Beach in California which was a few miles from the Nevada border and only miles from Incline Village, NV.

My brother and I flew to Reno Nevada and our oldest brother had awaited us with a limo ride to Lake Tahoe. This was amazing. I remember looking at the Sierra Mountain range and my brother pointing out the fact that was where I was going to live. Lake Tahoe sits in the mountain range at 6300 foot elevation. A magical place to see for sure. Eighteen years old and in a new part of the world. What an experience of a life time.

My oldest brother hitched me up with a job at a local casino working in the basement where the warehouse was located for the Hyatt Hotel. They had five restaurants and full bakery, and meat department in there. I worked this job for just a little bit, interesting that my boss was from Mass. It didn’t take long and I decided I wanted to work in the casino somewhere. They had a buffet, all you can eat place. I started working there part time and also Valet Parking. Both jobs were interesting and I met a lot of good people. I still have one connection today to a lady I worked with out there.

Life of living in a tourist area did however get to me and it was time to move south. I moved to live with my brother in Phoenix, AZ. I still will not forget the beauty of Lake Tahoe and I’m going to take my wife out there someday. The skiing was incredible also, Squaw Valley, Kirkwood, Northstar, Alpine Meadows, Ski Reno, and Heavenly.  I could ski at Squaw for 10 dollars back then with company discount. Another thing I miss about the Tahoe area was the natural hot springs. One place I would go to cost three dollars and you could stay all day. It was kinda of a weird place because a commune owed the hot spring and they were a very interesting group to say the least. The woman had to shave their heads for a year for purity and stuff like that. Whatever, that was what they were into.

If you have never been to Lake Tahoe area, I repeat, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You will not be disappointed. It is gods country, the most beautiful place I have ever been witness too.

©2014 Bilodeau,H.D.

An Easier Path- When?

untitledIt is amazing how in a snap, things can go wrong. It is a whirlwind effect that just doesn’t seem to end. There has to be some bad vibes, or moon phase that is happening right now. When is this two steps forward and one back  thing going to start. The wife and I are in our later working years and it’s the two back effect that just never seems to end. We both work but whenever we get a little ahead something comes up and we are knocked back down again.

I really am a happy person, but things just take me down and are out of my control. I’m sure things will get better. We just want to move ahead in our later years to a much easier and have less stress in our life. I’m sure it is right around the corner but the mechanical failures are starting to cripple me. I’m going to wake up tomorrow with a better outlook and move forward carefully. Come on dog, lets go toss a stick. I know, you like it, I will be right there in a minute, after I get done this blah- blah- blah. The older the house gets the more problems that come up. New windows last year and looking like a new septic system is next. The electrical stuff I can work on myself. Still when you own a home it just never ends. Now my wife’s auto starter is not working. You see one thing after another. I hope winter ends because I have a list of stuff to do.

Going to fix myself a nice lemon and water and chill out next to the television. Woof! Oh crap I forgot about the dog. Lets go Harold, sorry about that. Woof Woof, snuggle.

Calling On Me

imagesI have put myself in a responder position for a reason. Me, you need to take care of others because they need your assistance in an emergency situation. It is interesting that on my normal job which really is not a first responder that I take emergency calls for fixing equipment. I am on the other end of a radio incase of equipment failures. Really it is no different when Me, the take call person, or when I’m wearing the emergency responder hat that the two are very much alike.

Still today when the emergency call comes in I listen to the caller, gather all info needed , then bring associated equipment needed. The bells are ringing the moment the call comes out. Patient down, unconscious, and bleeding. I’m thinking all the way to the call what could have made the person go unconscious and what treatment needed. My heart still pounds on these calls and I have to take a deep breath sometimes, but I do my best for what I have been giving. The equipment failure calls are the same but I do not get excited like I would for a medical emergency.

I have to think now that it has been about 30 years that I have been in this responder business, and have witnessed a lot. I still love being a responder, I just hope someone is out there for me when I need it. Good day everyone.

©2104 Bilodeau,H.D.

Your Alarm My Alarm

imagesA2GVRIWXI never understood this logic. Two alarm settings on the clock for my spouse to get up early. The first one set and the other 45 minutes away. The only problem I see here is that I do not have to work in the morning and my spouse is sleeping on the main floor on the couch.

This first alarm wakes me up and I go downstairs, start the coffee, cook up some bacon, and start French Toast all before the second alarm goes off. I make sure the spouse is fed good before she goes off to work. I still do not understand this alarm logic. Why set the alarms if you don’t plan on waking up to them. They were not certainly set for me were they?

Our lives are programmed and set and reset by electronic devices. One of these days in the future there will be no alarms so I might as well enjoy the joy of an alarm, right? Beep- Beep- Beep,  time to get up! Oh that was the coffee pot telling me it is ready. Beep- Beep- Beep, that is the neighbor driving by saying hello in the morning. Beep- Beep- Beep, Oh man that is the second alarm. I think I’m going crazy.

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau


Route Four Passage

M3367S-4504   Wow, So many close calls through the years on this stretch of road. A main route through Central Maine that brings travelers to the mountains for their weekend getaways to Sugarloaf or Sunday River for skiing.

I’m not sure why this road is a magnet for car accidents. There have been many fatalities not to mention fender benders and rollovers on this road. The state road does have long straight- a way’s, also lots of curves. I find a lot of the accidents occur on the straight stretches of the highway. From my own opinion, I would think that most accidents here occur because of drivers not paying attention. I have seen an increase in accidents that look like someone just had their head down. Maybe cell phones are the issues. It is nice to see some people do drive off to chat on their cell phone. I do believe that pull overs, more than breakdown lanes should increase so people can stop to talk on their phones. images8JLIQJ61

You can find a lot of logging trucks bringing their loads to the local paper mills. There is also a lot of trailer trucks bringing paper loads or supplies to this region. You really do have to pay attention on this highway. Changes have been made on certain area’s to slow down traffic. One place the road was double lane and now it is down to one lane and reduced the speed limit. Some changes I see have been with people’s safety in mind. Please be careful still when driving in Maine on Route Four, I would!

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau