Jay Hill Pass-The Creature Within


It was a very scary drive through the Mountain Pass this morning. I was traveling through Jay Hill Pass when up ahead I see a trucker with his flashing lights on. I slow my truck down to see what is going on, when out of the corner of my eye, I see what the commotion is all about. The trucker has come in contact with this green slimy looking creature. This anomaly is at the back of the trailer when I am frozen with fear of what I have seen.  This animal or creature, has the driver and is dragging him to the edge of the woods.  It is now out of my view so I decided to get out of my truck to see where the creature is taking him. I walk to the side of the trailer, ever so slowly, to witness something I would never dream of.  I am only feet away and I can hear counting, one and two, one and two, one and two, this goes on, over and over. The animal is giving chest compressions and breathing for this trucker. He is actually giving him a chance of life. I watch for quite some time, being of witness to something so fascinating. I can now hear a cough, the man is breathing , alive, the creature moves back into the woods, I am in left in awe.

Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


Maine As I Know It

pic 1

Born and raised in the State of Maine. Most people often associate this State with Downeast Maine and the coastal region. Everyone know’s the fact we are quite famous for our lobsters and clams. There is some really great places away from the coast that people do not hear about. This State is beautiful with the country area’s as well. The northern part of the State is where a lot of crops are grown, especially Northern Maine, in the County they say. Towns like Van Buren, Houlton, Caribou, New Sweden. The central part of the State is more populated with local farmers growing crops and tending to their milking cows. pic 2

Some of the jobs that I encounter growing up include working in these farms. I picked chickens out of the barns and put them in cages to be shipped out for processing. I also worked for a big company which most of the eggs this part of the country come from. Decoster’s Egg farms. The company has been bought out since. Many of young kids in this area worked these egg farms. I also could be seen working in the local cemetery’s digging graves. We would get two dollars an hour, not bad pay for a young kid.

Maine has a huge history of papermaking. Big companies like Verso, IP, Wausau, Sappi, New Page, Boise Cascade, Champion, Bucksport, Otis Mill, Georgia Pacific. These mills employed many of people throughout history. Loggers, and many of businesses that support these companies.

Shoe shops, woolen mills also were a larger part of the community. Lewiston and its Bates Mill employed thousands. You should do a search on Bates Mill. It was amazing the size of this cooperation during the day. Many of the buildings stand today in Lewiston and are a site to witness. pic 5

Maine has many of beautiful rivers and Lakes that pass through the State. You can see many of fisherman along the banks or out in powerboats trying to catch a salmon, brook trout, browns, bass, and many other species of fish. Fly fishing is very big here. LLBean company in Freeport, Maine is one company that has supplied the outdoor enthusiast for many years. Hunting is also very big in this State. Whitetail deer are plentiful also Maine Black bear, and Moose. You have to have a permit for moose. Turkey’s are plentiful also and many of hunters take advantage of this season. pic 4

Maine also is a great place in the winter. There is many ski area’s that are very popular. Sugarloaf, Sunday River, and Saddleback Mountain are some . You really can find just about anything to do in this State if you have the time. I have lived here just about all my life and at this moment I couldn’t think of any other place I would rather live. I have traveled to my workplace many times without even meeting one car. I like the easy life and the country. Maine the way life should be. Enjoy your day everyone. pic 3

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Boar In The West Virginian Mountains

imagesIZ4J5S7IThere was movement behind that tree, Trudy did you see anything?  We had been hiking for awhile now and looking for wild boar in the mountains of West Virginia. We had planned this trip for two years and saved up enough money to go to a hunting camp led by Mike Seymour and his entourage. Mike was a well known outdoorsman and had many television shows on the outdoor channel. We contacted him late December and wanted to book for the first of May of the upcoming year. The date was set and Trudy and I was so excited that we finally had enough vacations where we worked and money to take this incredible trip.

Again, a noise from within the woods. I swear Trudy there is something lurking in the woods about 30 meters ahead. I cannot quite make it out. Get your rifle loaded and take the safety off. It might be the big boar that we could trophy on. Ok honey, everything is set here on my rifle. We walked further toward the noise and we saw movement.

I was walking ahead of Trudy and I kept telling her to take baby steps and to keep watching the woods for anything that moves. I took one more step and heard a loud noise and something feeling like my back was hit by a freight truck. I fell to the ground and the light started to dim. I kept trying to reach out for something to hold onto but nothing was there.

Trudy had slipped on a rock and accidently discharged the rifle into her boyfriends backside. Trudy had known exactly what had happened at the moment. She was screaming and shaking all over. There was no one in the woods to help her with him. As she approached her boyfriend a loud screech came from within the woods. Frightened by this sound she was frozen in place. She cocked her rifle to make sure it was ready incase something came after her. She could tell that her boyfriend was still breathing and maybe she could save him. There was blood all over the place.

Trudy looked out and fast approaching was the biggest wild boar she had ever seen. Not that she had seen any before, but had looked at a lot of magazines to know this was one of trophy size. She raised her rifle and tried to calm herself down enough to get a shot at the boar. She pulled the trigger and the animal was dispatched. Trudy looked again and could see no movement from the boar. She now attended to her boyfriend . He was moaning which was a good sign and looked her boyfriend over for what wounds she had inflicted. There was bleeding on his rear-end. She pulled his trousers down and found that the bullet had stuck his buttocks. He was going to live but have one heck of a sore butt. She shook him and he opened his eyes. Honey can you hear me? Yes, what the heck just happened? I shot you Trudy replied, right in the ass. Honey, you have to try and get up, I have something to show you. Trudy helped him to his feet and she pointed in the direction of the boar. Right there next to that pine tree. Oh my god! that is a monster boar. I know Honey, I think it is of trophy size. Even though he was hurting a smile came to his face.

Trudy helped her boyfriend get off the mountain and asked Mike Seymour and his gang to assist in getting the boar off the hill.  The boar weighed in at 325 lbs and was the largest in West Virginia history giving Trudy the trophy was the West Virginia Fish and Game Department. There was a picture in the Fish and Game magazine showing the large wild boar she had shot.

Her boyfriend made a quick recovery and was so excited that they got their chance to hunt the West Virginia mountains for wild boar.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


Chickata Pigeon

imagesRain is the gift from god. It keeps all things living. Life would not exist without water. Good ole H20 as most of us humans know it. Plants will take in the water and give off Carbon Dioxide which is needed for us to breath. What in the world is the most water using animal? I wondered this one day and did some research and found it to be a Chickata Pigeon in Morrilla, Spain.

This pigeon spends all day drinking water and only takes short moments to eat a little food. The people in Morrilla are outraged by this bird because of the consumption of water. It is also the number one animal in the world for extricating. The town workers spend most of the time hosing down the sidewalks and the local fire departments have exhausted their manpower budget this year and it is not even summer. The local hunting clubs have been hired by the local government to combat the population. The hunting clubs are having a hard time finding anymore ammo to supply the members. The tax payers are upset because they are having to pay for all the overtime pay that has accumulated this year. The town of Morrilla is in a standstill as how to combat this issue.

The United States of America has been contacted to send someone that specializes in this species. They are sending a highly recommended scientist. His name is Al Gore, and it is known in the States that he was the person who developed the internet. He is also a specialist in Global Warming. He is the man and will give the people of Morrilla  a breath of fresh air.  He has proven in his country to combat such issues before.

Rain can also move mountains. The local gazette here in Maine had reported last week of a landslide coming down and houses and people were covered in mud. It is also known that many people are still missing.  This rain has become a nuisance for as far as I can tell. I know water is needed for us to live, but why has it taking more lives than any other on this planet? I have a simple answer to the people of Morrilla, take all this rain we are having in Maine right now and wash down your streets with it. It is free to take. Al Gore will be your contact person for this and will handle all your logistical needs. The farms in this area are looking for a new manure to put in their fields maybe with a trade mission to Morrilla that we can exchange water for bird poo. Again Al Gore will be your contact for this.

So really, Can you imagine life without water? I have often thought about this………………….. ©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Fire Road Twenty-Four

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe night of the snake encounter. My brother Mike had asked if I wanted to go hiking in the Sierra Mountains, Near Kirkwood Mountain ski area. I guess by what he was saying you could go about 12 miles into the mountains via fire roads. He would go to the local information center in Kingsbeach area and get topographic maps so we could follow the roads and hike different mountain peaks.

I didn’t have much for mountain gear to start out with. He told me I probably will need a decent back pack and to go to the local Circle K and maybe I could find one. I went to the store and in the sporting equipment section I saw the perfect back pack. It was in stripes and stars of the American flag. It was relatively cheap looking and that was ok because I only had a little money. I had to get some other supplies. A thermos and maybe some plastic cups and plastic silverware would do.

I was feeling good that I was packed and ready. My brother picked me up at my house. Hey bro, How you doing? I’m doing great and excited for the trip. How many day’s do you think we are going to hike. Well, I have three days off and do not have to be back until Friday night. Ok, I replied, sounds good to me. The drive up the mountain pass to where we was about to begin this trip was like forty-five minutes away. Hey bro? Here is a beer to start the trip. I was smiling from ear to ear.

Mike was an ambitious young man and the outdoors was really his fancy. I liked being around him because of this outdoor excitement. We did a lot of trips together which I probably wouldn’t do if it weren’t for his planning. We made it to the start of the hike, Mike brought out the topo maps and we decided to take Fire road 24 which would take us to the north ridge. We hiked all day and stopped for a few beer breaks along the way. Mike told me that we better start looking for a place to bed down for the night.

We found a nice flat spot near the top of the North Ridge and it was a perfect place to start a small campfire. It was hidden by tree’s and hopefully we wouldn’t start a forest fire. We had some cans of beef stew and cooked it up. We needed the protein for energy for the hike tomorrow. We sat and talked for a few hours until I told Mike that I was going to bed. I lay awake for a few minutes and fell quickly fast asleep.

Ouch! Something had just punctured me in the thigh and I about jumped through the roof of the tent. I was trying to find my flashlight but that was outside in my backpack. I tried to find the zipper on the tent and something hit me again right on my stomach. Ouch! I found the zipper and ran out of the tent hollering all the way. My brother came out of his tent and asked what is all the hollering about? Something just bit me, twice actually Mike. He had a flashlight and looked into my tent. Oh my god bro, it is a timber- rattler. I was starting to feel a little dizzy and getting very weak. Bro? I have to get you back down the Mountain in a hurry if you are going to survive this. He gathered all our stuff and left my tent right where it stood. Bro, we have to get moving fast. He put his arms around me and we started the trek back down the ridge.

I was really starting to fail fast and walking was like I had never walked before. Bro, you have to keep going! Hang in there because your not going to die on my watch. We finally made it back to the vehicle and Mike raced fast as he could to the nearest hospital which was twenty minutes away in Truckee, California. The doctor put some anti-venom into me and by the next morning I was starting to feel like myself again. My brother had save my life and I owed everything to him.

I loved my brother and his exploration of the wilderness. He had a love of the world like no other and wanted to share everything about it with his family. Mike took ill back in 1990 and couldn’t survive the infections that he had. If only I had half the ambition he had for life. I will never forget the time in the mountains with him. Thanks Bro it was a wonderful memory of you today. I’m looking up to ya Bro.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

A Billion Years Ago

imagesA billion years ago I was walking down to the river to get some water. I had walked for many days through the forest. The insects had been biting me all the way and I stepped on a black snake. I think that it bit me on the foot. I found some ginger root and rubbed it on the bite location. The ancient elders had told me that ginger would draw out the poison from the serpent.

I first came to the waters edge and put my sore foot into the water to cool the pain that I’d been having since the bite. I looked out to the other side of the river and out of the corner of my eye I saw a  pack of wild dogs. One of the dogs looked at me and growled, then all of the other dogs looked up at me. The one dog from the back of the pack started swimming across the river, I could see another one downstream doing the same. I could tell that they were trying to surround me, I would become their meal. I had to advise a plan and real fast as to how I would protect myself. I looked to my right and I could see a large club lying on the ground. I picked up this weapon for defense purposes incase these dogs surrounded me. Looking out to the woods, I could see a large tree and I though that if I scurried a little fast that I might get to the tree and climb up. I turned on my bad foot and made a quick trip, hobbling as I went.

I stood in the crotch of the tree limb for a long time and the wild dogs at the bottom of the tree. They were showing their teeth,  drool was dripping from their mouths. I was going to be their meal if I stepped down from this tree. Finally after the sun went down that the dogs started to disperse. I was getting very hungry and tired. I went back to the waters edge and drank some water and cooled my foot, which was still aching. I crossed the river in search of food. I was walking for quite some time when I could smell an awful odor. I looked up ahead and could see an animal lying on the side of the path. It looked like this might have been left over from the wild dogs. The meat was still pink so I grabbed my stick and poked at it to get some chunks of meat apart. I ate for awhile and then I heard an awful screeching sound. I jumped to my feet real fast and hid behind a bush to try and get a visual of what was coming . Tromp, Tromp, Tromp, I could hear in the forest. Screeeeeeeeech! It brought chills to my spine and all the way down to my toes. I looked up, there before me was a giant bear like creature with large fangs. The paws on the animal were the size of my head and it didn’t look very friendly. I could tell that it had my scent and the only way to get rid of this creature was to start throwing some of the meat that I had gathered from beforehand. This seemed to be working, I kept throwing out pieces of meat, as far as I could throw. My arm was starting to hurt from all the tossing, what the heck is this soft thing lying across my face, why am I laying down on a soft square object, where is my club? What is that beeping sound?

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

On The Slopes Of Alberta

untitledI was skiing down an incline like no other when out of the corner of my eye I saw a big black fury animal to the right of the ski trail. I was skiing in Alberta Canada with my brother. The two of us a year previous had talked about a big ski trip and we finally saved up enough money to book our ticket and hotel. We arrived at the hotel in the city and laid our clothes on the bed. My brother decided that we would go to SKI ALBERTA for the first day of our ski trip. We was going to try and hit a few ski area in the area during the week and maybe take one day off to venture into some of the local clubs for a little night life.

My brother was behind me and the trail was a black diamond, which meant it wasn’t for the beginner skiers. The two of us had ski- raced in high school so a black diamond trail didn’t scare us one bit. I was ahead and I could still see the black fury thing coming out from within the woods and it wouldn’t be long that I would be aligned with the animal. I was trying to slow myself down because the trail was getting a little bumpy and I was worried about what was coming out on the trail. I took a quick glance back and could see that my brother had fallen. I took a couple of swishes from side to side to come to a complete stop and wait to see how my brother was doing getting himself back up. I could see that my brother wasn’t getting up and the animal was not walking up the slope toward us. My brother still wasn’t moving about so I decide to side- step up the mountain to see what was going on with my brother.  The faster I was side stepping up the trail, the animal was approaching at a much faster pace. My heart started pounding and now I was hollering at the animal. I could see now that is was a grizzly and it was looking at me with his eyes like I was going to be his first lunch. I kept hollering at the bear and then hollering to my brother. I could tell that my brother was in grave danger. I finally made it to him and he was barely moving. Hey? Hey? You ok Jim? I didn’t get a response from him. I looked up and the bear was now with 15 feet of us. I decided to make a stance and try to protect my brother. I held my ski poles like spears and when the bear was about to prance I would poke my poles at him, right between the eyes.

So we are in the bar room and this burly, bearded guy, walks up to us and tells us that he recognized us. My brother and I looked at this dude and we are thinking, where in the heck he had seen us. This guy had hair all over his face and bushy hair. He said I saw you guys at the ski slope today.

Never judge a book by it’s cover. What may appear to be someone that might scare you by appearance could actually be the nicest person you ever met. Good night my friends.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Dora Dora

2014-02-11 12.59.05A quick trip to pick up the granddaughter this morning. Oh, Just love to see her face when we drive up to her mothers car to get her. My wife and I were up early and traveled to get her. We arrived back at the house and went out to feed the deer. Darn Bluejay’s are stealing the deer feed. Funny, our granddaughter told me the deer feed smells good. Everyone likes the deer feed. I saw Turkey’s nibbling on the feed too. The squirrels seem to like it as well. We made the trip back from the apple tree where we spread some of the deer feed. It was a cold trip this morning but we will get to see deer soon. We are back into the house and stoaked the woodstove so we can have a nice warm house. The granddaughter has set the priorities right off. It will be Dora-Dora-Dora. She just loves watching this show. I cannot understand a single word they are saying because it is all in Spanish. Ok, where are the deer, this will distract her from watching Dora. Come on big critters anytime now. So cold in NewEngland and playing outside with a 5 year old just doesn’t make for a good day when it is this cold.  It has warmed up a little and reading 15 F right now at 1030 hrs. Again I cannot wait for the deer to arrive, this has brought a lot of enjoyment watching them come in for a snack. It is funny how when I do not feed them I will see them out there watching the house. It appears they are just sitting there telling me, Ok, we made the trip and now it is time to feed us. It usually works when I see them all looking my way. I’m going to watch in two directions right now. Doro and the window. Enjoy your day wherever you are.


Maine Solitude- Don’t Ya Know

BaltimoreOrioleByJackBartholmaiThe Crow’s are cackling this morning. Love waking up in the morning and seeing all the birds, it brings me great solitude. An apple tree in the yard and many species of birds are fighting for the last remaining apples left over from the fall. I can see Balitmore Oriole’s and Blue Jay’s which are in competition for the apples. We had some deer this morning too that love when the birds drop the apples. I really cannot wait until spring when you can open your window’s and hear the sound’s of the birds. The deer are without feed this morning so a trip to the local country hardware store to buy some feed for them. Maine really has a lot of wildlife right in your backyard. Sometimes you just need to take a break from your stressful work schedule and open your eyes. The picture of the deer are in my yard and this is the apple tree that all the birds are going crazy over. Nice morning here in my area but a little chilly. Spring is around the corner, I’m counting the days-1-2-3-4————-12. Enjoy your day wherever you are and don’t forget to take a minute and look at the beauty that surrounds you. Put your cell down, open the car window’s and breath.

crowuntitled2014-02-09 10.41.50

Little Balmy in Maine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmazing what a helping hand can do for you. I woke up this morning with a pile of snow that had accumulated throughout the night. A task that I really wasn’t looking forward to. We received about 12 inches of snow so far and it is still snowing. What is really getting to me is the weather man told us to add insult to injury that another storm is coming Saturday night with possible 6 more inches in my area. Coastal Maine could get 12-18 inches of snow. Argh! Enough of this stuff. I remember last winter it snowed every weekend for about 5 weekends in a row. So much for people that only have weekend’s off. I however have days off during the week and some weekends.

This Valentine’s Day has been good to me so far. My wife didn’t have to report to work this morning so she came out and gave me a helping hand. Awesome thing to have someone to help move some of this stuff. They say spring is five weeks away. If you came here I just do not see that happening real soon. There might be tulips coming up through the snow. Maybe the snow pea’s will be alright, but not the flowers.

The driveway is clear for now but I’m still counting snowflakes. The deer have been fed this morning and the birds are reporting to their feeders. This is Maine, we just have to hunker down sometimes and get-er-done. The dog is officially pooped out. He has chased every shovel full of snow. It is amazing to watch him go right into his crate and chill out. He really loves the snow and his crate. We leave it outside in the garage and it gives him a chance to chill and watch the outdoors at the same time.

We can complain or we can embrace the weather here. I’m not answering this right now. It still is better than the bugs. I do miss warmer weather, it will come soon and I will enjoy that too. Have a great day and don’t forget to wish your love one Happy Valentines Days.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

Bring On The Warmth

SnowDeerI find it hard to get motivated when it is only 12F outside this morning. I made my way out to the backyard to put feed out for the deer. I came back inside real quick because I was reminded real fast it was cold. We have an approaching storm that will hit the Northeast starting tomorrow. Local weather stations reporting a Noreaster. Usually this means a lot of snow. First amounts are reporting 8-12 inches of wet snow. The wet snow can be a real problem around here. The snow hands up in the tree’s and branche’s snap all over the place.818-tulsa-ice-storm-dec-9-2007

The electricity sometimes is out for days in this region. I remember one storm we had in 1998 that we had no power for 15 days. That is real hard to deal with. It is especially hard to deal with when you still have to report to your job site. I need to run a brush up through the chimney just to make sure it is nice and clean before this storm. The woodstove will be burning to full capacity and I really do not need any chimney fires. I am a firefighter and sometimes during harsh weather conditions I am out and about assisting others in need. I really need to make sure my own house is prepared for such a storm. Still, my motivation at this point in the morning is real low. I am finding it hard to go out into the cold right now just to clean the chimney. I certainly can understand how people in Alaska get camp fever. It is sitting in the house for day’s on end. It is too cold to do anything outside. I will have to get my self in gear and do the job at some point today. I am so wishing for spring, I need to get some real natural warmth in this body. They say the older you get the more you hate the cold. I now understand this very well. Have a great day everyone. moose-snow2

©2014Bilodeau,D.H. Just4why

The Square Feet Venture

2014-02-09 10.41.50I decided to feed the deer this morning. I walked out in my slippers mind you, my wife is not here today to correct me on this venture. I can hear her now, come on crazy man your walking out there in your slippers. Ok, she might be right. I filled the bucket with deer feed and proceeded to the back lawn. It is so cold here in Maine and I started to feel the cold ice moving up through my slippers. The walk out was much easier with normal feet but by the time I was finished laying down the morsels my feet started to feel a little square. I think my feet were becoming somewhat chilled to the bone. I made my way back to the house walking like a penguin. I’m glad my neighbors didn’t see this ridiculous man walking like he had something shoved up his arse. I couldn’t help myself at this point because my feet were starting to feel like a block of ice. Ok, I hear you lovely wife, you should not go out in your slippers. Yes dear! Glad she was not here today to witness the penguin carrying a bucket. The warmth of the house and the woodstove I fired up this morning was such comfort to the feet. I’m getting my feet back. The things we do to feed the wildlife. I hope that they appreciate the fact that I was in my slippers out there, just for them.