Stranger Beside You



An observation of people is the story. I woke up today after a long nap and decided that two hours after noon it was about time to go get some lunch. I had to take a care a few things in the house before I left and also checked on the dog. Ok, he is doing alright. I put my jacket on, I’m  thinking this jacket might be too warm for today. Oh, I put the coat on anyhow, and moved outside to get the truck started. Yes, this jacket is too warm, I’m going to wear it anyways. I started the truck and off for a short venture I proceed. I am still trying to shake the cobwebs out of my head from the nap and taking in the views along the way. Oh, that is great the lake is crystal clear today, hey look, I see a Loon swimming around looking for fish. I drive another mile or so and the store is on the left. I put my blinker on. making sure no one clips me from behind. I proceeded into the parking lot without any incident. I’m still trying to shake the cobwebs when I look in the rearview mirror to check to see if I’m still handsome. Nope, I looked at my eyes and it looks like I just came from a pot convention. My eyes, they really take a beating with the allergies I have. No one will say anything and I really do not care, well maybe a little. I walk into the store and it is quite peaceful this late in the afternoon, mind you everyone else on this planet has eating their lunch by now. I placed my order and I’m standing there and two guys and a lady walk into the store. They are not together for as far as I can gather. I am standing patiently waiting for my food.  I am  just standing there in my trance but listening to chit chat between the customers that walked in. Hi, one guy in a trench coat say’s to the other. They each try to joke about not winning the scratch tickets. The guy in the trench coat says to the other your a winner when you lose. Huh, I’m  really thinking hard at this moment. Now I’m thinking this guy is a real loser. The chit chat goes on. The lady comes back to the counter and tells the guy she walked in with , Hey Dad, you need anything else? The man replies no. The guy in the trench coat is floored. Your Dad? He replies to the lady. Yes my Dad, she replies back to the man in the trench coat, I’m Eighty-five years old. What? you don’t look a day over sixty. The man thanks the guy in the trench coat. He really did look young. His reply was that he never drank or smoked in his life, this is what kept my youth. I’m looking at the guy in the trench coat thinking he is probably my age but looks like he has had some hard years. He continues talking with the Vet and states he was a supervisor but got injured and that he was a reformed alcoholic but been sober for many years. He can no longer work because of his injuries he sustained. I could tell his leg wasn’t good because walking for him looked to be somewhat of a challenge.  One of the guys responded that if you talk with people, that everyone has a story. It was rewarding to listen to these men talk. I was very inspired that two men from really two different world were chatting away. I have made this my pledge for the day. I’m going to talk to people to find out what their story is. Very uplifting, I am now awake, out of my coma. I’m looking at a renewed spark on life. Have a great afternoon, I’m going to talk with myself. Hey self, what you doing today. Nothing, just hanging and writing about  people that have brightened up my Day.

Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Flash Of A Miracle

article-2572269-1BAFBB8C00000578-793_634x506Miracles do happen. I was working in a pizza joint one night and this old man came up to the counter. I will have a pepperoni pizza young man, he replied. That will be $6.95 sir and it will take about fifteen minutes sir. You might want to take a seat and we will call you when it is done. The man went and sat down. I looked over and he was sitting next to the window and kept looking out the window like he was waiting for someone to arrive. The pizza was almost complete and the man stands up and walks to the door. He opens the door and is holding it like someone is there but no one is there. He then closes the door and is talking to himself. The chair on the opposite side of the table moves all by itself then moves back in toward the table. I look out and the old man is talking and directing his conversation across the table.

The pizza is complete and I’m still in amazement for what I had just witnessed. I cannot tell any of my co-workers because they will think I have gone completely bonkers. I approach the table. Sir, here is the pizza you just ordered. He looks straight ahead and says, honey this pizza smells fabulous. Now I’m not going crazy here, I look to the other side of the table and a drinking glass raises up then is placed gently back down on the table. Wholly smokes my knee’s are shaking at this point. I look at the old man and I say to him. Sir, did you just see that? See what young man? Did you just see that glass raise up then back down? I saw nothing what you are talking about young man . He looks to me and replies, Young man do you know miracles do happen if you believe? I didn’t know how to answer that question.

I walked away in awe of what this old man had just stated to me. Was it true that if you imagine something real hard that miracles can happen. I went home from work that night wanting to tell my wife what I saw today but realized that she would think I had become totally insane. Had this old man in his wanting so bad, reincarnated his beloved wife? How could this be I wondered. The lesson from this man made me understand that life is what you make of it. You can dream and pray for something hard enough and in the end miracles can be possible.

I have been dreaming real hard and researching this topic on the internet. I have never found one story of this happening. Was what I witnessed only a fragment of my imagination? Who has the answer? I cannot wait to go to work tomorrow, I have many questions. I hope this man and his wife reappear. There has to be a miracle within my life somewhere. ©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


imagesI have a list of words that I have no clue what they are. We really have been loaded up with words that anyone trying to take a test would probably fail if someone really wanted to make one. Truncheon, I guess I missed this one in school. Ok it is a Billy Club that police officers use.  There is many words in our vocabulary that could put you in last place at the annual spelling bee for sure.

They were using their ” Arnold batons ” to show force in the riot that broke out at the prison. Same thing, long Truncheon’s which the correction guards use. I’m not sure if these are the manufacturer or not. I’m not an expert on any of these.

One can only think back during the caveman day’s using their clubs for either killing small or large prey. Really a truncheon, either for killing or protection. Clubs or spears or whips and chains all either for protection have been used forever. The Billy Club is still used by riot police and some departments still today.

I will have to come up with some other funny words to talk about , maybe another day. Enjoy the day.

Copyright &nbsp2013 Dwayne Bilodeau – All Rights Reserved

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Repunzel Toss Me A Rope

rapunzel_towerFunny how when you analyze some of the fairy tales you have to stop and really dig in. My boy came over one day and was watching Repunzel with his daughter and thought about how the prince hollered up to Repunzel. LET DOWN YOUR HAIR. She tosses her long golden locks out over the castle edge so that he can come up to rescue her. Ok, now take a closer look. If she tosses out her hair for him to climb up then how are both of them going to get down without him cutting her hair and tying it to a bed post. Hum!

The Wizard of Oz, we have all watched this from beginning of time. They are walking up to the castle through a field of poppies. Isn’t this what heroin is made from? I have no proof, and only speculating, but that show was written with drugs inducing the mind. Another is, Alice in Wonderland. Just the title makes you think about drugs. She is sitting on magic mushrooms. Things just aren’t always as they seem to the viewer. Beep! Beep! How many times has the roadrunner been in the vicinity of bombs going off. How come he always survives?

I have to come back to reality and go out and clean up a foot of snow we just received here in Maine. Think about other stories and give some input into how and why something can happen in other stories. I have to go wax my red sled because today is the big competition. Good day stay safe.


Trouble With The Biosphere

bigelow-stationI was the chosen one to be accepted to be commander of a new science lab that was going to be in space. This station would be in space for five years and would provide its own food. There was animals and plants. There would be five men and five woman on this adventure who would control all the systems. The Biosphere, with the garden, was a large bubble and open for viewing all the stars. It was a wonderful place to be, and you could sit in the recliners for hours just dreaming. We had to have insects too to make sure pollen was distributed to all the other plants. The butterflies were so magical in their own way.imagesHRK931PW

We had been about three years now into this scientific adventure when one of my officers came up to me with disturbing news. Sir, he saluted me. We are following a large asteroid which is only hours away. It is larger than earth and is in a direct path with us. According to my calculations there is no way we can maneuver to escape. Sir, we only have one choice, and that is to separate the Biosphere. This is our only food source, certainly we will not survive without it, I said. Please sir, this is the only way, the officer stated. I want all officers on the deck at 0230 hrs, we must make a decision. Sir, the officer replied, and off he went to his station. The time came and the decision was made that a separation is going to happen. We knew that without food we would not survive for a week or less. The time had come.

With all men and woman in the control room we set the countdown for separation from the main station. Some of the woman and a few guys had tears in their eyes. The fact that the Atrium which they had been taking care of for three years, was being remove, but also the fact the chances of survival was very low.  I could understand and felt the same. This was my command and all these people I was responsible for was losing everything and maybe their life.nasa-control-room-hdr

I was sleeping soundly when I was suddenly awaken. I remembered that when the engineers were constructing this ship that I was the only one told that two anti- nuclear devices were installed into a hidden cargo area. There was also a launching pad that was stored in the same area. I had to unscrew the caps, take one off and put it on the other. The codes were reversed so I had to remember the code. Why couldn’t I remember them at this moment? I sat for moment and finally it came to me. I got on my radio and commanded all men and woman to the deck. Everyone assembled, and I told them my plan. We was going to wait until the asteroid was within 3000 meters and a launch sequence would be initiated.MSDTWTH EC014

The time had come, all viewing the monitor when 3000 meters was here. I hit the button on the launch and we waited. I looked around the room at all the faces and  I could see fear into their eyes. An explosion was heard and the whole station was rocked sideways. I lost my balance and others had struck limbs upon the consoles. I finally caught my breath and looked up at the monitor. The asteroid had been destroyed. Everyone else had raised to their feet and instantly had smiles on their faces. The cheers starting coming and I heard a hoorah here and there. Everyone on the station was going to continue this mission. I as commander, had made my last major decision, the next decision was retirement. photo%20(52)
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Transfer Station Interactions-Part 2


An interesting perspective. Part 2 of the local transfer station. I went to the station to transfer my garbage so they could transfer it to some unknown place. The first blog had to do with the unknown barges that have appeared on the west coast and east coast and how I felt that the the liquids from the garbage was being transferred to the west coast for energy use. I felt the local transfer station here was being controlled by the government and I had to watch my back because I thought security guards were watching the customers arrive and they were on the lookout. Today I went to that station and all nervous and all and I was keeping my head down as to not be seen by the authorities. I jump out of my truck and this guard in a orange vest with x marks on it starts to question me. Hi how is your day going? Good I respond. Hey look at that sand pile and how the formations from a collapse has made funny lines in the sand. I look over and see an amazing display of art work that the sand has formed. A little snow leftover on the pile and the sand falling from collapse has made a very interesting picture for sure. I’m sure this is some kind of tactic so another guard can scan my truck for unwanted surplus. I go back to my truck, there the other guard is standing at the back of the truck. I stare at him and he likewise. Sir, want me to put your tailgate back in the up position? I’m thinking ya right this is a trick. I bet they have installed a tracking device on my truck. Ok you can put the tailgate up but I now have the facial recognition software loaded into my cell phone and have taken a picture of him without him knowing. I leave this site with the feeling like it is greater than what it appears to be. I will have to do some more investigations into this place. I just have a feeling that it is connected to the barges in Portland Maine and San Fran California. Time will explain the unknown, I just need more time. Part 1 is here-  https://just4why.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/dump-runs-here-in-rural-maine/
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Dump Runs Here In Rural Maine


Here in rural Maine we do a lot for ourselves. The dreaded dump run to the local transfer station is getting old. First of all this is now called a transfer station. I just do not get it anymore. When I was younger we would drive our vehicle, usually a truck heaped over with garbage to the landfill and everything you had in the bed was heaved over the side. It was an interesting adventure, it was a gold mine for some. You could find anything in the dumps in those days. Need a hub cab from an old 54 Chevy? You just walk around until you found one. These days you have to go on the Craigslist,Tweeter or something like that to find one and pay big bucks. So back at the transfer station. I wonder what they mean by transfer. Going from here to there. But where is there? Maybe it is those floating barges you see out in the ocean. Yea, that probably is where it goes.  In one harbor here in Maine there is a barge that nobody really knows what is in it. The structure showed up and the building topside is made with shipping containers. Maybe they have developed a trash incinerator of some sort. There is also another one of those structures on the West Coast. You know over there! I bet the two are connected and all the liquid from the separation of garbage is pumped across country and power is being generated. Transfer from here to there. I once transferred my 401k . Now that is a transfer right. But where is all this garbage going anyways? We Americans buy way too much expensive stuff and it all ends up in the transfer station. So I venture off today to the transfer station but I’m going to be real careful of what I say. I have been seeing a lot of security type people walking around. Something top-secret is going on and I’m going to ask the attendant if I can discard some old army canteens. I know I will be on the transfer list, no longer able to discard my stuff. They will probably put me on a list, You know the LIST!  I’m going to keep my head down before I get shipped out . Go to Part 2 of this story Please.  https://just4why.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/transfer-station-interactions-part-2/
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