On The Slopes Of Alberta

untitledI was skiing down an incline like no other when out of the corner of my eye I saw a big black fury animal to the right of the ski trail. I was skiing in Alberta Canada with my brother. The two of us a year previous had talked about a big ski trip and we finally saved up enough money to book our ticket and hotel. We arrived at the hotel in the city and laid our clothes on the bed. My brother decided that we would go to SKI ALBERTA for the first day of our ski trip. We was going to try and hit a few ski area in the area during the week and maybe take one day off to venture into some of the local clubs for a little night life.

My brother was behind me and the trail was a black diamond, which meant it wasn’t for the beginner skiers. The two of us had ski- raced in high school so a black diamond trail didn’t scare us one bit. I was ahead and I could still see the black fury thing coming out from within the woods and it wouldn’t be long that I would be aligned with the animal. I was trying to slow myself down because the trail was getting a little bumpy and I was worried about what was coming out on the trail. I took a quick glance back and could see that my brother had fallen. I took a couple of swishes from side to side to come to a complete stop and wait to see how my brother was doing getting himself back up. I could see that my brother wasn’t getting up and the animal was not walking up the slope toward us. My brother still wasn’t moving about so I decide to side- step up the mountain to see what was going on with my brother.  The faster I was side stepping up the trail, the animal was approaching at a much faster pace. My heart started pounding and now I was hollering at the animal. I could see now that is was a grizzly and it was looking at me with his eyes like I was going to be his first lunch. I kept hollering at the bear and then hollering to my brother. I could tell that my brother was in grave danger. I finally made it to him and he was barely moving. Hey? Hey? You ok Jim? I didn’t get a response from him. I looked up and the bear was now with 15 feet of us. I decided to make a stance and try to protect my brother. I held my ski poles like spears and when the bear was about to prance I would poke my poles at him, right between the eyes.

So we are in the bar room and this burly, bearded guy, walks up to us and tells us that he recognized us. My brother and I looked at this dude and we are thinking, where in the heck he had seen us. This guy had hair all over his face and bushy hair. He said I saw you guys at the ski slope today.

Never judge a book by it’s cover. What may appear to be someone that might scare you by appearance could actually be the nicest person you ever met. Good night my friends.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Memes-Meme-or Memere’ is the Question

untitledThe generation gap is starting to elude me. I have finally come to realize that I have become my parents. I have tried to stay up with technology and somewhat terms used on the computer but I finally got whopped on a new term. Memes? Here in Maine in the French laiden area’s from where I live Meme is your grandmother. I responded to a young gentleman’s post the other day. It was put out that people are misspelling Memes. I put it out there that it was meme’ or memere. I decided to google this word because I had a feeling that something wasn’t right here. Wikipedia gave the correct explanation- is “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. Here is the full explanation from Wikipedia-

I really have come to the conclusion that I’m falling behind in this technology and word changing world. Maybe that is ok, I will never keep up anyway. I guess it is better now to let the young take over the game. They are our future and a lot smarter than us older folks. How can they not be? They were born with this digital world, I am however a baby boomer. Television was new, no computers, no cell phones, and Meme’s were our grandmother’s. Enjoy the day! Bailing out the snow here in New England again. Shout Out to Luke N. you got me kid. ©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

Sushi For A Maineah? You Kidding Me!

untitledThe famous saying ” you cant get there from he’ah”  is a Maine saying.  I look at Sushi in kind of that same retrospect. You cannot get that here. This is not true because you can get Sushi in Maine. A true home bread Maine resident was never brought up on eating raw fish. The fish we had was a bucket of hornpout or white perch, no tiger trout. We would of never thought to wrap this up in a rice patty and eat it like that. We might put a stick through the gills and roast it on the campfire.

I never could understand why someone would want to eat raw fish when cooking it seems like a better solution. Another thing is that Wasabi stuff you dip the rice cake into. I hear that will kill any bacteria on the fish you are eating. So next time you decide to eat raw fish, make sure to use the Wasabi. It works better than Listerine for killing off the bacteria. Sorry but I’m not eating anything that looks like a pinecone stripped down from a squirrel.imagesOXCBP642

There is something to say about introducing weird suppah’s to us Mainers. We might nod and say we like it. The truth is, we would rather be eating steak and potato’s. I was born and raised on steak and potato’s, no honey I am not going to eat that rice cake stuff rolled in squid. I don’t need diarrhea for a week, the Wasabi is way to hot for me which will give me Hemi’s, and I will take a T-bone for suppah, Thank You.images

Hope Everyone in the Northeast is staying under the radar and stoaking the fire, it is darn cold here. Still nursing this cold, but saw doctor feel good. She gave me a prescription of Sushi and Wasabi. Where is she from anyways? Please give a few comments, love to hear some on the Sushi debate.

© 2014 Bilodeau H.D.


Your Alarm My Alarm

imagesA2GVRIWXI never understood this logic. Two alarm settings on the clock for my spouse to get up early. The first one set and the other 45 minutes away. The only problem I see here is that I do not have to work in the morning and my spouse is sleeping on the main floor on the couch.

This first alarm wakes me up and I go downstairs, start the coffee, cook up some bacon, and start French Toast all before the second alarm goes off. I make sure the spouse is fed good before she goes off to work. I still do not understand this alarm logic. Why set the alarms if you don’t plan on waking up to them. They were not certainly set for me were they?

Our lives are programmed and set and reset by electronic devices. One of these days in the future there will be no alarms so I might as well enjoy the joy of an alarm, right? Beep- Beep- Beep,  time to get up! Oh that was the coffee pot telling me it is ready. Beep- Beep- Beep, that is the neighbor driving by saying hello in the morning. Beep- Beep- Beep, Oh man that is the second alarm. I think I’m going crazy.

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau


Leaders Within You

images   What makes for a good leader? You have to look way back when you were playing with the other neighborhood children. Was there always one boy or girl who would stand out front and command all the playing rules. They were not trained to do this or were they. Born leaders of America was a saying that we have heard before. He was born a leader! Lets break it down a little. Little Richard was always told to make his bed, clean up after messes or there would be conditions. After reapeated commands from his folks it became automatic that Richard would wake up make his bed and clean up after himself. Over and over his parents at the beginning was in control of the situations of Richard. Now lets take a look in the sandbox with him standing at front telling the kids what to do. Susie you start doing this and make sure you do it how I tell you. Greg, make a road in the sandbox for our trucks. Make sure you go all the way around the box. These children are listening to what Richard has commanded them to do. It is called structure some which these other children have not received. So Richard is a leader and didn’t even know it. Yes, a born leader, but it’s only  a result of how he was raised. Instruction to details and repeated operations will result in a child who stands up and tells people what to do. It was not his fault he is your boss today, it was his parents fault. Yes Ma, I will be right there!image
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Jordache Jeans and Bell Bottoms


I never knew what happened to my all white bell bottom pants. Those were the days. It was the late 60’s,early 70’s and I was styling. I’m thinking now that it was a  transition from Peter Paul and Mary, Carpenter’s,Chicago,and America to the Disco days. I know the bigger the bell the better was the saying. I wonder where those pants went because I never remember throwing them away. The late 70’s the Jordache jeans were a hot item. I lived in Arizona and those jeans were a hot item. Cowboy boots and Stetson hat were the look out there. Those jeans were very dressy and some people could fill them out nicely, just not this dude. Times change but you see the trends come back around and kids today are wearing clothes that we wore back in the day. There was a lot of history with some of the trends back then. Woodstock is one to remember or not. I have not followed the styles lately and wear jeans to failure today. My trend is not to have a trend. I am going to stick to it this time. You only look as good as what the mirror reflects and sometimes that’s not enough but who really cares is my motto.