I Hear You Now Dad

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I worried that something was wrong. I told myself that I better go check on my father because he had told me the day earlier that he wasn’t feeling well. I called my twin brother and told him that after my dentist appointment that I would go to see if he was alright.

Our Dad is a strong man, nothing ever seemed to bother him. He was a man of steel and would never show that there was something wrong. I had to think about this because he told me last week he wasn’t feeling well. That’s not like him. We get so caught up in our lives that we have to stop for a minute and think about our loved ones. I knew that I had to get over there as soon as possible to check on him.

I made the short drive over to his house, so worried about him. He was calling out and I missed it. I knocked on the door and there he was sitting where he alway’s sits. I said, Hey Dad, how is it going? Trying to make small talk. He replied and looked at me. NOT GOOD was his response. I about melted right there, not good. I started the  third degree of questions, my medic mode also kicked in. So what has been going on? I fainted this morning in bed, I believe I did  because when I started coming to, everything was white, I was very dizzy. I have been having tingling in my arms and general weakness.

Sometimes a son has to talk to the folks to make them understand they need to see a doctor. I felt at this point that this was very critical and he should go to the hospital. I was having worries of a possible heart problem or pending stroke. The test were performed and everything in his heart and brain scan was good. It was determined that he had been taking several meds and was having a reaction. The doctors took away three meds that he needed for another issue. He no longer has the dizzy spells but still some tingling in his hands and still somewhat weak.

Oh to have aging parents. I’m not sure if I worry more about them or my own children. The point made here is to make sure you check on your elder folks and when they tell you someone is not right to make sure you react. Stop, Look, and Listen is what they always told me. Now it is time to stop-look-and listen to what they are saying.

Have a great day folks.



My Madaline

madalineI can smell her perfume, it brings back all the memories now. I laid down next to her, to comfort her in her last moments. We had spent an eternity together, she moves me to no end. She is opening her eyes and the tears flow from my eyes. She holds my hand and gives me a light grip, letting me know she is still there. My body is shaking and I do not have words. My heart is melting with her, alone I’m feeling at this moment. We have this one last fragment of time to spend together I flash back to the time we were dancing at our wedding. I remember her laying in this same hospital giving birth to our children. Times at the lake, her laughing, and giggles from the time the chicken fell off the grill. I remember the love we had together and the warmth of her body next to mine every night in bed. Tears are running down my face, I look down and she is gone.

I have spent the last days of my life bringing her flowers. The tears are still flowing. If only I could have one last kiss. Why did you have to leave me?

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Where Have The Children Gone?

Children_playing_with_Campbell_Kid_dollsWhere have all the children gone. I really miss the sounds of children playing and laughing. The time has passed so fast and our children grew up way too fast.  I sit in an empty house and remember saying I cannot wait until the children grow up. Well, from experience now, I can say I would like to take back those words. I miss them, going to all their sporting events, or any school functions seemed like a lot of hassles at the time but I would like time to revert back. My days are either playing on the computer or writing short stories. My stories are a fragment of my life in some weird kind of way. There is no way to replace what has been. History has been made and the children were part of that history. They are now into adulthood and  we hope that our raising them has structured them for a wonderful future. Still I sit here now and the only sound I hear is the dog scratching. I don’t hear, Dad? Dad? Come here or there to help them out. Some say it is the empty nest, does it ever really go away. I’m sure we all miss our children in some way. I’m glad to have my wife around because this would be one lonely life without anyone around.

This is an important message to all. Cherish your children, give them all the hugs and kisses. You might have bad days with your children but always remember they are children. They will be all grown up before you know it and you will sitting in front of a computer writing stories to have record of your life, just like me. Go hug your kids right now, it really means a lot.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Old Commercial Ringers

untitledFunny snippets of commercials I remember and embedded into our minds forever. 1.Tony Tiger- There Great! Hey Tony Hey Tony. Interesting fact the same guy who did Tony the Tiger also did the voice of the Grinch. He’s a mean one Mr Grinch. 2. Rice a Roni a San Francisco Treat- Remember the street cars and people hanging out of the cab? 3. How about conjuction, junction what’s your function? Mixing up words and Phrases and clauses. 4. Snap-Crackle-Pop- The cereal treat. Remember the three little guys? 5. Mikey Mikey, Give it to Mikey he will eat anything. Interesting fact that Mikey didn’t stop eating and now is 639 lbs. No just kidding. 6. I’ve falling and I cant get up. The Medical Alert commercial. The old lady calling for help. Interesting fact, She fell and never got up one day. 7. Kit Kat- Give me some of that Kit Kat Bar. 8. Ricola- The guy blowing that horn- Cough drop commercial. 9. Please Don’t Squeeze The Charmin- Mr Whipple. 10. Oscar Mayer- My bologna has a first name and it’s.

If you think at how easy it was to impregnate these ringers in our minds forever, just think about how if a child hears a parent swearing all the time. A child will pick up on this in a second and it will be the language they will never forget. We as children are like a sponge , adults need to be aware of what language comes out of our mouths. My spouse and I was at a restaurant the other day and three young men were swearing like crazy. I look over to the next table and there is a five year old girl sitting with her grandparents. No wonder these children grow up to have dirty language. It is all around them. They become what they think is the norm around them.

If you can think of some good old TV ringers leave a message below. I would love to hear them. Maybe it will jog my memory which needs a good jog once and awhile.  Enjoy the day folks.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Flash Of A Miracle

article-2572269-1BAFBB8C00000578-793_634x506Miracles do happen. I was working in a pizza joint one night and this old man came up to the counter. I will have a pepperoni pizza young man, he replied. That will be $6.95 sir and it will take about fifteen minutes sir. You might want to take a seat and we will call you when it is done. The man went and sat down. I looked over and he was sitting next to the window and kept looking out the window like he was waiting for someone to arrive. The pizza was almost complete and the man stands up and walks to the door. He opens the door and is holding it like someone is there but no one is there. He then closes the door and is talking to himself. The chair on the opposite side of the table moves all by itself then moves back in toward the table. I look out and the old man is talking and directing his conversation across the table.

The pizza is complete and I’m still in amazement for what I had just witnessed. I cannot tell any of my co-workers because they will think I have gone completely bonkers. I approach the table. Sir, here is the pizza you just ordered. He looks straight ahead and says, honey this pizza smells fabulous. Now I’m not going crazy here, I look to the other side of the table and a drinking glass raises up then is placed gently back down on the table. Wholly smokes my knee’s are shaking at this point. I look at the old man and I say to him. Sir, did you just see that? See what young man? Did you just see that glass raise up then back down? I saw nothing what you are talking about young man . He looks to me and replies, Young man do you know miracles do happen if you believe? I didn’t know how to answer that question.

I walked away in awe of what this old man had just stated to me. Was it true that if you imagine something real hard that miracles can happen. I went home from work that night wanting to tell my wife what I saw today but realized that she would think I had become totally insane. Had this old man in his wanting so bad, reincarnated his beloved wife? How could this be I wondered. The lesson from this man made me understand that life is what you make of it. You can dream and pray for something hard enough and in the end miracles can be possible.

I have been dreaming real hard and researching this topic on the internet. I have never found one story of this happening. Was what I witnessed only a fragment of my imagination? Who has the answer? I cannot wait to go to work tomorrow, I have many questions. I hope this man and his wife reappear. There has to be a miracle within my life somewhere. ©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Love Again- Now go Hang Out The Clothes.

untitledShe smiled at me and I smiled back. It was the sweetest thing I had every seen. It has been three years now since I lost my wife in a horrible car accident. She had meant the world to me and had our two children. I never even to the slightest had thought about being with another person again. How could anyone replace this lady I had loved so much. Again, the stranger smiled at me. I gave her a slight wave of my hand letting her know I responded back. Who was this stranger? I moved closer to introduce myself. What the heck was I doing? I’m not like this. What is pulling me toward this woman?

I was at the grocery store and here I am now standing next to this woman. I can smell the perfume on her, she smiled again and reached out her hand. My name is Adrianna, yours would be? I kind of stumbled, Ah, Ah, my name is Henri. She told me that is a funny name. I giggled for a second, it was the only name I was giving and it wasn’t funny to me. I am from French decent. It is a lovely name Henri, she smiled again. She had the whitest teeth and blue eyes to die for. We talked for a few minutes when I decided to give her my number and asked if she would like to meet somewhere. I know Henri, this is a funny place to meet. She asked if I was interested in going to the local coffee shop on the corner of Bridge and Main Street. I would love to meet your there, like 7 pm on Friday night? Ok, she replied, and she gave my hand a squeeze acknowledging this information. I caught myself watching her as she walked back down the isle. Wow there was some sparks going on here and I was about to slap myself.

We met at the coffee shop down on the corner and she was wearing that same perfume. Oh man this is an attractant for me. She smiled again and moved her head forward as to let me kiss her. I leaned forward and gave her a big romantic kiss right there in front of the store owner. She looked at me with surprise when I pulled back. She replied Henri? What is the rush here? I was only leaning down to fix my stocking. Oh the fool I am, making a complete arse out of myself. That is ok Henri, there is plenty more where that came from. My cheeks had to turn bright red when this comment was made. I asked if she like to dance. Well of course, she replied. What person in this world doesn’t like to dance? Ah, Me for one I’m thinking to myself. Lets meet at the Café del Rosa in Remmington.

We met at the dance hall and she was wearing a tight skirt which revealed an amazing body. I couldn’t help noticing that she was also well endowed in the upper region and I kept catching myself staring at her. Oh man, I’m going to get busted for looking. Ok, the perfect gentleman I am, stop it!

The night was awesome and she sure could dance with grace. She had moves on the floor that I couldn’t even think of doing. I would try to keep up but my dancing experience was very weak. We made the last call and last dance of the night. The last song was making me tear up because this was a waltz from when my wife and I got married. I was holding this lady who I just met like it was my wife. It seemed like my wife had been recreated. How could this happen? I told myself there was no one else in this world that I could love more than my wife and I was resigned to the fact I would be a single person the rest of my life. Somehow everything had changed at this moment. Oh the scent of this woman.

We kept meeting for a year, before we knew it life for me had changed drastically. I realized now that love can repeat itself if you give it a chance. Henri? can you please go pick up the kids? Where is my breakfast? I’m getting it honey. How come you throw your darn clothes on the floor everyday? I’m getting sick of your snoring all the time. Ah- Love as you know it!


©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

There Upon My Window

263e77fe76bcae6e_Blonde_Hair_Color_AShe was on my doorstep, the most beautiful girl in the world. I peaked through the window and there she was. The talk last night must of meant something and I was about to get down on one knee and ask her to marry me.

We had taken a hike to the local rock quarry and we chatted about during the hike. I could see her blonde hair blowing in the wind. She was a goddess in a sense to me any way’s. At the very top was a rock shelf formation that you could lay down and soak up the sun. We had brought a blanket and some wine and cheese. Such a great day to spend with this beautiful lady. The talk went on for awhile, until I moved my head forward, approaching, to give her a gentle kiss on the lips. She followed me in and we kissed for it seemed like hours. We held hands on the way back down the hill, I was falling in love with this girl.

I’m at home now and lying in my bed, thinking about her. What is going to be my next adventure with this lovely lady. It is winter now, and I have two snowmobile’s, actually my father has two snowmobile’s. We venture off into the mountains and fields. I can see her blonde hair waving in the wind from the back of her helmet. The blonde hair is drawing me closer to this wonderful girl. She passes me on the snow machine and smiles, oh that smile, to die for. She waves and moves ahead of me. I decided it was time to approach her and tell her it was time to stop and have a snack. We pulled off the trail, she is now sitting on the back of my sled with me. She looks into my eyes with those beautiful blue eyes, moves her head forward for a kiss. I make sure that I am lined up for this magical kiss. Magical in a sense, because it just seems to appear out of nowhere. I embraced her and we again kissed for it seems like hours.

I can hear the pounding on the door, I look out through the glass pane,  no one is there. No one was ever there.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014