Time For Healing

imagesY5I1B5QS  She caught my eye when I was a young man, grade school if I remember. There was that twinkle in her eye that totally won me over. It was during the junior high years that I finally got up enough nerve to ask her for a date. The words from her mouth, well it is about time you asked me. Had she known I had a secret crush on her?. Maybe it was esp, or some telepathic thing that connected us. Life for us was just beginning, I knew from this moment that the two of us belonged together forever.

The high school years were no different, many nights out at the movies, going to sporting events, life was good. She still had that twinkle that I had noticed as a young man. One night after going to a movie and on the drive home she snuggled up real close to me. We approached the driveway to  her parents house and I turned off the car like I had a millions times. Usually it was, hey see you tomorrow, and I would reply, all right see you. This time she snuggled up close to me and looked into my eyes. The twinkle had brightened, we stared at each other for a moment, then she put her  arms around me and pursed her lips. This was a moment I wasn’t prepared for. I hadn’t even kissed my dog before and here before my eyes was the most beautiful girl in the world ready for a kiss. I moved forward and kissed her, and kissed her, I think we did until daylight, it was magical.

Life had moved on and we graduated high school. I was drafted and spent a year in active duty. When I returned life for us was going to take a drastic turn. She had told me she had not been feeling good. The doctors confirmed that she had leukemia. My life was shattered. I had dreams of being with her the rest of my life. Now she was fighting for her life. A few months had passed and her illness was not getting any better. The twinkle in her eyes were gone. Another month had passed and her parents called me one night to tell me that she was asking for me. She was now in a home of solitude, a place to have full care until the end. I put my sneakers on real fast after the call and made a bee line to be at her side. I walked up to her bed and looked into her eyes. She told me that she wanted one more kiss. She pursed her lips and I moved toward her. We met together, I kissed her, this time I wasn’t going to let her go. We kissed for it seemed like hours. I finally pulled back slowly and when I looked for that wonderful smile, I noticed that she was gone.

©2014 Bilodeau, H.D.


Thriving In The Artic

1215719-568624-sneportraet It has come to my attention, or many other people’s attention, that a cold snap has hit us here again in the Northeast. We just cannot seem to keep our toes warm. Simple things like starting a truck or a car is even a task that becomes us. Electron’s are almost like us, when cold we don’t move too well. So again, I try out the plow truck with an impending storm ahead and it does not start. Dam, so cold and somewhat windy and now I have to do the routine of getting out the jump starter and giving it a boost. I wish it was that easy when we are out in the cold. Plugging into something to give us a charge. This cold is no good for nothing. The deer herds are taking a beating trying to snuggle up in groups to keep warm with the fear of being attacked by the coyote in the region. The birds do not seem to care to much, I have seen them gathering food all day from the feeder. I wonder why you don’t see a plume of frost coming out of their beaks when they breath. I guess we humans are full of hot air. The darn toes are still cold , I even have my LLBean slippers on. The truck is out warming, I will make an attempt again to gather up enough energy to go out and put cold air into the almost flat tire on the old plow truck. I have plunged into a hot coffee but it still hasn’t hit the toes yet. I will get warm today somehow. Maybe one of those snuggies is not a bad idea, you just wont see me in the cow looking one. Ok, out to venture into the cold again, maybe my dog will warm me up if I could only get him to come inside. He likes the cold, I know he should be inside where it is warm. Everytime he comes to the doorway he has a stick in his mouth. Sorry buddy, that stick is not coming into this house. Stay warm folks, I’m going to try later myself.

© 2014 Bilodeau, H. D.

Your Alarm My Alarm

imagesA2GVRIWXI never understood this logic. Two alarm settings on the clock for my spouse to get up early. The first one set and the other 45 minutes away. The only problem I see here is that I do not have to work in the morning and my spouse is sleeping on the main floor on the couch.

This first alarm wakes me up and I go downstairs, start the coffee, cook up some bacon, and start French Toast all before the second alarm goes off. I make sure the spouse is fed good before she goes off to work. I still do not understand this alarm logic. Why set the alarms if you don’t plan on waking up to them. They were not certainly set for me were they?

Our lives are programmed and set and reset by electronic devices. One of these days in the future there will be no alarms so I might as well enjoy the joy of an alarm, right? Beep- Beep- Beep,  time to get up! Oh that was the coffee pot telling me it is ready. Beep- Beep- Beep, that is the neighbor driving by saying hello in the morning. Beep- Beep- Beep, Oh man that is the second alarm. I think I’m going crazy.

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau


Why The Shaking?

imagesHoover designed a vacuum cleaner that worked for like a 100 years. Nothing fancy and it kept on cleaning. I have a newer designed front loading washing machine with all the alarms and idiot lights galore, and the stupid thing will shake, rattle, and roll the whole house. I put the level on it and checked all angles and surfaces I brought out my laser and everything is perfect. That thing will get spinning up so fast that is takes the toilet paper off the roll and opens all the doors in the house.

We have a cat that was very friendly, but today it hides behind the couch in recluse from the vibrating monster. I cannot blame him, I will find myself going outside or going into the cellar to escape the noise.

You have to read the find print. Please make sure it is level and on a hard surface or it will vibrate. No crap- You didn’t state to put your glasses on so I could read the small fine print. This thing at times I swear is going to bore a hole right through to the downstairs apartment. Richard and Lisa would be really pissed, I know this for a fact.

You get what you pay for. I always thought this to be true. I paid a lot of money for this front end loader, but I think it was designed to spin up pizza dough. The only good thing about this washing machine is that you can see your clothes when your washing them. What a great feature! I’m so impressed with this that I’m going to call the Better Business Bureau and tell them someone is selling pizza machines but advertising them as frontend loaders. Maybe this was supposed to be a musical instrument or something. I hear music playing all the time.  ITTTTT ALLLLSOOO GETTTSSSS TOOOO YOUUR BODDDDDY WWHHHEEN TYYPPPINNNG.

I hope that everyone else has had a pleasant experience with their frontend loaders as I have. It really is an experience. I miss the old top loader. Those machines never changed design since 1952. When this one falls into Richard and Lisa’s apartment I will definitely get a top loader. I will never let technology force me into something as insane as this machine. Who care’s If is sings? hqdefault

©Dwayne Bilodeau 2014