The Solitude of Writing



Nothing like early morning hours and writing. The solitude I get when the house is quiet and I’m sitting here next to the fire, well pellet stove. The German Shepard is all curled up on his couch, snuggled in for a quick nap. The holiday Christmas is coming up real soon, I need to get myself motivated to go to the big city and buy some gifts for the family. I live in a small town and to find any shopping malls one has to travel thirty minutes north or south to find any half decent shops. That is alright with me, stay away from the city limits, on the county line either direction. Anyhow, I must find the strength to move forward so I can get the shopping experience completed. The rest of my worries at the moment, is that my own children are healthy for the holiday’s. There is a lot of sickness going on around these neck of the woods, Maine. I have to knock on wood, so far, cross my fingers, I have stayed healthy so far. I usually eat those words. Did I mention the solitude I’m having at the moment. One can write from the mind with ease. The mind needs an outlet, a place to discharge its thoughts, I found this in writing. Oh, where did that scratch come from on my right hand, never noticed it before. Oh yes that was from wiring the service box in the cellar the other day. A wire snuck up and got me, darn those wires hurt. Oh did I mention that Christmas is coming up real fast and that I got to get a move on? Oh well, maybe I did mention that. The weather in Maine, or Central Maine has been moderate. We have had a few snow storms but rain has been following these and melting most of it. The snowmobile riders are not happy, at least in this part of Maine. I guess the Northern part of the State is getting a good amount of snow and the Southern Part is probably bare of snow. We have been getting days of freezing rain and this has made the roads very slippery. Darn itch in my ear, nothing to scratch it with. My fingers are too big to fit into the canal, guess I will have to go upstairs and find a Q-tip. Why did I get up at 0230 hrs Local EST? No reason, other than the fact I was not tired and had a little hunger thing going on, also the coffee kick needed to be taking care of. I will take a nap later today, maybe go lay back down in a few. I did however find a great morning of writing. I will find something to take care of the rest of my day for sure. Enjoy your work day folks, I might be shopping today. Happy holiday’s

Bilodeau,D.H. 2014



Backyard Soldiers



I was awaiting the arrival of my new six-horsepower weed-whacker from Bomen’s Store when I heard the coffee pot percolation complete. Oh, the smell of a fresh brewed coffee. I was pouring the coffee when I heard a vehicle come up the driveway. Oh, great my weed-whacker is here. I finished pouring my coffee when out the back window I saw a man dressed in camouflage and carrying a M16 rifle. I jumped back when I saw him point the gun toward the house and then started shooting. The glass in my kitchen window shattered into a million pieces and shards cut through my left arm, slicing layers of skin. I rolled around and was able to crawl to the other side of the house. Army men were surrounding the house and my dog Kogen was barking like crazy, unaware of the impending array of ammo coming toward us. I knew my wife was upstairs getting herself ready for work, I hollered up to her. Martha, are you alright? No answer, I hollered again with the same results. I needed to get upstairs to check on her but also this is where I kept the gun closet and my special MK-115 Carbine/Grenade Launcher. The bullets were making a mess of the house and the noise was beyond the 85 decibels that the ear can handle. I was trying to plug my ears but stay protected somewhat too. I was at the bottom of the stairs and I hollered up again to Martha, Honey, Are you ok ? Answer Me, Martha!  She crawled to the top landing, injured from the bullets flying through the house. Blood was coming out of her mouth, probably a chest wound.  She was holding something metallic, It was my MK-115 Carbine, she pushed it down over the top edge of the stairs. The gun sliding all the way down and into my hands. I was feeling very secure right now and checked to see if there was ammo inside the weapon. There was a full gun clip and also two grenades. I looked back up the stairs to thank Martha, I could tell she was no longer with us. Oh, no my dear Martha. The bullets are still flying through the house when I got close to a window and launched a grenade out the back window. I crawled out to the front of the house and launched my second grenade. The smoke cleared and I listened for sounds, there was none. I opened the front door and standing in front of it was a soldier, he was pointing his gun at me and mine was pointing at him. We both shot and I felt something penetrate my left arm. I fell to the ground within a seconds. The soldier fell to the ground also, I looked into his eyes, he was dead. I stood outside for quite some time in shock from all that had happened. I stood motionless, needing to find an answer to why these men were at my house. I had to check on Martha, I walked to the top of the stairs and there she was. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. You cannot get rid of me that quick, she replied. I thought you were dead, no honey I will be ok, but get me out of this broken down house. We stumbled around trying to get out of the house, the two of us, arm and arm, alive.

Bilodeau,D.H. 2014




Many times that I have either received injury or just tripped on something. If for the moment when walking down a sidewalk I would have noticed the not completed brick work. I stepped on the edge and completely wiped out. I hit the floor and never saw it coming. Every have a moment like that?

If for the moment when ice skating as a young man that on the edge of the ice rink was a large pine branch hanging out over the edge. I looked up but too late. I never knew that pine taste so good with chunks of teeth in it.

If for the moment when walking into a dark barn that I would have known the hole was in the hallway, larger enough for one leg to fall through. It took me down in a hurry and I fell sideways into the wall which had nails exposed. I now have permanent red scars on my shoulder.

If for the moment when as a child that sleeping in the newly constructed tree house during a heavy rain storm that it produced a major leak. I jumped back and a nail punctured my back. I remember pulling myself off the nail. I was so embarrassed that I never told anyone. The doctor asked what that scar was in my back later in life. He told me that it hit so close to where it could have killed me.

If for the moment when I jumped into a silage silo, which only looked like five or six feet,  ended up more like twelve feet. Darn that hurt. It was a wonder that I didn’t break any bones ,but it sure hurt like hell.

If for the moment when ski racing that I would of turned just a split second quicker. I clipped a racing gate and tumbled all the way down the slope to the finish line. Well almost to the finish line. I came in contact with an iron pole. It wrapped around my back. I couldn’t do anything for two weeks after that one.

I have a lot of IF”S and I’m sure many of you folks have encountered a few. I would really like to hear some. Oh, if the rock I threw would of been a few millimeters away from my friend’s head that he wouldn’t of had stitches. I went through a lot of band aids and survived but really think about if I was only an inch away things wouldn’t have happened.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Good day.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

The Succulent Fiddleheads



The Fiddlehead is a type of fern that grows along the banks of rivers and streams. A succulent species for any dinner plate. This is a type of fern and locals around here go crazy gathering them to make a little profit. I have personally gone out and gathered them myself but noticed that my special top secret patch had been gone over, someone sniped my patch.

There is nothing like the taste of a fiddlehead and my personally best way to eat these ferns is sauté with butter and salt and pepper. Some people like to pickle them or just process them for later use. I have tried to freeze them before but they just are not the same as freshly cooked. You can also cook them with salt pork or bacon. I also like them cooked with Italian Seasons salad dressing mix. There is really a big hype about these ferns around here. They really are not hard to identify but someone would confuse them with a regular fern. fernfiddlehead1

A regular fern does have the signature curled up leaves but will have a lot of fuzz all over the stock. The fiddlehead looks pretty much the same but with a dark green, shiny stock, with no fuzz. I cannot wait to have my supplier of the fiddleheads give us a call. How much do you want this year? We usually buy them these days because I really hate gathering them today with all the ticks in the forest and fields. We usually will get about five pounds or more all processed. What I mean by processed is the fact that the fern also has a skin that has to be removed. One method I have used in the past is to take an old screen from one of your windows and put the fiddlehead on the top. Take a fairly windy day and keep moving the screen up and down letting the wind take away the skin. Also to use a garden hose and wash them through the screen. Continue this process a few times and the fiddleheads will be nice and clean. These people are inline for their fiddleheads, I saw them down the street. gather

I cannot wait to get our fiddleheads, the call should be coming soon.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Darn Allergies



The inventor of allergies is not my friend. He comes knocking at my door anytime of the day or night and usually any season for me. I never was troubled with allergies until older in life. My eyes would be all scratchy and my sinuses felt like they wanted to explode. It is a weird feeling and hard to explain but when I’m having trouble my whole body has a burning feeling and my head feels as though I’m in a cloud sort of speaking.

I went to the allergy doctor years ago. I finally had enough of this misery and wanted to get somewhat better. The doctor told me he was going to inject all different stuff in three rows on my arm. This test would tell if I was allergic. I waited like fifteen minutes or so when a nurse came in and measured the red marks on my arm. I will never forget her words. Oh My God! Every test we injected you with has tested positive for your being allergic. No wonder I was feeling like crap all the time. Ragweed, Mushroom spores, white pine, dogs, cats, and I could on and on.

I had to be taught how to inject the antigen into my body. I was injecting three shots once a week and did this for two years. I did get a lot better and was feeling much better over time. I just got sick of always driving to the doctors to get a new bottle of antigen, they never seemed to run out at the same time. Each bottle I had was a mix of different stuff so it was important to always make sure I had the stuff.

I know today that my problem is an over reactive immune system. Basically it is on turbo speed so any slight things that bothered me before are kicked into overdrive. I have tried taking about every over the counter stuff. This is my method today. First I always make sure I have antihistamine available. I will only take stuff with 10 mg of antihistamine. The reason for this is I can still function and I’m not floored by the medicine. I make sure that I always have Benadryl for when I am totally messed up but will never take this when I’m working because it will make me really sleepy. I do get to the point sometimes when my throat starts to close up and I feel like I’m getting a asthma attack with non stop coughing. The Benadryl will combat this problem for me.

The only problem I feel today and I wonder if allergies have anything to do with it, is my joints ache from time to time. Still to this day I believe it is all the antigens I injected to help me with my allergies. Who knows what was injected or what was mixed to help with my problem. I was told that food has a lot to do with it. I am not one of these health nuts and trying to stop eating and eat like a rabbit is not for me. I know a lot of people are gluten free and it helps them with some of the health issues and they feel better. I just don’t want to be a walking medical test dummy. I am already a test dummy, been that for many years.

To all other people who suffer from allergies, I am with you and know what your going through.  I do carry an epi- pen with me because I’m really  allergic to yellow jackets and swell up like you wont believe. I have never lost my breathing when being stung. The doctor told me every sting is different and you never know what one will cause your throat and tongue to swell. Good Point! Also if I ever have a reaction so bad from my other allergies I have the epi-pen with me. Good day to everyone- I’m hoping this spring and summer is not going to get me too bad. The buds are starting to come out here in Maine and usually when the pine tree’s start putting out pollen, it really messes me up.  The future only knows but I’m hoping for a better year.




Ice-Cream Man



Where did that ice-cream truck go? I can hear the music playing coming down the street. The kids in the neighborhood and I are now running toward the ice-cream truck. Ding Ding a Ling, here it comes. The lights are flashing and my mouth is already watering. I cannot keep up with the big kids running and they are kicking up dust in my face. I have on my mind an ice-cream sandwich. You know the one with two chocolate cookies, rectangular in shape with ice-cream in the middle. I love it when the ice-cream gets real soft and starts to dribble down the edges. I’m coming boys and girls and don’t buy all the ice-cream sandwiches. I finally arrived at the window and the man in the truck looks at me and states. Hey squirt, what will it be for ya? Being  a wise ass young man I replied a poop sandwich. Oh, the look on that guys face when an eight year old boy is being a wise ass. Well he deserved it for calling me a squirt, right?

I will never forget this. Words do hurt people, look at me now I’m writing today about this man that called me a squirt and I’m in my fifties. Words do have an impact on your imagination for life. Remember, sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never hurt you. Well, I totally disagree with this statement. Children are being affected everyday by hurtful words. Kids are being bullied in grade schools and this can be real hurtful to a young lad who will never forget. Schools today are taking steps in the right direction about bullying and rightfully so. I just wish that the ice-cream man never made that comment about me being a squirt, I made a comment back to him that today I wish I never said. One thing to remember and I try to stick to this in my life today. Two wrongs do not make a right. If we all make sure to keep our mouths shut, or keep a tight lip, then maybe children will not be resentful later in life.

I’m standing at the window when this man at the window nods his head. How are you doing young man? I replied, great!  Do you have any ice-cream sandwiches? Well yes I do,  this is going to be the best sandwich you will ever have,  he smiled at me. I will never forget that wonderful man.

Here is the song. It will bring back your childhood.


My Great Uncle Emile

300113_2259254915879_1230782095_nNot many people can boast of an honest to goodness hermit in their family but I’ve had one. My great uncle Emile (which we pronounced “e-mill”) Duguay was my maternal grand-fathers brother and born in the late 1800’s. As typical of the day, many French-Canadian catholic families in Maine were very large. My grandfather Valmore Duguay was one of the younger children within his family when their mother died. When Valmore’s father re-married, the new wife arrived home after the wedding and pointed out to the older children “you – you – you and you….Out!” My grandfather Valmore was then young enough to be able to stay home while his older brother Emile was one of the older ones sent out to fend for themselves. As a teen-ager he made his way doing small jobs and ultimately carving out an existence as a lumberjack.

As years went by he remained unmarried and lived this simple life as a man of the woods.

When my own grand-father became more successful as an adult and owned many acres of rural land in Fayette Maine he wanted to help his older brother out and let him live on this land. Emile had a very small shack no larger than the average person’s tool shed in their back yard. My own memories of this tar-paper shack was that it included a small bed a pot-bellied stove a small table and a few hooks around the room to hold his meager wardrobe.377048_311818555503095_351077047_n

Surprisingly, Emile was a very talented folk artist. He would carve out these wooden doll figures with movable parts. I remember him demonstrating one once where you just turn a crank at its side and it was able to walk. There is a story however that he had life-sized carvings as well situated out by the dirt road that ran past his shack. As the story goes, two young ladies were driving down this dark lonely road at night and became lost. When their headlights came upon these life size figures they became so afraid they drove off the road. As a result, the local town authorities made him remove these figures. I sure wish I could come across ones of these figures today. It would be a real treasure to me.

My father took on the responsibility to checking in on Uncle Emile occasionally. Emile had little visitors out there in the woods so was always eager to show off any accomplishments no matter how small. On one visit, my father brought along myself and my younger twin brothers who where perhaps around four at the time. He was quick to share that he had spent many hours cleaning out his well and lifted the top lid of the well to show my father. My young brothers who where eating apples from one of his many apple trees peered in and quickly threw in their half eaten apple cores. Poor Uncle Emile had little patient with the antics of little boys and threw a fit. My father being the diplomat was able to calm him down quickly enough.386086_311818855503065_1628561557_n

Uncle Emile spent the rest of his days living as a hermit in this little shack. His life was one of simple pleasures but in some ways it’s a life to be envied. He didn’t have the trappings of possessions but never cared to dream outside of what his world was providing for him. It sounds in some ways to have been a sad life but I wonder if his life wasn’t richer than any of us can boast. What I personally remember walking into his abode was on the left when you first walk in there was shelves with many cans of tobacco, Price Albert in a can. I remember they were all red. The remains of this shack are still there, but was modified through the years. It now has two stories but still a shack. Emile was around 83 when he died. I also remember my uncle bringing food to him on occasions.377088_310209495664001_1598166910_n

This story was written by my older brother Steve Guy Bilodeau.


Old Commercial Ringers

untitledFunny snippets of commercials I remember and embedded into our minds forever. 1.Tony Tiger- There Great! Hey Tony Hey Tony. Interesting fact the same guy who did Tony the Tiger also did the voice of the Grinch. He’s a mean one Mr Grinch. 2. Rice a Roni a San Francisco Treat- Remember the street cars and people hanging out of the cab? 3. How about conjuction, junction what’s your function? Mixing up words and Phrases and clauses. 4. Snap-Crackle-Pop- The cereal treat. Remember the three little guys? 5. Mikey Mikey, Give it to Mikey he will eat anything. Interesting fact that Mikey didn’t stop eating and now is 639 lbs. No just kidding. 6. I’ve falling and I cant get up. The Medical Alert commercial. The old lady calling for help. Interesting fact, She fell and never got up one day. 7. Kit Kat- Give me some of that Kit Kat Bar. 8. Ricola- The guy blowing that horn- Cough drop commercial. 9. Please Don’t Squeeze The Charmin- Mr Whipple. 10. Oscar Mayer- My bologna has a first name and it’s.

If you think at how easy it was to impregnate these ringers in our minds forever, just think about how if a child hears a parent swearing all the time. A child will pick up on this in a second and it will be the language they will never forget. We as children are like a sponge , adults need to be aware of what language comes out of our mouths. My spouse and I was at a restaurant the other day and three young men were swearing like crazy. I look over to the next table and there is a five year old girl sitting with her grandparents. No wonder these children grow up to have dirty language. It is all around them. They become what they think is the norm around them.

If you can think of some good old TV ringers leave a message below. I would love to hear them. Maybe it will jog my memory which needs a good jog once and awhile.  Enjoy the day folks.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Winter Summerland

HQ-Winter-Fun-Images_3096035There is no time left of summer. The winter has overflowed into spring here and now is on its path to take over summer. The Maine winter has been horrible or great to whoever you talk to. The skiers and snowmobilers are so excited that skiing will be in place July 4th this summer. The lodge at Sugarloaf is hosting an Olympic  Championship ski race July 21st this year.  Snowmobile shops have their doors open and sleds all the way from Lewiston to Carthage are selling out fast. The kids are excited this summer because it is the first time ever that they can ice fish with their dads in August instead of going to double practices for football in the blazing sun. The cheerleaders are excited this summer too, they don’t have to wear those mini skirts when doing summersaults for the August 29th championships in Sanford Maine. This summer they will be wearing snowmobile suits with helmet’s and driving snowmobile’s to practice. The schools around here have closed most of their doors and they refuse to pay for heat this summer. The Area Youth Sports Group here cannot afford the cost of heating the building’s this summer. I have seen a lot of changes around here. Usually this time of year we are swatting blackflies and mosquito’s but this year we are dwelling on the fact that winter will go into winter and we will not get a chance to eat our own garden cucumbers. The only thing leftover from last years garden is the parsnips and carrots. I’m just not sure I will be able to pull them out of the frozen ground. I tried tying fishing line around one carrot and hooking it to my four wheeler but the line keeps snapping and hitting me in the frozen butt.

The scientist have been studying all the effects from the earth shifting in place by .0002365 degree’s and are not sure if we are going to end up like Noah’s Ark in the future.  I hear that Sunny Florida is now the coldest place on earth at the moment. It is very strange that Mt. Washington is the tropics now , Canadians are shinning up their speedo’s in preparation to let it all hang out.

Firestone Tire company had to order one-hundred more sets of winter tires. The people just in my region alone have worn out their treads, most are now putting studs on their tires too. I went for a walk the other day and kept finding all these metal pellets. For the sake of god I couldn’t figure out what these metal pellets were. I finally figured it out, the studs from tires. I’m going to complain to the local authorities of this town and give them a mouthful for what it is worth.

The kids around here or especially the boys have all but giving up on their Tonka Trucks and Hot-Wheels. With no chance to hang outside and play, they have giving up on the most recognized toys of American. GI Joe is still a big seller around here and Barbi has lost her appeal. You know Barbi is Fifty Years Old with a pot gut? Time has not been on her side.

Winter year round is going to drive most of us people around here to drink. I know this for a fact because I saw two old church ladies drinking a PBR at the local Convent. One of them opened the door outside and asked the other one if she wanted a cold one. Maybe they were not drinking and they were just letting fluffy the cat in. I don’t know and really don’t care.

The local plow companies around here are out of sand again for the hundreth time this year. Oh, Smitty? Can you drive down to the Wayne desert and dig up some more of that historic sand? The town roads are in horrible shape and the studs on the tires have been digging up the roads. Winter cannot go on like this! There has to be a break. I have an idea. If everyone on the East Coast goes over to the West Coast that maybe the earth will flop back into position. Come on engineer’s! You can dock a space ship going 26,000 miles a minute cant you? We American’s are smart folks and sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns. You don’t need a doctorate degree to figure stuff out around here, just a little common smarts.

Stay warm folks, I have but all used up my allotted wood for the season. I thought I would be clam digging by now.©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Flash Of A Miracle

article-2572269-1BAFBB8C00000578-793_634x506Miracles do happen. I was working in a pizza joint one night and this old man came up to the counter. I will have a pepperoni pizza young man, he replied. That will be $6.95 sir and it will take about fifteen minutes sir. You might want to take a seat and we will call you when it is done. The man went and sat down. I looked over and he was sitting next to the window and kept looking out the window like he was waiting for someone to arrive. The pizza was almost complete and the man stands up and walks to the door. He opens the door and is holding it like someone is there but no one is there. He then closes the door and is talking to himself. The chair on the opposite side of the table moves all by itself then moves back in toward the table. I look out and the old man is talking and directing his conversation across the table.

The pizza is complete and I’m still in amazement for what I had just witnessed. I cannot tell any of my co-workers because they will think I have gone completely bonkers. I approach the table. Sir, here is the pizza you just ordered. He looks straight ahead and says, honey this pizza smells fabulous. Now I’m not going crazy here, I look to the other side of the table and a drinking glass raises up then is placed gently back down on the table. Wholly smokes my knee’s are shaking at this point. I look at the old man and I say to him. Sir, did you just see that? See what young man? Did you just see that glass raise up then back down? I saw nothing what you are talking about young man . He looks to me and replies, Young man do you know miracles do happen if you believe? I didn’t know how to answer that question.

I walked away in awe of what this old man had just stated to me. Was it true that if you imagine something real hard that miracles can happen. I went home from work that night wanting to tell my wife what I saw today but realized that she would think I had become totally insane. Had this old man in his wanting so bad, reincarnated his beloved wife? How could this be I wondered. The lesson from this man made me understand that life is what you make of it. You can dream and pray for something hard enough and in the end miracles can be possible.

I have been dreaming real hard and researching this topic on the internet. I have never found one story of this happening. Was what I witnessed only a fragment of my imagination? Who has the answer? I cannot wait to go to work tomorrow, I have many questions. I hope this man and his wife reappear. There has to be a miracle within my life somewhere. ©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Love Again- Now go Hang Out The Clothes.

untitledShe smiled at me and I smiled back. It was the sweetest thing I had every seen. It has been three years now since I lost my wife in a horrible car accident. She had meant the world to me and had our two children. I never even to the slightest had thought about being with another person again. How could anyone replace this lady I had loved so much. Again, the stranger smiled at me. I gave her a slight wave of my hand letting her know I responded back. Who was this stranger? I moved closer to introduce myself. What the heck was I doing? I’m not like this. What is pulling me toward this woman?

I was at the grocery store and here I am now standing next to this woman. I can smell the perfume on her, she smiled again and reached out her hand. My name is Adrianna, yours would be? I kind of stumbled, Ah, Ah, my name is Henri. She told me that is a funny name. I giggled for a second, it was the only name I was giving and it wasn’t funny to me. I am from French decent. It is a lovely name Henri, she smiled again. She had the whitest teeth and blue eyes to die for. We talked for a few minutes when I decided to give her my number and asked if she would like to meet somewhere. I know Henri, this is a funny place to meet. She asked if I was interested in going to the local coffee shop on the corner of Bridge and Main Street. I would love to meet your there, like 7 pm on Friday night? Ok, she replied, and she gave my hand a squeeze acknowledging this information. I caught myself watching her as she walked back down the isle. Wow there was some sparks going on here and I was about to slap myself.

We met at the coffee shop down on the corner and she was wearing that same perfume. Oh man this is an attractant for me. She smiled again and moved her head forward as to let me kiss her. I leaned forward and gave her a big romantic kiss right there in front of the store owner. She looked at me with surprise when I pulled back. She replied Henri? What is the rush here? I was only leaning down to fix my stocking. Oh the fool I am, making a complete arse out of myself. That is ok Henri, there is plenty more where that came from. My cheeks had to turn bright red when this comment was made. I asked if she like to dance. Well of course, she replied. What person in this world doesn’t like to dance? Ah, Me for one I’m thinking to myself. Lets meet at the Café del Rosa in Remmington.

We met at the dance hall and she was wearing a tight skirt which revealed an amazing body. I couldn’t help noticing that she was also well endowed in the upper region and I kept catching myself staring at her. Oh man, I’m going to get busted for looking. Ok, the perfect gentleman I am, stop it!

The night was awesome and she sure could dance with grace. She had moves on the floor that I couldn’t even think of doing. I would try to keep up but my dancing experience was very weak. We made the last call and last dance of the night. The last song was making me tear up because this was a waltz from when my wife and I got married. I was holding this lady who I just met like it was my wife. It seemed like my wife had been recreated. How could this happen? I told myself there was no one else in this world that I could love more than my wife and I was resigned to the fact I would be a single person the rest of my life. Somehow everything had changed at this moment. Oh the scent of this woman.

We kept meeting for a year, before we knew it life for me had changed drastically. I realized now that love can repeat itself if you give it a chance. Henri? can you please go pick up the kids? Where is my breakfast? I’m getting it honey. How come you throw your darn clothes on the floor everyday? I’m getting sick of your snoring all the time. Ah- Love as you know it!


©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Within The Forest Of Fire

plane%20crash%20kansas_1382128078871_3629612_ver1_0_640_480I was awakened by the sound of a loud crash. I looked outside and couldn’t see anything because of the darkness. There was a rumble that shook the whole house and I was freaking out. I put my clothes on in a hurry and made quick time downstairs to see if the house was damaged or a wall had come down. There was nothing to witness within the house, out of the corner window I saw a glow in the woods.

It was very cold out so I grabbed my jacket and hat and some gloves. I went to the cupboard and retrieved the flashlight. When I stepped outside the door I could hear a roaring sound with loud pops every minute or so. I walked closer to the glow and I could now smell something burning. I came to an opening in the woods, before my eyes, and strewn all over the place was burning debris for as far as I could see. The tops of the tree’s were on fire and fire throughout the forest for about five-hundred feet in width.

My mind was reeling and still I could not process what could cause such devastation. I started walking around the perimeter and I saw a suitcase, a doll lying on the ground covered in soot. I now understood what this devastation was. It was a jetliner that had crashed. I got on my cell phone and called 911. Here is the call. Hello dispatcher. I am in the woods and I believe a jetliner has crashed into my backyard. Sir, don’t play games with us. We are an emergency dispatch center and it is a crime to make false accusation’s about something of this nature. I am not fooling around miss, there is flames for as far as I can see. You need to send someone out here in a hurry. There might be people lying in the woods still alive. I’m going to walk around and see if I can find any souls. Sir? You are serious about this? Yes, I’m not kidding, send the fire department out right now. Ok, Sir, I will be dispatching the fire and rescue they will be there soon.

It must of been five or ten minutes and it seemed like the whole state had responded to this scene. I ran back to my house to check on my wife and two children. They were standing in the kitchen and understandably shaken by what they were seeing within the woods. Honey, a jetliner has crashed in the woods. My wife looks at me with a worry on her face. Honey? Is there any survivor’s? I do not know that answer dear but I’m sure the fire department will let us know soon.

We waited in the house for it seemed like eight hours and this one fire chief came into the house and told us that one soul had been found and is in critical condition. The person found was a young lady of around twenty-four years of age. Her passport stated she was from Istanbul and she was coming to America to become a chef in a famous New York restaurant .  I asked what hospital they were taking her too. Sir, they will be taking her to Presbyterian Hospital by the Bay. Ok, Thanks chief I appreciate this information.

I walked back out into the woods later when daylight came and was amazed at how much debris was strewn all over the woods. I could see a section of the wing and also the wheels from the jet. There was some things still burning but most of the fires were out. The firefighters had been there all night and were exhausted. The count of souls they found were to be two-hundrend and twenty-five. I started to cry and only had visions of how many families had lost their fathers, mothers, children,brother’s and sister’s. This was going to take me a long time to process and I hugged my family today. We all cried.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Hiding Behind The Curtain

microphoneWhy I put myself into these positions? One time when our daughter was young and taking gymnastics classes, I the old athlete, wanted to show our daughter a tumble.  I started my roll and then I heard a snap and the most excruciating pain overcame me. Something in my neck didn’t like the extra stress and I laid there on the floor not even able to lift my head off the floor. My wife had to pick my head up and help me to my feet. I probably should have called an ambulance. I put myself into a position that I was not prepared to do.

I was at work one day and was told to do a safety topic in front of my piers. This is right up there with singing in front of a large group, whoever  is this guy up front trying to sing. Fear will set in and really mess you up. I had downloaded information of a topic I wanted to mention and was somewhat prepared. It really makes it easier if you know what your talking about. I did however bring a prop of the topic to be talked about.  So why did I decide that last night was going to be the night of the speech? I guess it was being able to put myself out there and not to worry about what others will say. Life is very short folks and to hide from everything you really miss out . So with my little speech completed, I’m going to hunt down a Karaoke Machine and start practicing for my next up front performance.

Lessen learned through all of this is to make sure you are prepared for anything in life. Do not be shy to step out of the box. Life is too short folks.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014
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Time To Change

untitledTime to change the time and get some exercise. I decided it was time to run around the house and change all the clocks. You never know how many you have until you have to run around the house changing them all.  I proceeded downstairs and change three of them. I ran upstairs  and changed three of them. Back downstairs because I forgot one. Back upstairs because I put the wrong hour on the clock. When upstairs I remembered that the vehicle’s needed a time change. I put on the jacket and outside I go. Changed in the car, then changed in the truck. I ran back into the house feeling like I had ran the marathon. I sat down to take a breather when I forgot I usually change the batteries in the smoke detectors. I ran upstairs and changed them in the detectors, then downstairs to the main floor, then in the cellar to change another. I heard a beep on one of the detectors. The one all the way upstairs is beeping, bad battery. I forgot about another one on the main floor, beep beep, the one in the cellar is beeping. Must be a bad batch of batteries. I changed this one and I hear a beep again. I go all the way upstairs, nope. I run to the main floor then run into my wife using the microwave and hitting buttons. Phew, I’m exhausted. Good for another year!

Of Medical Attention- Please!

imagesWho is there for me? I sometimes wonder if something happened to me that a responder would be near enough to help. Living in a rural community, the rescue service tries their best, but at times they could be quite far away. I hurt myself last summer and I was trying to make a decision to call for an ambulance or drive myself. It is hard making decisions in the moment. I sliced my hand, no it was not life threatening, so I decided to drive the truck to a local doctor. Still not a good decision but I made out reasonably good. I was stitched up and off I went.

I am a first responder at my workplace. We usually have three or four  guys that I work with responding to medical calls. It all depends usually how many of us are there. Someone might be on vacation, or taking a paid sick day. I sometimes wonder if something happened to me in the mill would there be someone to help me, like I have helped others. It is hard to get people to sign up for this extra duty when they are already doing their normal positions within the facility, including myself. I work as a electrician normally, but still respond to fire, hazmat, and medical calls. I  put myself into this position because I did this for 20 years at another industrial facility. I was not going to throw away a chance to save someones life if needed. I really do enjoy doing this stuff. But who is there for me?

Are people not signing up as responders for a reason? I wonder if they are scared of what they will see. Yes, I have been witness to some horrible stuff, but I look at this as part of my job. I would want the next person to help anyone in dire need. Bystander’s are always around when we have incidents, but are usually just standing there. I know these people would help out in any situations of an emergency. But still they hold back from signing up as responders.

The fact that I’m sitting here all alone right now and thinking about what if something happened to me right now? I  think that every human should have one of those life alerts available to them. I’m not just talking a cell phone. You might not be able to speak. I am going to ask the government for a grant so that all Mainers can use this service for free. I will call this service the Healthcare  Act 2014. Calling ALL MAINERS- YOU CANT GET THERE FROM HERE if you don’t have your new government issued life alert device.

On a serious note: Really, have you ever set out a plan as to what you would do in an emergency of medical attention? It is hard to put a band aid on your finger with one hand when the other is bleeding. DARN-IT I just spilled hot coffee on my foot. Oh the pain, so what do I do now? Goo on Boo or not? The answer is somewhere in a book, or on the computer, but now the foot is starting to bubble up and the pain is serious. Now you cannot walk to call for help, your starting to feel a little dizzy. I have the answer! Hit the Life Alert Button on your new Government issued button.

I will always try my best at being a medical responder and I would hope that some day if you ever thought about doing this stuff to please reconsider it. A life is worth saving. Enjoy the day folks, I’m styling in my new Government Issued Alert Button.©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

The Square Feet Venture

2014-02-09 10.41.50I decided to feed the deer this morning. I walked out in my slippers mind you, my wife is not here today to correct me on this venture. I can hear her now, come on crazy man your walking out there in your slippers. Ok, she might be right. I filled the bucket with deer feed and proceeded to the back lawn. It is so cold here in Maine and I started to feel the cold ice moving up through my slippers. The walk out was much easier with normal feet but by the time I was finished laying down the morsels my feet started to feel a little square. I think my feet were becoming somewhat chilled to the bone. I made my way back to the house walking like a penguin. I’m glad my neighbors didn’t see this ridiculous man walking like he had something shoved up his arse. I couldn’t help myself at this point because my feet were starting to feel like a block of ice. Ok, I hear you lovely wife, you should not go out in your slippers. Yes dear! Glad she was not here today to witness the penguin carrying a bucket. The warmth of the house and the woodstove I fired up this morning was such comfort to the feet. I’m getting my feet back. The things we do to feed the wildlife. I hope that they appreciate the fact that I was in my slippers out there, just for them.

I Love New Day’s

imagesI will never forget the coworker I had a few years back. He was the guy that was always smiling, laughing, and just had a joy about him. One day I had to ask him why he was so happy all the time. He told me it was a new day. He also told me that to wake up in the morning and realizing that he was alive made him so happy. Everyday was a gift ,and it was a time to celebrate this gift. Wow, I was breathless by this response. It made me understand how precious life really is.

So I woke up this morning and smiled, It was going to be a great day to start. I lifted the covers off the bed and notice it was a little cold. Ok, maybe I turned the thermostat down, I cannot remember. I walked down the stairs and it was even colder. Darn it, I forgot to check the oil tank and the furnace said enough is enough. It is a new day right? Shove it up the kahuna for me. I am not smiling one bit. So the priority has dictated my first day off in the week off adventure. I will have to find a tank truck driving by to hitch up with a source of fuel. Good thing I have a back up plan though. Crown Royal sits and waits on the counter top. Oh, this could be the fuel I am looking for. No, not this early young man, get your priorities straight there Tonto. Ok, make a call to the local oil dealer and get some of that magic fluid that is so desperately needed.

So back to the coworker, he was right. You have to wake up every morning with a smile. Be happy that a gift has been giving to you to make it another day. This was what everyone needs in their life. Some inspiration to uplift the sprit. No, not the Crown Royal. Just a little of what my coworker had and the comment he made. Now, off to get some heat in this house. The spouse was not happy this morning. You have to keep them happy and no shower before work just isn’t going to do it. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t have a smile like I did. It was a gift, right? Enjoy the day. I know I will.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

Axes of Ages

untitledLingering winters and men and woman chipping ice in their driveways. It almost sounds like a symphony around here with all the different chippings in the neighborhood. Some people have long handle axes and some with short handle axes. They each vibrate at different frequencies and make a distinct noise. When you live in a tight neighborhood it really is like a music ensemble. Dah, Dah, Dit, Dahhhhhh. I might have to bring out the golden handle axe my father gave me when I had my first child. This is the axe of all axes. He built it himself and hollowed out the center of the handle. He put it on a balancer to make sure that the weight was distributed evenly. The magic of this handle is he put a reed inside. With the vibration of the handle it will vibrate the reed and make a sound like no other. I can see all my neighbor’s heads turn in unison when I chip ice in my driveway. They are like, what the heck is he using up on the hill? I will never tell them because I have one up on them. I’m going to pass this axe down to my children, the first born, when he is old enough to swing the handle. I have to get ready for some work in the driveway so have a great day everyone , I will. Dah- Dah- Dit Dit Dit, Dit/ Dit, Dit, Dit ,Dah Dah.

Game Day Preparation

imagesThe smell of something good cooking. My spouse and I like to eat something good during the Superbowl. She is cooking up a chili we call Meal-In-One. Lots of beans, kielbasa, sauces, and spices.  Excited to watch the football game here in the USA.

This is a tradition here in the states, lots of good food and usually some company. This year we do not have any company but will sit down and watch the game, just the two of us. The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Bronco’s. Who is going to win? I am a New England Patriots fan but would like to see the Seahawks beat out Manning today of the Bronco’s. It is not very often that I have a day off during the Superbowl but I’m going to enjoy every minute of it tonight. Game time 1830 hours EST. Not sure if I’m going to have any beer but I might have to sip a crown royal just to say I did.

Oh, the smell of the meal-in-one brewing in the crock pot, smells so good. You will have to try this sometime to understand how delicious it really is. Here is the recipe for it.

  1. Saute 2 onions +1 Green Pepper and 1lb of Hamburg
  2. put in crock pot
  3. add 3 cans of beans-1 regular beans, 1 kidney beans, 1 white kidney
  4. add 1 cup ketchup
  5. 1/4 cup Brown Sugar-1/4 cup Vinegar,1 teaspoon worchestershire sauce,
  6. 1-28oz can tomatoes
  7. 1/2 tsp basil,1/2 tsp,oregano,1/2 garlic powder
  8. 1 small can of tomato sauce
  9. 1lb sliced Kielbasa 1/4 inch slices
  10. Cook 4-5 hours on low heat or 6-8 hours on real low.

Enjoy!- you will be the hit of any party. Hoorah go Seahawks.

An Easier Path- When?

untitledIt is amazing how in a snap, things can go wrong. It is a whirlwind effect that just doesn’t seem to end. There has to be some bad vibes, or moon phase that is happening right now. When is this two steps forward and one back  thing going to start. The wife and I are in our later working years and it’s the two back effect that just never seems to end. We both work but whenever we get a little ahead something comes up and we are knocked back down again.

I really am a happy person, but things just take me down and are out of my control. I’m sure things will get better. We just want to move ahead in our later years to a much easier and have less stress in our life. I’m sure it is right around the corner but the mechanical failures are starting to cripple me. I’m going to wake up tomorrow with a better outlook and move forward carefully. Come on dog, lets go toss a stick. I know, you like it, I will be right there in a minute, after I get done this blah- blah- blah. The older the house gets the more problems that come up. New windows last year and looking like a new septic system is next. The electrical stuff I can work on myself. Still when you own a home it just never ends. Now my wife’s auto starter is not working. You see one thing after another. I hope winter ends because I have a list of stuff to do.

Going to fix myself a nice lemon and water and chill out next to the television. Woof! Oh crap I forgot about the dog. Lets go Harold, sorry about that. Woof Woof, snuggle.