Fear! The Rock



The boys and I were skiing like Jean Claude Killy, maneuvering the knolls of Spruce Mt Ski Slope. We all had conglomerated at the top of the slope. One of the boys took charge at the moment. Ok I’m going first, everyone follow me, ok? We are going to hit the “Rock”. Being only a ten year old at the time the Rock seemed like a very scary thing to do. I can remember the bigger kids hitting the Rock and flying the distance of Lucien’s Field. Some boys tried to do tricks in the air but the skis back in those days had the cable that went around the backside of the ski boot and snap down binding on the front above your toe. The problem was the attachment point on the back of your heel. Sometimes the spring would wear out and the boot was not secure enough on the ski. When a lad would jump the spring would let go and you would either eat snow or have a yard sale. The Yard Sale, is when you lose everything on you. You lose skis, boots, hat, goggles, poles and your dignity. You might as well sell everything.

Here we go, Ron starting at the front of the pack of boys. Yahoo is heard from all the skiers, I’m still thinking I am Jean Claude Killy, or Billy the Kid. We get down into a tuck, lowering our resistance. More speed! someone hollers out. We are cruising now and the Rock is getting close. Fooosh! One skier makes it across the top of the “Rock”. The other boys ahead of me are mid air when Warren, The manager of the hill hollers out my name. Hey You! Pointing a finger at me, I’m watching him as I was in mid air. Being the wise arse I was back in the day, I try to do a Daffy Duck. My ski pops off and I said my first swear word ever. Oh CRAP! I really think I shit my pants at this moment. The ground I hit was frozen ice, my body just kept tumbling down to the Flats of the Orchard Trail. I lie there, still for a moment, lungs only partially functioning. Standing above me holler my name was Warren. I thought I was seeing a beautiful Movie Star, Marilyn Monroe above me, kissing life back to me. Things were not so foggy now, I coughed, standing upright above me was Warren. “You are coming down to the Barn right now,” he stated sternly. “In an emergency sled,” like it was a threat of some kind. I was wrapped up real cozy in a felt blanket, donated from the local paper mill. Warren put his finger in my face and told me sternly. “YOU ARE BANNED FOR THE SEASON,”. I was so devastated, my friends were all going to be able to ski, I was to be stuck watching,” I LOVE LUCY,” or “GILLIGANS ISLAND,” all day.

The “Rock” was destroyed or pushed into the bushes after these adventures. Just remember that taking chances do have consequences. Sometimes an exciting result can happen if things go your way. Warren was a real person and the kids and I skied the small mountain day and night during the winter month. I’m sure most children of these local communities have stories just like I depicted in this story. Memories are etched forever. Here is a link to the slope that still does exist. Rope tows.   D.H.Bilodeau 2016

Rock And A Hard Place



Combing through the web this morning and I came across the saying “Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place”.  Ok what does it mean? I guess your decision’s of one way or another, you cannot make a decision based on barriers. An example from these pictures illustrates some.



mouse traps

So one can see from these pictures there is a choice to make and sometimes it is not an easy one. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’m sure all of us have been at this crossroad. Sometimes there never seems to be a choice, but there always is in the end. Good Day Folks



What am I doing?

moonWhat am I doing? Wind blowing in my face and the smell of tree’s. Vibrations on my feet and a roar from the rear of the machine. Blinkers never shutting off after putting them on. Balance, keep your balance, watch out for other drivers. Bugs hitting the body and face, keep your mouth closed! Protect the head, falls are mean. Five dollars to fill the machine, wow that is great.  I can go around corners with a heavy lean of the machine. Some call it therapy. Keep it on the pavement, watch out for young ones, never assume. Watch out for the critters and kids playing in the street.

Hope you know what this is. I need a day off to do some of this. Summer is getting shorter everyday now. Enjoy the day.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Graham Central Station-Phoenix AZ- 1980




I was living in Phoenix, Arizona in 1980 and going to a tech school for electronics and was 19 years old. My twin brother had called me. He asked me about moving down there from Lake Tahoe, Nevada. I enrolled into a tech school and it was the same school he was going to at the time. Being a wild a crazy kid and looking for adventure and girls, we found a bar to release some wildnest in us. We talked with some other students about the hotspot’s in the city. If your gay then go down 7th Ave, if not, there is a bar called Grand Central Station that is enormous. My brother and I decided that enormous would enhance our choices of maybe finding a girl for the night, maybe two if we were lucky. I will give you my vision the first night I went to this bar. Remind you that this bar was the second largest bar at the time in the States, second to Micky Gilly’s bar in Texas I believe. It was a mall at one time converted into a bar. We proceeded through the front doors and I was amazed. On both sides were store shops. One selling cowboy hats, another selling boots, a barber shop for men, beauty salon for the ladies. We walked further and to my right I saw a sign for the bathroom. I walked inside and what I saw there was astonishing. There was a girl shinning cowboy boots. She was an attractive looking business woman. I bet she did quite well doing this job. We walked further into the establishment and came upon the first section of this bar. This room is where live bands played country music. I was born in Maine and country music wasn’t into our vocabulary. If you walked past this room and go through another doorway it opened up into a great room. Wholly Smokes! This room was so large that it had twenty female bartenders. The bar was shaped like a horseshoe and went around a hardwood floor. There was people and woman from wall to wall.

This bar, Grand Central Station had become our bar of choice. I can tell you from experience that this was where most of the college kids were hanging during the time. I don’t know how I even survived school back then. Monday’s were for roller skating at the bar. It was really weird because people would skate in a circle and others would dance in the middle with no skates. We had so much fun at this bar and I met a lot of woman that I couldn’t tell you their name’s today. It was the times, fun in the sun. Tuesday’s were a good time too. If you had a college id card you would get in free. You could drink keg beer free from six to nine at night. The boys and I would also find the dentist chair in the corner where they mix drinks in your mouth with your head cocked back. Two dollars and fifty cent’s and I would do this twice. You know I really forget about school on those

There was another bar that we would hit on Wednesday’s. Mr Lucky’s- This establishment was wild too. It had three floor’s and each floor had live bands. Country on one floor, the next was rock and roll, and the other at the time was punk rock. Phew, that place was Crazzzzzzzy!

Thursday’s were another adventure because we would go to the PHONE COMPANY. This establishment had telephone’s at each table with a numbered sign at each table. If you saw someone you were attractive too you would make a phone call. It was great that I got a call once from Madonna, not the singer but a Mexican beauty. You know the Latino woman were very attractive. This place was really a hoot and another journey into the week of fun.

Friday was a day of study, usually a friend would come over and we would sit by the swimming pool and study and drink Blatz beer all afternoon. Saturday was a day for recreation and a trip to the Salt River was what it was all about. You would rent an inner tube at a local gas station and then go to a rental place to get a ride to the top of the river. Millions of people would float down the Salt/Verde river and we would drink beer all the way down. Man, that was a great time. Fun in the bar

Sunday was usually a day of rest and healing the body. I really loved the time spent in Arizona and was saddened by the departure from that State. I really had become accustomed to the climate and people. I think some day I’m going to retire out there, Hopefully my wife will love to join me. I can see the two of us wearing cowboy boots and hats. We will have leather skin and a drink in our hands selling turquoise  jewelry in some flea market. Life has been a journey but a great journey with a lot of flips and flops but in the later years I’m hoping for a continuation of love of the land and country . Have a great day everyone. I’m going off dreaming somewhere.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


Just Another Memory

A kid


I have thought  often about times as a young child. I’m glad the memories are still tucked away in the older brain of mine. I can remember in the summer the kids and I would take pine branches and construct a tee-pee in the woods. We would spend all day gathering twigs and bowels for the walls. I can still picture the neighborhood boys all crunched up inside the tee-pee so proud of what we had all accomplished.

The pine tree within this patch of woods was a playground for all of us youngsters. Hey Dewey? You think we can climb that one over there? Geez I don’t know Bernie that is a tall one and the limbs are a little sparse. Maybe that one over there, or maybe not. The greatest feeling is when we found a tall pine tree and we climbed to the tippy top. The person who made it all the way to the top would holler down to the other boys. I have made it, Wahoo I’m the king of the mountain! One of my friends during the Estes Rocket days constructed a rocket that had a camera affixed inside the cone. When the rocket made its descend it would snap a picture. One of the lads was in the tree and the rocket took a picture of him atop the big pine.

We were also bad at times in those woods. The kids and I being the young one’s in the neighborhood would dig fox holes and put branches across them and then spread pine needles over the top setting a trap. We would get the older kids pissed off and they would chase us into the woods. We knew exactly where the foxholes were and the big kids would trip and fall. The big kids were very angry with us. What a laugh we had just watching this . Another trick we would play is take kite string and set trip wires. Oh, we were bad little kids.

We also had some bad adventures for ourselves. We had decided that tipping over old rotten tree’s would be so much fun. Hey! Watch this one fall and crash to the ground. The tree would fall and the dust would blow all over the place and the tree would burst apart. The only problem with the old tree’s was it also homed the bee’s and boy didn’t we get our asses whipped by bee stings.

I also remember, wow, my mind is digging here real hard.  The woods was also a place of rest. Meaning this is where we would bury our dead animals. Our cats,dogs,birds, newts, and about any other animal we could think of . We made headstones with rocks we would find in the woods and make crosses out of pine branches. Oh, Fluffy I wish you was still with us.

It is very sad what time can do to memories, but I do want to say that those nice pine tree’s are now probably in someone’s house because all the tree’s were harvested. I guess nothing last forever. My mind will probably be next.  I would really like to hear some of your childhood memories, we are all still kids in our mind right?

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Ketchup Testing Results



I’ve got to tell you one of my insane cravings that I have had for years. Good ole fashion Ketchup. When I was a young man the kids in the neighborhood would sleep outdoors in sleeping bags right smack on the ground. We had no tents and would swat mosquito’s all night. This one friend of mine would invite us to sleep at his place and his mother would always make a huge breakfast for all the neighborhood kids that were brave enough to sleep outside. The one thing that drove me crazy was the fact that their whole family would put ketchup on their pancakes. Ok, crazy I thought at this very young age and I repeated in my brain the word gross many times. The fact is that these people, my friends, were addicted to ketchup. I thought to myself that never in a million years would I do something as crazy as this.

People can do strange combo’s but this one took the clincher for sure for me. I would never try ketchup on pancakes but I have enjoyed ketchup through the years. I will put ketchup on mashed potatoes, and also on my mac and cheese. I like it on eggs just as much and will sometimes catch myself putting it on a piece of bread. Ok I’m not that bad really but do enjoy the flavor.

The FDICACIA Department has now put Ketchup on the top 100 list of reducing all aging on humans. It has been proven to grow hair in the topical form. Doctors say if you have an erection for more than four hours to go see your nearest doctor. This has been proven with a clinical test performed using fifty men. Other test were done on white lab rats and conclusive results were, not to use white rats again when testing with ketchup. Another test performed was using ketchup as a new tanning application but results show that too many test subjects were getting hives, this test was terminated.

FDIMECIA which is located in Maine has determined that as long as Ketchup is used in moderated doses that it will not cause you to have no teeth.  The next test performed in Maine with Ketchup will be in February 2016. This time half will be female and the other half men. They are looking for any aphrodisiac symptoms in woman this time. The foundation has just come out with ketchup packets and will be dispensing them at your local McDonalds outlets in your community. Stay tuned! Ketchup will now be considered right up there with 5 Hour energy drinks. People are talking about these new finds and  you will hearing a lot more about the health benefits of Ketchup. The only thing they don’t want you using ketchup for is fake blood. Doctors have been fooled in the ER room and don’t want this to be confused with real blood.

Everyone! Get on the Ketchup bandwagon! I’m doing my best to let everyone know.




Give Me Some Of That Two Wheel Therapy

2014-04-04 09.45.49Therapy comes in all different types. I always wondered what two- wheeled therapy was. I have found this out all on my own. I didn’t need any therapist or doctors to diagnose my problems. Finally this year, I’ve decided to get me one of those two- wheeled bicycle’s. This one has an added bonus because it came with an engine. Smart people out there that put these engine things on these bikes. It was a cleaver idea because now you don’t even have to pedal.

Deciding upon which direction of travel I wanted to take, and what treatment was needed, I decided to head south on the bicycle. I started up the engine thing, varoom! Wow what a thrill to hear the engine thing start up. It gives me goose bumps and get the nervous system a super charge. My heart is starting to pound a little faster because of all the excitement. I sit myself down upon this seat and can feel vibrations all over my body. This is massaging my legs and my back muscles and I’m starting to feel real good and relaxed.

Turning at the end of the driveway I give it some throttle and the engine really blats out. I’m smiling now and I haven’t even left the driveway yet. Varoom!  I’m off to another place. I can feel the wind blowing in my face and the scenery is amazing through these new sunglasses I bought. I can see pretty good now and my mind is starting to relax. Moving on down the highway, something I noticed, people are out raking their lawns and with the noise from my engine people are lined up in their neighborhoods before I arrive. It felt like I was in a parade. These people are smiling at me and I’m smiling back at them. One guy in his driveway put his rake down and gave me a thumbs up and waved. What the heck is going on around here? I’m getting an overload of therapy today. I keep driving south on Route-4, toward  a place of nowhere. There really is no destination in mind, I’m just out getting my treatment.

You know, I’m starting to think real hard about this two-wheel therapy and I’m really starting to understand that I should have bought me one of these motor bikes a long time ago. I have returned back to the house and back from my hour long appointment with the two wheels and an engine. What a treatment it has been……… I’m going to make sure to schedule another appointment again real soon.  Good day everyone- Go out and find some treatment like I have, You will not be disappointed. Thanks Doctor?

Muffin’s for Me

untitledAfter a hard nights work I decided to try out the muffin’s that were made the previous night by the bakery down the street. I have driven by this particular bakery with the windows down and the scent is to die for. Every morning when I would come home it was the same old thing. Toast and two eggs, sunny side up, with a half slice of cheese on them. Yes, a delicious breakfast but the aroma from these muffin’s was impregnating my mind. This has to be one of the senses we have no control over. The smell of something that will be etched in your mind forever. I have often thought that once a certain scent has touch the brain it remains forever. The muffin’s are one such item that I will never forget.

There have been times of scent essence that I would not want etched in. For instance around these parts there is a large egg farmer. Every so often a caravan of poop trucks drive down the highway. Not only that this gets etched into your brain, but also your skin, and clothing. One day I was going to an interview for a prospective job. I was in a hurry because I didn’t want to be late. I look up ahead and there they are, the caravan of poop trucks. You could almost see the smell from behind their trucks. So I get to the interview now smelling like chicken poop.

Another instance was when the wife, children, and I were on a summer vacation. We were driving around the beach town looking for some place to eat when we approached a traffic light. The most un-godly smell you have ever smelled was at the intersection. It had to be 90 degree’s out that day and we later learned a fish truck had over turned and its contents along with it.

We can use our sense of smell to our advantage too. You can smell a nice cologne on a person which in some cases be an attractant. It will either drive you crazy or drive you away, one way or another.

I’m going to stick with the smell of muffins today and all other scents will have to wait. Good Day folks- I’m smelling coffee right now.


Dora Dora

2014-02-11 12.59.05A quick trip to pick up the granddaughter this morning. Oh, Just love to see her face when we drive up to her mothers car to get her. My wife and I were up early and traveled to get her. We arrived back at the house and went out to feed the deer. Darn Bluejay’s are stealing the deer feed. Funny, our granddaughter told me the deer feed smells good. Everyone likes the deer feed. I saw Turkey’s nibbling on the feed too. The squirrels seem to like it as well. We made the trip back from the apple tree where we spread some of the deer feed. It was a cold trip this morning but we will get to see deer soon. We are back into the house and stoaked the woodstove so we can have a nice warm house. The granddaughter has set the priorities right off. It will be Dora-Dora-Dora. She just loves watching this show. I cannot understand a single word they are saying because it is all in Spanish. Ok, where are the deer, this will distract her from watching Dora. Come on big critters anytime now. So cold in NewEngland and playing outside with a 5 year old just doesn’t make for a good day when it is this cold.  It has warmed up a little and reading 15 F right now at 1030 hrs. Again I cannot wait for the deer to arrive, this has brought a lot of enjoyment watching them come in for a snack. It is funny how when I do not feed them I will see them out there watching the house. It appears they are just sitting there telling me, Ok, we made the trip and now it is time to feed us. It usually works when I see them all looking my way. I’m going to watch in two directions right now. Doro and the window. Enjoy your day wherever you are.


Al Heimer Tools

imagesI cannot seem to find that tool. No wonder companies have a toolbox of wealth. I have put tools down when working on a car and they just seem to vanish. So for all the times in my lifetime that tools have just vanished I figure I have replaced them all three or four times. Now you take that amount and multiply that with how many people are in the world and you can see why people are filling their pockets. I have come to the conclusion that they were designed with slippery handles for a reason. Take a look at this picture. A guy is working on a bridge tightening up bolts with a wrench. The moisture from the day is in the air and the handle on the wrench is smooth. This is a combination for a oh-crap moment when you watch this tool falling to the waters below. Now if that wrench had a rough surface and also a wrist strap he could have saved himself from purchasing another. You see things are designed a certain way because of failure of human sense. I have learned that the more you pay for a tool the better the quality. Here is an example, I saw a guy selling tools on the side of the road. You know, we all have seen them with an old trailer and stuff all over the place like a flea market. One day I decided to stop and see what he was selling. Hey look! A multipack of pliers. I said for only five dollars? I will take it. Now thinking I received a great deal I decided to bring one set to work. The very first time I used the plies it blew apart. Cheap metal and that is why some company liquidated them. So my advice is to make sure to buy good tools and something with rough handles.  Tools should have a GPS locater built into them. This way we humans can find our misplaced tools. That is one thing I could invent, genius idea. Enjoy your day everyone, I’m going tool shopping.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

Game Day Preparation

imagesThe smell of something good cooking. My spouse and I like to eat something good during the Superbowl. She is cooking up a chili we call Meal-In-One. Lots of beans, kielbasa, sauces, and spices.  Excited to watch the football game here in the USA.

This is a tradition here in the states, lots of good food and usually some company. This year we do not have any company but will sit down and watch the game, just the two of us. The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Bronco’s. Who is going to win? I am a New England Patriots fan but would like to see the Seahawks beat out Manning today of the Bronco’s. It is not very often that I have a day off during the Superbowl but I’m going to enjoy every minute of it tonight. Game time 1830 hours EST. Not sure if I’m going to have any beer but I might have to sip a crown royal just to say I did.

Oh, the smell of the meal-in-one brewing in the crock pot, smells so good. You will have to try this sometime to understand how delicious it really is. Here is the recipe for it.

  1. Saute 2 onions +1 Green Pepper and 1lb of Hamburg
  2. put in crock pot
  3. add 3 cans of beans-1 regular beans, 1 kidney beans, 1 white kidney
  4. add 1 cup ketchup
  5. 1/4 cup Brown Sugar-1/4 cup Vinegar,1 teaspoon worchestershire sauce,
  6. 1-28oz can tomatoes
  7. 1/2 tsp basil,1/2 tsp,oregano,1/2 garlic powder
  8. 1 small can of tomato sauce
  9. 1lb sliced Kielbasa 1/4 inch slices
  10. Cook 4-5 hours on low heat or 6-8 hours on real low.

Enjoy!- you will be the hit of any party. Hoorah go Seahawks.

Gleaming Pussy Willows and Cattails

imagesWhen we were kids we would take the Cattails and hit each other with them until it all fell apart. Another thing we would do is soak the Cattail in gasoline and use it as a torch at night. They would burn for quite a long time and put off some good light for us night dwellers. Another one I always enjoyed was Pussy Willows. The soft gray and fluffy bud on a branch. Not much to do with these but rub them on your cheeks and feel the softness. They also look very good in a vase on the fireplace mantle. untitled

The funny things we played with when young children. The kids in the neighborhood would venture into the cow pastures and woods in our region and try to find anything to pass the day. We would knock old rotten trees down just to see them crash to the ground. Sometimes we had to run like heck because a beehive was inside. We would also go to the local brook and either fish for trout or just tip over rocks to find a crawdad or a newt. We would also build teepee’s in the woods with pine bowels. So many things we would find in the great outdoors. We learned about nature in our own way and loved every minute of it.untitled

Interesting that today I hardly venture into the woods because ticks have infested our region. You cannot even go in the woods unless you check yourself after by stripping down and having someone inspect every inch of your body. Sometimes this is not a bad thing. A lot of single people have Lyme’s illness because no one could check them. untitled

I cannot wait til spring so I can go to the flower shop and get me some cattails and pussy willows. This ole boy is not going in the woods this time. Enjoy the day, I will.

©2014 Bilodeau,H.D.

Sushi For A Maineah? You Kidding Me!

untitledThe famous saying ” you cant get there from he’ah”  is a Maine saying.  I look at Sushi in kind of that same retrospect. You cannot get that here. This is not true because you can get Sushi in Maine. A true home bread Maine resident was never brought up on eating raw fish. The fish we had was a bucket of hornpout or white perch, no tiger trout. We would of never thought to wrap this up in a rice patty and eat it like that. We might put a stick through the gills and roast it on the campfire.

I never could understand why someone would want to eat raw fish when cooking it seems like a better solution. Another thing is that Wasabi stuff you dip the rice cake into. I hear that will kill any bacteria on the fish you are eating. So next time you decide to eat raw fish, make sure to use the Wasabi. It works better than Listerine for killing off the bacteria. Sorry but I’m not eating anything that looks like a pinecone stripped down from a squirrel.imagesOXCBP642

There is something to say about introducing weird suppah’s to us Mainers. We might nod and say we like it. The truth is, we would rather be eating steak and potato’s. I was born and raised on steak and potato’s, no honey I am not going to eat that rice cake stuff rolled in squid. I don’t need diarrhea for a week, the Wasabi is way to hot for me which will give me Hemi’s, and I will take a T-bone for suppah, Thank You.images

Hope Everyone in the Northeast is staying under the radar and stoaking the fire, it is darn cold here. Still nursing this cold, but saw doctor feel good. She gave me a prescription of Sushi and Wasabi. Where is she from anyways? Please give a few comments, love to hear some on the Sushi debate.

© 2014 Bilodeau H.D.


My Sea Snark Adventure’s

untitledWhen I was young, I dreamed of sailing a boat. Where we lived, when grocery shopping, you would get green stamps at the store after you checked out. There was a store with all sorts of items that you could purchase with these green stamps after collecting a certain amount.

In the book was a Sea Snark with a Budweiser Sail. The boat was made of Styrofoam and was of good size. It had a rudder that you would slide down through the middle of the boat. After saving enough green stamps I was able to get this boat. I took it home and assembled the necessary pulleys and ropes for the sail. I was so excited to try this sailboat, and made my way to the nearest lake.

I had done some reading about how to sail. If the wind was behind you all you had to do was pull the sail in a little and let the wind behind you push you. I set the sail and off I went . What a great ride I had and then it was time to tack, coming back from where I started. Argh! This is very hard because you have to go across the lake back and fourth to get back . It can be a long process tacking but your still having fun the whole way. I would take this boat to all the local lakes around the area. I can say that was some of the best times as a young man. I cannot imagine being in a large sailboat.  The Sea Snark lasted me a few years and I believe I sold it to another person. You know I cannot remember what the heck happened to it. I’m sure I sold it to someone.

I believe that a small sailboat like this for gift to any young person would be the gift they will never forget. I never had so many laughs. Sometimes I would get that boat leaning so hard that I would tip over. If you lean on the other side of the boat it would upright itself. Still a lot of fun just falling over into the water. Enough said, I wish they still had green stamps because it really was a treat.

My New Red Sled

??????????????????????????????????????The kids and I in the neighborhood are in competition on the big sledding hill behind my house. I have never get first place and I know it was because of the sled that I was using. Christmas has brought me a new shiny red sled. It has handles on the side that I can hold onto when trying to curve the sled to keep it on the trail. I know my mom has a box of wax that she uses for making peanut butter balls. I will rub this on the bottom of the sled to make it go real fast.

I look out the window from the kitchen and can see all the kids walking up the hill. I better get a move on, where is my mittens? Ok, there they are. Right where I left them last time, next to the register. My snow suit is in the closet so I retrieve that and slither myself into it. Now off to the porch to get my boots. I go into the bread draw and get two bread bags to put over my socks so my feet don’t get wet. I’m all bundled up and now I have a cramp. Oh no! I have to go number you know what. I take my boots off, take off snow mobile suit and run to the restroom. Phew! That was a very close call.

I venture out to the big hill and all my friends are there. Big Bernie, Greg, Joel, Chirbair, and Unie. Ok we are at the top of the hill and we all get into position. Big Bernie gives the command and we are off. It is quite a battle between us kids. Whoever gets to the bottom first is the winner of bragging rights for the day. It is a viscious battle to the bottom and old red sled of mine had performed quite well. I didn’t get first but was third for this day. I get a ribbon in my mind and tomorrow I will do better because of this new red sled. I think I’m going to use furniture polish on the bottom for the next race. I can now hear my mother calling, time for supper.

Rolling Down 295 out of Portland Maine

untitledA song I remember growing up. I believe Jackson Brown wrote this but it really brings back memories of my younger years. Rolling down 295 out of Portland Maine .The Song Nothing But Time. Jackson Brown. Growing up in Maine myself,and the crazy things my friends and I would do just for a good time. I remember the days when drinking and driving was what young people would do for a good night out. I look back now and think how crazy this was. It was the time, just after the Vietnam War and young dwellers didn’t have a worry in the world but cruising down 295 out of Portland, Maine. The boys and I would grab a twelve pack each and drive to a concert at the Civic Center. We would hit 295 out of Falmouth Maine and cruise right into Portland. We didn’t have GPS devices or any maps. I today will have to use my GPS on my phone to get there. So funny how times have changed. Songs from the past will come up and put me in a place I remember from childhood. The good ole days. You ever get a chance listen to this. It is a great one.

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timthumbTaking a look back in time. I would say it was 1969 or somewhere about. We had an ice coating on the snow and it was hard as a rock. My neighbors house was on a hill behind our house with a long driveway. I remember that morning to some extent. The neighbor kids and I would go to the top of the driveway and stand on the top of the snow and would skate all the way to the highway on our leather shoes. The bottoms of the shoes were smooth with no tread so a kid really could pick up some speed going down that hill. The real challenge was trying to stop when you reached the bottom. The school bus was on the way down the street to pick up us kids. I thought I could get one more trip down the hill before the bus stopped at our pick up. The school bus stopped and I could hear the brakes squeaking. I had to get going now. I started moving at quite a fast rate and was almost to the bottom, but was curving toward the driveway. I didn’t make it. I fell into the gravel driveway and landed on a rock. The rock split my knee, wide open, and blood was splattering all over the place. I yelled and the other kids were too concerned about making it to school. The bus driver was probably concerned with getting the other kids to school on time so he took off and left me there. I screamed so loud and no one was there. I crawled all the way back to my parents house, which wasn’t really that far. I screamed again and my mother heard me. She brought me into the house and when I pulled up the pant leg my mother almost passed out. I was cut right down to the knee cap and you could see the bone.  I was brought to the doctors and stitched up. I still think today of why did that bus driver leave me there bleeding and screaming. Memories, some of the stuff I did as a kid. Phew, I’m lucky to be alive.

Madonna And I Go Way Back

madonna PICThe year was around 1980-1981 and I was living in Phoenix Arizona. Downtown there was the Phoenix Coliseum which would hold concerts from time to time. They would also have free concerts at the place. A friend of mine lived across the street from the place in a small house. He would call me whenever there was a concert of interest. Hey Dewey, There is a concert in town why don’t you come down here and we can drink some beer before the show. Ok, sounded like a good time, so off to a concert I was going. untitled

We sat around all afternoon drinking beer’s and was ready to have a good night. The concert was starting in 20 minutes so we decided to walk over the Coliseum to check out the people. I was walking up to front steps and all along the chain link fence was young girls wearing short skirts and what looked like they were wearing a bra and no shirt. Hey! Hey! Hey! I tell my friend it doesn’t get any better than this. Maybe we should go and try to find out more about these girls. Very strange seeing this style of dress. I have to tell you that I am from the East Coast, New England, Maine. I was not used to seeing kids dress like this. Oh well this is city life I’m thinking.CelebrMadonnaBW

We moved ourselves into the Coliseum and see what kind of show this was going to be . Lord and behold most of the girls in here were dressed in the same fashion. What the heck is going on? I asked my friend. He replied I’m not sure maybe a Rocky Horror Picture show or something. Ha, that is funny Ralph. We decided to ask around. You never know until you ask right? We walked up to this one young girl dressed in lace and jewelry all over her and asked her a question. Who is playing in the show tonight? She Replied, Silly, It’s Madonna. Ok, right Madonna. I looked at her with a frown. I’m supposed to know who this singer is, right. It sure doesn’t look like a Crosby-Stills-Nash-and Young concert. Who was this young singer anywho? IMG_1699%20(Medium)

It turns out this singer was going to take over the music industry like no other. Madonna is still very famous today. This was a free concert that I went too, remember? So you never know who your going to run into in time, who really might turn out to be someone famous. I will tell you about my Merv Griffin story another time. Good Day Everyone and Happy Holiday’s.
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Stop Your Snooping Around

2013-10-09 07.54.29Stop your snooping around! My brother and I were the biggest snoopers. We were the master at tape un-doing. I think one person that was better than the two of us is my daughter. The sweet little girl. She would never do this. I think she would get ulcers if she didn’t know what was in those presents. I feel for her, it was how my twin brother and I felt too. Just do not get caught , you might find yourself into a mouse trap.

Don’t Take Away My Santa

untitledFor several years I have always been asked what I want for Christmas. Well, Let me tell you how I feel about this subject.

When I was a young child when it was time for Christmas it was all about being surprised with gifts. We received either an apple or an orange, pajama’s, socks, underwear, and one toy. Not really this bad but I wanted to show you that it really didn’t matter what we received because it was a surprise. Today I am asked the questions of what do I want for Christmas. Can’t this holiday be just like Thanksgiving? The fact that my children, and my granddaughter, are coming here to see us is my surprise. To me, it is all about being around them and being festive. I really do not care about receiving gifts. I have what I need and these days less is better.  I don’t need a purple monkey to kick around the bedroom.

This holiday has become an income generator for the country. Not to be a scrooge here, but doesn’t it seem that way? The commercials come on before Thanksgiving and don’t stop for a month or more. So many lives in this country are stressed to the max and their budges are deleted. We can enjoy the holiday’s but with family, my orange ,and spider man pajama’s.