Darn Allergies



The inventor of allergies is not my friend. He comes knocking at my door anytime of the day or night and usually any season for me. I never was troubled with allergies until older in life. My eyes would be all scratchy and my sinuses felt like they wanted to explode. It is a weird feeling and hard to explain but when I’m having trouble my whole body has a burning feeling and my head feels as though I’m in a cloud sort of speaking.

I went to the allergy doctor years ago. I finally had enough of this misery and wanted to get somewhat better. The doctor told me he was going to inject all different stuff in three rows on my arm. This test would tell if I was allergic. I waited like fifteen minutes or so when a nurse came in and measured the red marks on my arm. I will never forget her words. Oh My God! Every test we injected you with has tested positive for your being allergic. No wonder I was feeling like crap all the time. Ragweed, Mushroom spores, white pine, dogs, cats, and I could on and on.

I had to be taught how to inject the antigen into my body. I was injecting three shots once a week and did this for two years. I did get a lot better and was feeling much better over time. I just got sick of always driving to the doctors to get a new bottle of antigen, they never seemed to run out at the same time. Each bottle I had was a mix of different stuff so it was important to always make sure I had the stuff.

I know today that my problem is an over reactive immune system. Basically it is on turbo speed so any slight things that bothered me before are kicked into overdrive. I have tried taking about every over the counter stuff. This is my method today. First I always make sure I have antihistamine available. I will only take stuff with 10 mg of antihistamine. The reason for this is I can still function and I’m not floored by the medicine. I make sure that I always have Benadryl for when I am totally messed up but will never take this when I’m working because it will make me really sleepy. I do get to the point sometimes when my throat starts to close up and I feel like I’m getting a asthma attack with non stop coughing. The Benadryl will combat this problem for me.

The only problem I feel today and I wonder if allergies have anything to do with it, is my joints ache from time to time. Still to this day I believe it is all the antigens I injected to help me with my allergies. Who knows what was injected or what was mixed to help with my problem. I was told that food has a lot to do with it. I am not one of these health nuts and trying to stop eating and eat like a rabbit is not for me. I know a lot of people are gluten free and it helps them with some of the health issues and they feel better. I just don’t want to be a walking medical test dummy. I am already a test dummy, been that for many years.

To all other people who suffer from allergies, I am with you and know what your going through.  I do carry an epi- pen with me because I’m really  allergic to yellow jackets and swell up like you wont believe. I have never lost my breathing when being stung. The doctor told me every sting is different and you never know what one will cause your throat and tongue to swell. Good Point! Also if I ever have a reaction so bad from my other allergies I have the epi-pen with me. Good day to everyone- I’m hoping this spring and summer is not going to get me too bad. The buds are starting to come out here in Maine and usually when the pine tree’s start putting out pollen, it really messes me up.  The future only knows but I’m hoping for a better year.