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Jazimine,Portugal Clandastine Operation

man hiding


I was targeted by a group of men that I had contact with in Jazimine, Portugal. I entered a room in the back of a clandestine lab in the business district from the alley toward the back room. Walking down the alley I was getting goose bumps. I looked up at the windows above and caught a glimpse of a man. He was hiding behind the curtain and for a moment something shined or reflected a light back toward the room. I’m thinking now that was a pistol or rifle that caught some sunshine and reflected back. I knocked on the door twice and no one answered the door. I pounded on the door again and a large size man opened the door. Who are you? I’m Robert and I’m here to get a package. I was told to arrive here at noon and to pick up a package to deliver to the airport. Ok, Come inside. The large man moved aside and I could see that he was packing a weapon to his side. I was getting very nervous about making this connection with these people. I moved toward the back of the room which reminded me of a small clothing store in the States. The air had a very funny smell, almost chemical like. I, not knowing, this was a clandestine lab. The man frisked me, checking  to see if I was carrying any guns, or hiding a wire within my jacket. Someone blindsided me and hit me in my ribs. I fell to the ground and couldn’t breath for a moment. The large man told me to get up off the ground. He was face to face with me. I’m going to tell you once minster who or whom your are. Don’t ever tell anyone about this place! I had a feeling that this was not a normal store selling clothes. The man told me to take this package and go to the airport terminal. A man will approach you with a sign that reads, Arthur Manufacturing. I was instructed to give this package to this man and board the flight going to United States.

The transfer was made and I boarded the flight. I was relaxing in my seat and kept seeing a man with a dark beard turning around and looking at me. I felt like I was being stalked for some reason. The plane landed at LAX at about noon. It looked like a lovely day and I was looking forward to being on home soil. I was walking to retrieve my luggage when I saw this man again who was watching me on the plane. I grabbed my luggage and went to the men’s room. I was sitting on the toilet when the door flung open and the man was pointing a gun at me and instructed me to put my hands up. I put my hands up, totally frightened by the sudden noise and appearance of a man. You are under arrest! I’m thinking to myself, what the heck did I do?

I was escorted to the local LAPD office within the city. Sir, What the heck did I do? I still would not get any confirmation of my wrong doing. I was finger printed and I guess booked in. I was told to put on prison clothing and they shut the gate in my cell. I was totally freaking out at this point. A man in a grey suit approached me and told me that I was being charged for the traffic of crystal meth in large quantities. The charge will put me behind bars for fifty years. My whole life to this point had been without any charges, not even a speeding ticket.

I had been behind bars now for five years when I was let out with good behavior. I walked the streets of LA and had no intentions of ever setting fourth in a prison again.  I was walking down the street looking at all the motor vehicles and looking at the beauty around me when a shot rung out, I felt a sting in my right shoulder. I spun around and then another one hit me in the chest and I fell to the ground, bouncing off the pavement. Foam was coming out of my mouth and the last moments of my life was looking into an ants eyes.

The network made sure that I was eliminated so that no other organization could get information of the clandestine operations taking place internationally. I was one man, a courier from within that network.

Stay cool everyone, not every step forward will be met with such a harsh reaction. Remember, one step for mankind. Or, for every action there is and equal and opposite reaction. All things that go up eventually come down. Good Day Everyone. I’m going to enjoy it.

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Clandestine Labs Found In Maine

imagesA recent arrest in Oxford County Maine is an eye opener for some. It really doesn’t surprise me that living in such a rural area that these labs are not everywhere. The process of making the drug meth can be made with simple household products and the profits are probably very good. The process of making this drug is very dangerous, volatile, and explosive. Anytime you heat chemicals to extract something you are putting yourself and anyone nearby at an extreme risk. Eight people were arrested in the region. This was a network that the DEA had been aware of. Someone had to make them aware of this operation. Observant people noticing that something wasn’t right. I guess when you look at it products being purchased in larger quantities than normal should be a red light. Products like cold meds, camping fuel, coleman white gas, larger amounts of stuff than normal should be a red light to some.

The local paper Sunjournal Reported this article.http://www.sunjournal.com/news/oxford-hills/2014/02/07/mdea-finds-evidence-meth-labs-oxford-county/1489241

This drug can and will come to your communities. It will ruin a lot of lives. I just do not know if the State has enough resources to combat this problem. The state has been hit before. The Bangor region was hit with the drug pixie dust, monkey dust , bath salts. The police forces were hit like a freight train when this happen to the region. No one was prepared for this . People stripped down naked and doing crazy stuff. One woman they found in a culvert under a bridge. She was naked and they couldn’t even figure out how she even got there. I guess trying to get her out was a very dangerous rescue.

I’m glad that Oxford county arrested some for making meth but I worry that this State is not prepared for what is to come. Firefighters are not prepared for this. The state does have a clandestine lab team to handle some of the hazmat stuff but our local fire departments are not prepared . How could we be prepared. A call comes out for a structure fire and we respond like any other call. When we get there everything explodes. Large quantities of unknown fuels are used in the process. We would fight this fire like any other, this time we are dealing with dangerous chemicals. The local fire departments are not trained to this level. I just hope that this doesn’t become an epidemic in the region because we are not prepared. How could we be prepared for labs being setup in vehicles, trailers, or any other place? They could be setup in a camp, outhouse, or tree house for all that matters.

Firehouse.com reported this story. http://www.firehouse.com/article/10470318/clandestine-drug-labs-pose-serious-dangers-to-responders

Just something to be aware of. I do want people to be aware of your surrounding’s and to make it aware to someone if something doesn’t seem quite right. I mean like someone buying ten cans of camping fuel should be a hint that maybe something is not normal here. Now if that same person comes back two weeks later and buys ten more cans then this should be a clue. Let your authorities know that something just isn’t right.

Take care, just pondering this morning, but thought this might be an interesting story. Have a great day everyone. ©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.