Dog Is Your Friend

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Just my pal and I. Come here boy I want to give you a pat for doing such a great job on watching over us. He is looking at me with those big brown eyes, tail is wagging. You know there is nothing like a loyal pet to be by your side. Wow, I cannot believe I’m saying this, my spouse would be in tears with me saying this. We had another dog for 16 years and I really was not excited about having a dog, he passed a few years ago. I was very content not having another pet. My wife said as long as we are in this world we are going to have a dog, a cat I can live without, her words, she meant it. I finally gave in with two ladies, my wife and daughter giving me the sugar, Oh, honey please, please, and PLEASE! I finally caved in. We went to house that was advertising German Shepards. What was she thinking, this is a big dog, the other one we had was a smaller dog. We pulled into the driveway and there was a bunch of little german’s running around. I have to admit they were very cute. There was one that had mostly black and that was the one my wife decided on. It was a male dog, very regal looking even at a young age.2011-11-23 03.03.27

Ok, stop peeing and pooping on the carpet, please. I’m not liking having a dog at this point. I lost two pairs of sneakers and three pairs of LLbean slippers. I lost gloves and even my work prescription glasses. I’m not liking have a dog. The local experts, other people, told me this will pass and your dog will be much calmer and wont destroy stuff. I had to believe them, right?2011-12-26 04.16.42

Time went on and he did calm down and stopped destroying my stuff and everyone else’s stuff. He started listening to commands and I finally started seeing what people meant German Shepard’s are smart dogs. I also could tell how loyal he was to us. The protector of the house and always makes sure he is between us and the outside of anything. On guard all the time and he really gives a sense of security. He can sometimes do his job too much, scares the hell out of me sometimes. He has never attacked anyone but lets people know when they are too close to us. Doing his job right?  We still make sure that we don’t let people just start patting him without having a good hold on him. Still great having  this dog and I know that when he gets old and passes we sure will miss him. You hearing me big dog? Daddy likes you, make sure you keep a good eye on Mama. Listen to me, talking like he is our child. When your kids are grown you can talk like this, I read that somewhere. Have a great day folks and love your pets, they will take care of you.

Kogen Fall


Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


Old Man Jones



I was riddled with rock salt from the old man in Jones’s Field. The big kids in the neighborhood told me about this man who lived in a farmhouse next to the pasture not far from my house. One cold and blustery day I decided to take my moto-ski snowmobile into the pasture and with a curiosity I pointed the snow sled toward the edge of where he lived. I looked up ahead on the trail and I was coming up on the dwelling. I just about got to where the trail opened up to his lawn when I heard a pop sound and something stinging in my chest area. The old man had shot rock salt at me to get me off his property. It was a good thing I had my full face helmet , I would of taken the shot into the face without it.

I turned my sled around real fast as to get a quick escape when out of the corner of my eye I see three dogs running full tilt toward me. I was only about twelve years old at the time I am  about crapping my pan’st at this point. Pop! I hear another shot but this time he missed me. I’m thinking in my head this guy is a lunatic and I’m about ready to get eaten by a wolf pack. I looked back for a few seconds and the dogs were right at the back of the sled and I’m punching the throttle right to the pin when it happened. When I was looking back, I forgot to also look forward and I collided into a cement slab that was probably there from where an old silo sat. I went head over tea kettle and landed on the other side of the slab. The dogs stopped right in their tracks and didn’t even come at me. The dogs sensed that I was done in for and walked slowly back to the farm house.

I stood back up, checking myself, when I looked at the damage on the snowmobile. My god, dad was going to kill me, my quest to be a snowmobile racer was never going to happen. I can see my dad now, Son?  YOU WILL NEVER RIDE A SNOWMOBILE AGAIN!  I knew my dad well. He didn’t take equipment failures and stupidity very good. The skis on the sled were in a v-shaped pattern, or snowplow pattern now. I have skied before and you know with snowplow it is a method of slowing you down. I had about eight miles to get back home with this sled. I started up the snow machine ,very slowly limping back to my home. My chest was still stinging from the rock salt attack. I was so afraid to report to my dad of the encounter with the farmer that I had to make up a story.

His eyes lit up when I showed him the damage to the sled. What in the heck happened? Dad, I went around a corner when going through the woods and smacked into a tree. He didn’t need to know the right story, right? I still to this day will have nightmares about being shot at from this old man. It kind of gave me an “Wizard Of Oz feeling”, he was like a character in a movie. The wicked farmer of the East, all the pigs are singing and the horse’s are talking. I come upon his land and I’m walking up a white road, I presume is salt blocks.

Old man Jones passed away a few years back, I wonder what kind of a person could do this to a young child. I certainly was not out to cause harm to this person. I was not there to steal anything. I was only being a twelve year old kids with an inquisitive mind.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014




Quest For Time, Really?

man_writing_authorI just cannot seem to get any gump today. Maybe it is the fact that I had worked twelve hour nights and slept for only four hours. It also could be the fact that things are going through my mind faster than a camel in heat. I find that being somewhat of a writer I tend to have stuff brewing all the time. This writing stuff gives me a place to let out some of those feelings or ideas. We who tend to write do it for pleasure and hope that in the end someone else can get satisfaction from our past writings. It took me a long time to accept the idea that I was going to write stuff and leave trail, sort of speaking. When we write stories it is etched into computer world forever and someday hopefully my family will stop for a minute and read some of the stories I have put into this memory chip.

I sit here alone, my dog at my feet and wonder what else would I be doing right at this moment in time if I wasn’t a writer. It’s ok boy? You will be ok, the dog is licking my feet. He gets bored too. I think I became a reader somewhat out of boredom. I was not a racer anymore, nor was I a ballet dancer. The hobbies were far and few between and I needed an outlet. Writing has become this new outlet and I hope that by journaling my mind that people can get a chuckle from time to time or learn something of interest.  I know your hungry dog, you can wait, I’m writing.  This is the only thing that has bothered me about writing is the interruptions. I get into somewhat of a trance when I’m writing and all of a sudden a question is thrown at me. You know your mother is watching Jeopardy every night? Huh? You say something there dear? Or now the dog wants to go outside and do his duties. So writing is really not a priority only a necessity to fulfill my dire needs. Hang on dog, I will be right with you! So interrupted again, now I lost my thought.  No, I don’t want to play with shakey- shake the Frisbee. Good Dog, go lay down. What I find in this writing endeavor is that sometimes people or animals are left out, put out to pasture as to speak. I however only wanted a few minutes of my time to jot something down. I hope people will understand this quest I’m having.

Sometimes you have to go back in time to get yourself out of this gump. It is like resetting yourself. I like to take music for this.  Aztec Two Step. Some Acoustic Therapy-

Enjoy the day, I can hear the birds chirping, Come on Spring, this Thursday. Ya- hoo. Now the snow can melt anytime.  ©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

A Billion Years Ago

imagesA billion years ago I was walking down to the river to get some water. I had walked for many days through the forest. The insects had been biting me all the way and I stepped on a black snake. I think that it bit me on the foot. I found some ginger root and rubbed it on the bite location. The ancient elders had told me that ginger would draw out the poison from the serpent.

I first came to the waters edge and put my sore foot into the water to cool the pain that I’d been having since the bite. I looked out to the other side of the river and out of the corner of my eye I saw a  pack of wild dogs. One of the dogs looked at me and growled, then all of the other dogs looked up at me. The one dog from the back of the pack started swimming across the river, I could see another one downstream doing the same. I could tell that they were trying to surround me, I would become their meal. I had to advise a plan and real fast as to how I would protect myself. I looked to my right and I could see a large club lying on the ground. I picked up this weapon for defense purposes incase these dogs surrounded me. Looking out to the woods, I could see a large tree and I though that if I scurried a little fast that I might get to the tree and climb up. I turned on my bad foot and made a quick trip, hobbling as I went.

I stood in the crotch of the tree limb for a long time and the wild dogs at the bottom of the tree. They were showing their teeth,  drool was dripping from their mouths. I was going to be their meal if I stepped down from this tree. Finally after the sun went down that the dogs started to disperse. I was getting very hungry and tired. I went back to the waters edge and drank some water and cooled my foot, which was still aching. I crossed the river in search of food. I was walking for quite some time when I could smell an awful odor. I looked up ahead and could see an animal lying on the side of the path. It looked like this might have been left over from the wild dogs. The meat was still pink so I grabbed my stick and poked at it to get some chunks of meat apart. I ate for awhile and then I heard an awful screeching sound. I jumped to my feet real fast and hid behind a bush to try and get a visual of what was coming . Tromp, Tromp, Tromp, I could hear in the forest. Screeeeeeeeech! It brought chills to my spine and all the way down to my toes. I looked up, there before me was a giant bear like creature with large fangs. The paws on the animal were the size of my head and it didn’t look very friendly. I could tell that it had my scent and the only way to get rid of this creature was to start throwing some of the meat that I had gathered from beforehand. This seemed to be working, I kept throwing out pieces of meat, as far as I could throw. My arm was starting to hurt from all the tossing, what the heck is this soft thing lying across my face, why am I laying down on a soft square object, where is my club? What is that beeping sound?

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Little Balmy in Maine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmazing what a helping hand can do for you. I woke up this morning with a pile of snow that had accumulated throughout the night. A task that I really wasn’t looking forward to. We received about 12 inches of snow so far and it is still snowing. What is really getting to me is the weather man told us to add insult to injury that another storm is coming Saturday night with possible 6 more inches in my area. Coastal Maine could get 12-18 inches of snow. Argh! Enough of this stuff. I remember last winter it snowed every weekend for about 5 weekends in a row. So much for people that only have weekend’s off. I however have days off during the week and some weekends.

This Valentine’s Day has been good to me so far. My wife didn’t have to report to work this morning so she came out and gave me a helping hand. Awesome thing to have someone to help move some of this stuff. They say spring is five weeks away. If you came here I just do not see that happening real soon. There might be tulips coming up through the snow. Maybe the snow pea’s will be alright, but not the flowers.

The driveway is clear for now but I’m still counting snowflakes. The deer have been fed this morning and the birds are reporting to their feeders. This is Maine, we just have to hunker down sometimes and get-er-done. The dog is officially pooped out. He has chased every shovel full of snow. It is amazing to watch him go right into his crate and chill out. He really loves the snow and his crate. We leave it outside in the garage and it gives him a chance to chill and watch the outdoors at the same time.

We can complain or we can embrace the weather here. I’m not answering this right now. It still is better than the bugs. I do miss warmer weather, it will come soon and I will enjoy that too. Have a great day and don’t forget to wish your love one Happy Valentines Days.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

Staying Home From School?

imagesHVE4KIY9When I hear reports that schools are closing because of a winter storm approaching I have an increased feeling of calling into work myself. I remember the younger years when we would hear the reports on the local radio station. SAD 36 NO SCHOOL- It was a time of happiness. I could stay in my pajamies all day and watch television on the 5 channels we had. Make sure to turn the rotor on the roof to the west, best reception my dad would tell me. If only I was a kid again. This is my workplace calling. Due to a winter storm you do not have to work today. Darn it, does anyone else have dyslexia when typing? I do it all the time. NOT- NTO, AND-ADN, stuff like that. I think it is contagious because this guy I work with told me the other day he does it too. I replied to my workplace calling. Oh, I will have to think about this, I had so much to do at work today but really I think I would be much more suited to staying home. No problem! I do not however have this option where I work. Work has to be done and there really isn’t another person to just jump right in and fill the vacancy. I will think today of all you people here on the eastcoast staying home and enjoying the local tv stations, I bet you have more than 5 channels these days. I will consume lots of coffee, and will hope that this report of snow was just a hoax. This snow blowing adventure is getting old real fast this winter. I’m tired of fighting with the dog. He keeps jumping in front of the snow blower and has chewed my shovel to fragments. The only thing I want to do is sip coffee and stare out the window to view the local deer herds. I like to watch the birds too. One of these days I’m going to be watching seagulls, and no it will not be at the local McDonalds. Enjoy the day- Dwayne From Maine. © 2014 Bilodeau,D.H.



An Easier Path- When?

untitledIt is amazing how in a snap, things can go wrong. It is a whirlwind effect that just doesn’t seem to end. There has to be some bad vibes, or moon phase that is happening right now. When is this two steps forward and one back  thing going to start. The wife and I are in our later working years and it’s the two back effect that just never seems to end. We both work but whenever we get a little ahead something comes up and we are knocked back down again.

I really am a happy person, but things just take me down and are out of my control. I’m sure things will get better. We just want to move ahead in our later years to a much easier and have less stress in our life. I’m sure it is right around the corner but the mechanical failures are starting to cripple me. I’m going to wake up tomorrow with a better outlook and move forward carefully. Come on dog, lets go toss a stick. I know, you like it, I will be right there in a minute, after I get done this blah- blah- blah. The older the house gets the more problems that come up. New windows last year and looking like a new septic system is next. The electrical stuff I can work on myself. Still when you own a home it just never ends. Now my wife’s auto starter is not working. You see one thing after another. I hope winter ends because I have a list of stuff to do.

Going to fix myself a nice lemon and water and chill out next to the television. Woof! Oh crap I forgot about the dog. Lets go Harold, sorry about that. Woof Woof, snuggle.


driving_on_ice_02Being on the edge, lack of stability. Often I have thought about this when looking out over the ice covered lakes around the region. Fisherman have brought their vehicles out onto the ice to get closer to the ice shacks, not wanting to walk. I for one have practiced this method. Taking a chance that the ice would be thick enough to hold the weight of my truck.

Stories are read in the papers of people who have lost their life going to the bottom of the Lake not being able to release themselves from the cold and icy waters. So precarious are the thickness of the ice at times. The sun has been shinning and warm temperatures for a three day spell. The ice in one place can be thick enough but what if your near a rock, an outlet, or inlet. What if you have never been to this lake before and not sure of where the inlets and outlets are located.

A few years ago I witnessed a man that had falling through the ice. This was a beautiful day and warm temperatures. It was also the last day of fishing which was the end of March. This man wanted one more chance to catch a trout. I was driving by the lake and noticed at first at how black the ice looked. This usually is indication that the ice is about ready to be open water. From the corner of my eye I saw something splashing in the water or ice. This man was about 200 feet from shore and was trying to self rescue himself. He had put himself in a PRECARIOUS position that morning. The signs were all around him of the possible dangers. I stopped my vehicle and with my fire radio called in for assistance. He was able to self rescue himself. He was very cold and he was put into an ambulance to warm up.Thin-Ice-630x389

I still think about this one incident of a family out for a joy ride one night on the lake who ended up at the bottom of the lake. Sad story yes, driving at night puts you in a much worse condition. You certainly cannot see where the inlets and outlet are located. Sometimes the ice will fracture from pressure on the lake and a big crack will open up. You could drive right into one of those and the next morning the crack would close right back up.article-2537078-1A85BC2000000578-123_634x367

I know we all take chances, I for one. The older I get, the wiser I get. With that said, I will think three times now about driving my truck out on the ice. I don’t want to put myself into a precarious position. What do you think about this? There is a reward for being safe on the ice.33980_3887727172115_1911327579_n

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau

Handsome Boy

Kogen FallWhen someone thinks of intelligent dogs, German Shepard’s always come up. My wife and I have always had a dog, but this one was special. I never was the dog lover in the house, my wife was. Our last dog had a German Shepard mix and was a good dog but didn’t have the smarts like this one. 2012-02-26 19.04.25

It really amazes me with this dog how he is so quick to learn something. A working breed, and he will do anything for you. He will retrieve a ball, but not too keen on giving up his toy. We taught him hand instructions. If we want him to sit we raise our fist then curl it downward. To stay, we put up the stop sign, or hand out flat. To lay down, we push our hand in a downward motion. It is so cool to see this. He will back up with a command to back up. We hide treats and he will hunt them down in no time. This dog is a watch dog and his loyalty to my wife is unreal.  I have to say that I have turned into a dog lover with this one. He is our child, so we  talk like mummy and daddy. It really is sad, being a large dog, the hip issue thing has started and he is not very old. He is such a good boy, my wife would be proud of me saying that. The only thing that drives me crazy is he wants to work all the time. Every job I try to do outside becomes his job too. So raking leaves, taking the garbage out, shoveling dirt, weed whacking, or anything, becomes a real challenge. The thing I love best, or we love best, is walking on the trails out back in the woods. He will intimidate anyone who comes here, but he really is a good boy. So if you ever thought about getting a German Shepard or have any stories about your own, please feel free to leave a comment or send a pic of yours.  You can facebook me. Dwayne Bilodeau- 2011-05-24 06.51.54
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