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Sheriff McCoy


old sheriff


There can be only one man in this town. You need to leave immediately or else. Phoenix 1865, Population 800. This town is now becoming a city, booming with people wanting to live and prosper, a new beginning. Gambling halls have been popping up all over the main street and work is abundant. With gambling comes crime in the newly found city. There is now a group of people controlling every facet of this community. I sit here writing and now can hear gunshots going off in the alley a block away. These men will take everything, including your life if  business owners do not pay a substantial fee for protection of their establishments. The Sheriff in town, Richard McCoy is in the street confronting another man as I can see out through the windows from my room overlooking main street. The other man, a hoodlum of sort in this town, Don Cloak, proprietor of Gully’s the local pub in downtown on 1st street near McDowell and Camelback streets. This man the Sheriff is confronting has been a real problem around here. He thinks he is the governor of the community which he is not. The only man who controls everything around here is Sheriff McCoy. I can now here the men hollering at each other, they both have their pistols out. A shot rings out, both men have fallen to the ground. From the deck of Laurie’s clothing store I can see other men dress in black. I believe these men shot at the two men in the street. I watched the other men disappear around the corner of the building and one man remains, peering out, scanning the area when all of a sudden his eyes are watching me within the upstairs window. I pull myself away, hoping that he didn’t see me.

Some of the locals go out into the street to check on the condition of Sheriff McCoy and the other man. McCoy is still breathing, only a shot in the flank but he will survive. Don Cloak is lifeless. The town is in an uproar as to how the men were shot. Could the Sheriff of shot Don Cloak? It is late at night and there is a knock on my door. I am frightened as to whom may be checking my whereabouts. I am new to this community so I have no friends that would be checking me. Scared to say the least, I back away from the door, I’m shaking ,shivers up and down my spine. Who goes there? No answer. The door now starts to rattle, I’m scared, so scared. The door is smashed in, two men with guns are pointing them at me. I am now tied up to a chair in the middle of the room, men are interrogating me on what I witnessed. One man slapped me hard on the side of my head, I’m crying, real blood is oozing down my face. I didn’t see anything, I kept telling the men. Somehow this has to be a dream, this cannot be happening. A shot rang out , many shots. The two men drop to the ground, blood is pooling around their bodies. I am still shaking. A silhouette of a man is standing at the doorway, gun barrel is still smoking. I tried to scream but nothing comes out, I am too frightened. Are you ok? The man asked me. Who is this man standing at the doorway? Who are you?  I young lady am Sheriff McCoy. I was let loose of the bindings the two men had me in. I explained to the Sheriff what I had witnessed. Lady, justice will be served in this town, I will make sure of it.

The days went on and crime didn’t stop. The town now with a population of over 100 thousand residents had grown so much. I am now an old lady sitting in a long term care center for the elderly. I still reminisce about the first days of Phoenix and the day I almost died. People in my life have come and gone but memories are forever.

D.H.Bilodeau 2016


Graham Central Station-Phoenix AZ- 1980




I was living in Phoenix, Arizona in 1980 and going to a tech school for electronics and was 19 years old. My twin brother had called me. He asked me about moving down there from Lake Tahoe, Nevada. I enrolled into a tech school and it was the same school he was going to at the time. Being a wild a crazy kid and looking for adventure and girls, we found a bar to release some wildnest in us. We talked with some other students about the hotspot’s in the city. If your gay then go down 7th Ave, if not, there is a bar called Grand Central Station that is enormous. My brother and I decided that enormous would enhance our choices of maybe finding a girl for the night, maybe two if we were lucky. I will give you my vision the first night I went to this bar. Remind you that this bar was the second largest bar at the time in the States, second to Micky Gilly’s bar in Texas I believe. It was a mall at one time converted into a bar. We proceeded through the front doors and I was amazed. On both sides were store shops. One selling cowboy hats, another selling boots, a barber shop for men, beauty salon for the ladies. We walked further and to my right I saw a sign for the bathroom. I walked inside and what I saw there was astonishing. There was a girl shinning cowboy boots. She was an attractive looking business woman. I bet she did quite well doing this job. We walked further into the establishment and came upon the first section of this bar. This room is where live bands played country music. I was born in Maine and country music wasn’t into our vocabulary. If you walked past this room and go through another doorway it opened up into a great room. Wholly Smokes! This room was so large that it had twenty female bartenders. The bar was shaped like a horseshoe and went around a hardwood floor. There was people and woman from wall to wall.

This bar, Grand Central Station had become our bar of choice. I can tell you from experience that this was where most of the college kids were hanging during the time. I don’t know how I even survived school back then. Monday’s were for roller skating at the bar. It was really weird because people would skate in a circle and others would dance in the middle with no skates. We had so much fun at this bar and I met a lot of woman that I couldn’t tell you their name’s today. It was the times, fun in the sun. Tuesday’s were a good time too. If you had a college id card you would get in free. You could drink keg beer free from six to nine at night. The boys and I would also find the dentist chair in the corner where they mix drinks in your mouth with your head cocked back. Two dollars and fifty cent’s and I would do this twice. You know I really forget about school on those

There was another bar that we would hit on Wednesday’s. Mr Lucky’s- This establishment was wild too. It had three floor’s and each floor had live bands. Country on one floor, the next was rock and roll, and the other at the time was punk rock. Phew, that place was Crazzzzzzzy!

Thursday’s were another adventure because we would go to the PHONE COMPANY. This establishment had telephone’s at each table with a numbered sign at each table. If you saw someone you were attractive too you would make a phone call. It was great that I got a call once from Madonna, not the singer but a Mexican beauty. You know the Latino woman were very attractive. This place was really a hoot and another journey into the week of fun.

Friday was a day of study, usually a friend would come over and we would sit by the swimming pool and study and drink Blatz beer all afternoon. Saturday was a day for recreation and a trip to the Salt River was what it was all about. You would rent an inner tube at a local gas station and then go to a rental place to get a ride to the top of the river. Millions of people would float down the Salt/Verde river and we would drink beer all the way down. Man, that was a great time. Fun in the bar

Sunday was usually a day of rest and healing the body. I really loved the time spent in Arizona and was saddened by the departure from that State. I really had become accustomed to the climate and people. I think some day I’m going to retire out there, Hopefully my wife will love to join me. I can see the two of us wearing cowboy boots and hats. We will have leather skin and a drink in our hands selling turquoise  jewelry in some flea market. Life has been a journey but a great journey with a lot of flips and flops but in the later years I’m hoping for a continuation of love of the land and country . Have a great day everyone. I’m going off dreaming somewhere.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


One Degree Away From SUMMAH



We still have frost on the pumpkin around here. The furnace is still running to keep some heat in this house. The woodpile ran out weeks ago and most people are just plain fed up with these cooler temps. For instance, I saw a very sad picture the other day of two children standing on the shore of their great fishing hole. They hiked through the woods with their dad to only be disappointed by the lake still skimmed over with ice. The law states around here in Maine that it has to be open water. They were able to fish because they tossed a ball out on the lake and had their dog fetch a few time. I saw fisherman the other day using a PVC pipe contraption the other day too. They stick this device under the ice from shore and the line goes through the pipe.

The other day I saw a couple driving a motorcycle with snowmobile suits on. They were also wearing their old ski jumping helmets and goggles from Lady Wellingham. Funny seeing people wearing the old snowmobile boots with the felt liners. I could have sworn I saw bread bags around the edges of the boot. This was used back in the day to keep the feet dry. Most of the boots in those days had leaks.

It is very sad to see the lumberjacks around here sitting on their front porches rocking in the chair and taking selfies of themselves with their Skidda’s in the background. The poor lumberjacks have nothing to do around here right now because they are between seasons. One being WINTAH and the other MUDD. There is not going to be SUMMAH season this year because WINTAH was extended.

The Firefighters around here have been so busy putting out stove fires and chimney fires. Most people ran out of firewood weeks ago and people are burning, literary, their undies. Really!  I saw a woman the other day burning her Ames Brand underwear in her outdoor wood boiler. A lot of people around here bought outside wood boilers and it makes no friggin sense to me why anyone would want to go outside in the freezing cold to stoak the fire. I wonder how Ames Brand underwear burn anyways? I have quite a few around here.

The farmers will have to have their cows warmed up this year by artificial insemination with heat modules inserted. The milk has been coming out creamy because it has not warmed up this SUMMAH so far. It is pretty weird driving down the road and seeing the lumberjacks and the farmers sitting on the same porch drinking Five Hour energy drinks mixed with Templeton Rye Whiskey. They really look like a bunch of goofs if you ask me.

The ladies around here have giving up on putting laundry out on the line to dry. We have so many ticks around here that the clothes on the line are starting to become an attractant. Also, it is so cold that I saw icicles hanging from one pair of jeans the other day from the crotch area. It was funny because it was hanging in a fashion that is looked like a weiner. Just no one getting a break around here.

I went out the other day to get some worms for fishing. My dad taught me when I was a kid how to fetch these little slimy things. You put water on the lawn after supper and then when it is dark you go out with a flashlight and the shiny slimy suckers will show up. You have to be quick and snatch them real quick or they will pull back in and go back into the earth. This one night I went to get them I could see ice crystals on the tops of their heads, or is it tails? Darn cold around here!

I know we will get a chance for SUMMAH sometimes, maybe it wont be until the flies are filled on the fly strip. Good day everyone-I’m going out to get some tick poop, I hear it burns good.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

New Invention- Keeping America Cool

SchwartzCap_backNew snow here in Central Maine. We have so much snow that I joined a group of local’s who have come up with an idea to start shipping snowballs to California. The Governor of that State called for assistance in keeping people cool. This group or one smart guy, came up with an awesome invention. We will distribute this item along with a pack of ten snowballs. It is similar to a stocking hat where you place the snowball within. The user will take the long tail of the hat and stuff it down the back of their shirt.

Studies have been concluded, and it has proved to drop the body temperature by 6 degree’s. The governor has ordered Five Hundred Thousand to start. We have had to hire the locals from the next town over for assistance. So far business is booming and with the amount of snow we have been collecting from this new named storm, we can continue our business at least into August.

You can find this product in most of the online stores and pricing is dependent on the consistency of the snowballs. With this storm there is more water content and because of the viscosity we have to charge more for this product. We will be rolling this product out to public shortly. It will be going public on the New York Stock Exchange within a month. California is our testing ground and so far of what we have heard there is a lot of happy people. The Fire Service is now talking with our Chief CEO right now and we hope to land an order with the Wildland Fire Service. We are applying for a grant from the Fire Act Program to buy more stocking hats. Stay tuned folks.

Our Catch Phrase is- Keeping America Chilled, One Hat At A Time.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Rocco And The Boy’s

1521958_631095710288192_1868571257_nDispatched for a life of crime. Rocco was a thug starting at a young thirteen years old when he stole the neighbors tires off their trailer. He needed them to put on his go-cart.  Rocco grew up in the Bronx and was a tough kid too. He started running with some of the older boys. Some of the stuff they were doing was going to train Rocco at a very young age that the crimes were getting much bigger. There was the day the group decided to snatch purses on Cargill Street. This was a busy business district and a great place to make a lot of money stealing. Another day the oldest boy in the group decided to steal from a local market. They all ran in with clubs in their hands and took all the money from the register.

Rocco was becoming a rough city boy and violence was another thing. One day Rocco was coming home from working the streets when he saw a boy in the alley. He walked up slowly at first until he was close to this boy and then punched the boy. The boy fell to the ground and was bleeding. Rocco continued beating that boy for no reason.

Time to do a robbery at the bank, the oldest boy in the group stated. Rocco was ready for anything, this was going to be exciting. All the boys were able to steal guns from within the hood. The leader told them at 3pm to all meet at the corner of Free Street and Roosevelt Street. The time had come and all gathered for the last information from the leader, the oldest boy. Two will storm in, you Rocco, and you Tim. The other’s are to follow in afterward and would have pillow cases with them to gather the money. When you the first two go in make sure you announce for all people to get to the ground. If they move they will be shot. The time had come and Rocco and Tim stormed the bank. Rocco was the front man and when he made it about halfway to the counter a shot rang out. Rocco was thrown backward and landed on his back. Blood had started to pool around him immediately. Tim was right behind him and another shot rang out and he too was lying on the ground. The other boy’s knew what has happened and ran out of the bank as fast as possible.

Rocco was dispatched right there at that moment. An armed bank guard had shot at the boy and was right on target. The life of crime for Rocco had ended. He never really had a chance. His life was destined for failure. A path of no return.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Time For Healing

imagesY5I1B5QS  She caught my eye when I was a young man, grade school if I remember. There was that twinkle in her eye that totally won me over. It was during the junior high years that I finally got up enough nerve to ask her for a date. The words from her mouth, well it is about time you asked me. Had she known I had a secret crush on her?. Maybe it was esp, or some telepathic thing that connected us. Life for us was just beginning, I knew from this moment that the two of us belonged together forever.

The high school years were no different, many nights out at the movies, going to sporting events, life was good. She still had that twinkle that I had noticed as a young man. One night after going to a movie and on the drive home she snuggled up real close to me. We approached the driveway to  her parents house and I turned off the car like I had a millions times. Usually it was, hey see you tomorrow, and I would reply, all right see you. This time she snuggled up close to me and looked into my eyes. The twinkle had brightened, we stared at each other for a moment, then she put her  arms around me and pursed her lips. This was a moment I wasn’t prepared for. I hadn’t even kissed my dog before and here before my eyes was the most beautiful girl in the world ready for a kiss. I moved forward and kissed her, and kissed her, I think we did until daylight, it was magical.

Life had moved on and we graduated high school. I was drafted and spent a year in active duty. When I returned life for us was going to take a drastic turn. She had told me she had not been feeling good. The doctors confirmed that she had leukemia. My life was shattered. I had dreams of being with her the rest of my life. Now she was fighting for her life. A few months had passed and her illness was not getting any better. The twinkle in her eyes were gone. Another month had passed and her parents called me one night to tell me that she was asking for me. She was now in a home of solitude, a place to have full care until the end. I put my sneakers on real fast after the call and made a bee line to be at her side. I walked up to her bed and looked into her eyes. She told me that she wanted one more kiss. She pursed her lips and I moved toward her. We met together, I kissed her, this time I wasn’t going to let her go. We kissed for it seemed like hours. I finally pulled back slowly and when I looked for that wonderful smile, I noticed that she was gone.

©2014 Bilodeau, H.D.


imagesI have a list of words that I have no clue what they are. We really have been loaded up with words that anyone trying to take a test would probably fail if someone really wanted to make one. Truncheon, I guess I missed this one in school. Ok it is a Billy Club that police officers use.  There is many words in our vocabulary that could put you in last place at the annual spelling bee for sure.

They were using their ” Arnold batons ” to show force in the riot that broke out at the prison. Same thing, long Truncheon’s which the correction guards use. I’m not sure if these are the manufacturer or not. I’m not an expert on any of these.

One can only think back during the caveman day’s using their clubs for either killing small or large prey. Really a truncheon, either for killing or protection. Clubs or spears or whips and chains all either for protection have been used forever. The Billy Club is still used by riot police and some departments still today.

I will have to come up with some other funny words to talk about , maybe another day. Enjoy the day.

Copyright &nbsp2013 Dwayne Bilodeau – All Rights Reserved

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Rolling Down 295 out of Portland Maine

untitledA song I remember growing up. I believe Jackson Brown wrote this but it really brings back memories of my younger years. Rolling down 295 out of Portland Maine .The Song Nothing But Time. Jackson Brown. Growing up in Maine myself,and the crazy things my friends and I would do just for a good time. I remember the days when drinking and driving was what young people would do for a good night out. I look back now and think how crazy this was. It was the time, just after the Vietnam War and young dwellers didn’t have a worry in the world but cruising down 295 out of Portland, Maine. The boys and I would grab a twelve pack each and drive to a concert at the Civic Center. We would hit 295 out of Falmouth Maine and cruise right into Portland. We didn’t have GPS devices or any maps. I today will have to use my GPS on my phone to get there. So funny how times have changed. Songs from the past will come up and put me in a place I remember from childhood. The good ole days. You ever get a chance listen to this. It is a great one.

Copyright &nbsp2013-2014 Dwayne H. Bilodeau – All Rights Reserved

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Madonna And I Go Way Back

madonna PICThe year was around 1980-1981 and I was living in Phoenix Arizona. Downtown there was the Phoenix Coliseum which would hold concerts from time to time. They would also have free concerts at the place. A friend of mine lived across the street from the place in a small house. He would call me whenever there was a concert of interest. Hey Dewey, There is a concert in town why don’t you come down here and we can drink some beer before the show. Ok, sounded like a good time, so off to a concert I was going. untitled

We sat around all afternoon drinking beer’s and was ready to have a good night. The concert was starting in 20 minutes so we decided to walk over the Coliseum to check out the people. I was walking up to front steps and all along the chain link fence was young girls wearing short skirts and what looked like they were wearing a bra and no shirt. Hey! Hey! Hey! I tell my friend it doesn’t get any better than this. Maybe we should go and try to find out more about these girls. Very strange seeing this style of dress. I have to tell you that I am from the East Coast, New England, Maine. I was not used to seeing kids dress like this. Oh well this is city life I’m thinking.CelebrMadonnaBW

We moved ourselves into the Coliseum and see what kind of show this was going to be . Lord and behold most of the girls in here were dressed in the same fashion. What the heck is going on? I asked my friend. He replied I’m not sure maybe a Rocky Horror Picture show or something. Ha, that is funny Ralph. We decided to ask around. You never know until you ask right? We walked up to this one young girl dressed in lace and jewelry all over her and asked her a question. Who is playing in the show tonight? She Replied, Silly, It’s Madonna. Ok, right Madonna. I looked at her with a frown. I’m supposed to know who this singer is, right. It sure doesn’t look like a Crosby-Stills-Nash-and Young concert. Who was this young singer anywho? IMG_1699%20(Medium)

It turns out this singer was going to take over the music industry like no other. Madonna is still very famous today. This was a free concert that I went too, remember? So you never know who your going to run into in time, who really might turn out to be someone famous. I will tell you about my Merv Griffin story another time. Good Day Everyone and Happy Holiday’s.
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Lights Go Down In The City


I was living out in California the Lake Tahoe region and a few friends of mine and I decided to take a trip to Redwood City California to see one of my friends parents. I was styling in a 1954 Chevy and really wasn’t sure this car could make the big trip. We packed up our stuff and off we went heading south. The radio in the car was AM/FM but we found a station that we could sing along with some of the popular songs of the day. I noticed as we were driving that it had started to sprinkle and wasn’t too worried. We drove on and was enjoying each others company along the way. The visability now was getting worse and starting to rain much harder so I decided to turn on the windshield wipers. Whoosh Whoosh back and fourth about three trips then the wipers stopped working. What the heck, I flicked the switch a few times and nothing. How could the wipers fail now on our maiden voyage to the city. The boys and I stated to come up with a plan. Ole McGiver in the bunch gives his best advice. It is now pouring rain outside and driving is almost impossible. McGiver states that if we tie rope to each wiper we could run the wipers from within the car. So out of the car and we tied the ropes on the wipers. It was a genius decision and you know what it worked. I started the old Chevy up, turned on the radio and off we went. I cranked up the radio and the song, When the Lights Go Down in the City, was playing on the radio. I will never forget that song forever. Whenever I hear this song I am on my way to the city and riding in my Chevy with the boys. Funny how certain songs get etched into your brain like that. I’m sure everyone has had an experience like this. Tell me about some, I liked to hear them. Leave a comment here, That would be the easy way.

Chills Up My Spine


       I was living in Phoenix and a young college student around 1981 or so. The day had come and It was going to be my first day on the job at a Hotel right smack in the middle of the city. Downtown district or Central Drive back then was a dangerous place to be. Here I am, a Frenchman from Maine, walking the streets of the city. The big buildings were intimidating for me, and I’m very nervous just being there. I was going to be a busboy in a restaurant on the very top of this Hotel. It was a rotating structure that moved 360 degree’s in one hour. I get in the elevator and hit floor 28  and off to the top I go. The elevator door opens and I talk to the manager, come right with me he states. I was giving twelve tables to clean up after people had dined. I walked over to edge of the structure and all the glass all the way around was just beautiful. I look down and can see the city streets, what a view I’m thinking. It sure doesn’t look like pine tree’s here. The day ended and I hopped into the elevator for my trip down. It is now about 2300 hrs and the elevator stops at ground floor. I walk through the two double doors to the outside street. The doors automatically shut behind you, thump I hear behind me. I just started walking and three Asian men are walking toward me, I look over to my right and there is some other guys in a small parking lot sitting next to a barrel that is on fire to keep warm. It does get cool at night in the Arizona nights at times. So the three guys are approaching me and one guy grabs my arm and holds me and the other two are behind me so I’m not sure what their intentions are. The guy speaks in broken English and tells me to give him money . I’m starting to get chills up my spine because I have heard about people getting knifed around here. I tell him I only have a quarter in my pocket and I will give it to him. He tells me thank you man, this will help feed his family. Yea right! He walks away with his friends and my nerves are now on the way down. I realize that you never know what to expect but always be vigilant when your under the gun. I worked in that restaurant for a few months and had the crap scared out of me other times. I would drive my motorcycle to a small parking lot up the street and I would run as fast as possible to the Hotel. At night I would have to run by the local bars on the street with people fighting in the street. I would run right by them with my motorcycle key in hand and when I arrived at the bike I was zoom off. Another time I came to a traffic light and there was people fighting in the street. I drove right through that light and made off like roadrunner. Beep! Beep! The chills on my spine happened a few times in that city and I grew street smart real fast.