Dog Is Your Friend

2014-08-11 06.12.16


Just my pal and I. Come here boy I want to give you a pat for doing such a great job on watching over us. He is looking at me with those big brown eyes, tail is wagging. You know there is nothing like a loyal pet to be by your side. Wow, I cannot believe I’m saying this, my spouse would be in tears with me saying this. We had another dog for 16 years and I really was not excited about having a dog, he passed a few years ago. I was very content not having another pet. My wife said as long as we are in this world we are going to have a dog, a cat I can live without, her words, she meant it. I finally gave in with two ladies, my wife and daughter giving me the sugar, Oh, honey please, please, and PLEASE! I finally caved in. We went to house that was advertising German Shepards. What was she thinking, this is a big dog, the other one we had was a smaller dog. We pulled into the driveway and there was a bunch of little german’s running around. I have to admit they were very cute. There was one that had mostly black and that was the one my wife decided on. It was a male dog, very regal looking even at a young age.2011-11-23 03.03.27

Ok, stop peeing and pooping on the carpet, please. I’m not liking having a dog at this point. I lost two pairs of sneakers and three pairs of LLbean slippers. I lost gloves and even my work prescription glasses. I’m not liking have a dog. The local experts, other people, told me this will pass and your dog will be much calmer and wont destroy stuff. I had to believe them, right?2011-12-26 04.16.42

Time went on and he did calm down and stopped destroying my stuff and everyone else’s stuff. He started listening to commands and I finally started seeing what people meant German Shepard’s are smart dogs. I also could tell how loyal he was to us. The protector of the house and always makes sure he is between us and the outside of anything. On guard all the time and he really gives a sense of security. He can sometimes do his job too much, scares the hell out of me sometimes. He has never attacked anyone but lets people know when they are too close to us. Doing his job right?  We still make sure that we don’t let people just start patting him without having a good hold on him. Still great having  this dog and I know that when he gets old and passes we sure will miss him. You hearing me big dog? Daddy likes you, make sure you keep a good eye on Mama. Listen to me, talking like he is our child. When your kids are grown you can talk like this, I read that somewhere. Have a great day folks and love your pets, they will take care of you.

Kogen Fall


Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


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