Fragment of Summer



I have been witness to summer’s beginning. The sounds of young children playing in the roads of a campground. The screams of laughter in abundance, mother’s and father’s gently letting the children play and mingle with new kids. This being a reflection of times we had with our own young children. We can only listen to the sounds of babies crying, not being the ones to rub their cheeks to calm them down. Time was spent with our own baby who now is an adult. I look at my beautiful daughter and I see all these reflections of our own time at the campgrounds.

Summer heat is upon us and time to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. We took a walk on a nature trail. I have memories of walking the trails with my son when he was a young child. I tried to explain all the different specimen’s of plants and tree’s. with the hope that some day he can teach his own children. See this son, this is an oak tree, see how long the leaves are. This one here is a maple. See the long needles on this tree? It is a conifer, or pine tree. It is softwood, what is softwood daddy? The fibers are softer, see here push on the wood. You cannot do that with hardwood.

I can hear motorcycles cruising the streets, varoom. That must be a Harley, you can tell by the sound. You hear that granddaughter? Here take a look here. A teaberry, look at the leaf. I rip it apart and let my granddaughter smell it. This is teaberry, smells good doesn’t it? So much summer to explore and the days are getting shorter already.

I have enjoyed a bit of summer entertainment and will make sure that the lesson’s of life will be passed on to our younger one’s. Oh, that is Pepe just telling stories, don’t listen to him. Well you have to listen to me because I am the one who is teaching about life. The digital world is upon us but we still have to enjoy nature. You cannot get that from a computer. You have to be witness to this life as we know it.

I  will go on thinking about how these summers go by. My own children have a life to teach, I just hope I have instilled a little bit of me in them. Ok, I will be right there, marshmallow’s are on the fire. Smore’s maybe!

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014




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