Life’s Tug Of The Heart

2014-06-04 23.49.38


I have been on the local fire department for years and never have been to a fatal structure fire. I have been witness to a lot of things through the years. No one on my department has been to a fatal fire. An 84 year old lady perished in this fire and still unknown of what started the fire. It is real hard to lose someone in a fire. We train to deal with fire but no one is ever prepared for a fatal. The fire was totally engulfing the structure and no way to ever save this lady. The hardest part to deal with was our own firefighter that got the call and had to respond to his own grandmother’s house. This was so hard for him and the chief made him stand down. Still even during this horrible incident he still wanted to help with the hope of saving his grandmother.  I hope that I never become a witness to this again in my firefighting volunteer career. It is hard when there is nothing you can do to save a life. Here is a picture that was taking right when I first got there. I am on the hose on the front right at the nozzle. This was a big fire and out of any hydrant district. Water really became a challenge. Our hearts go out to our brother firefighter and his family. Here is a video of the grandson during an interview. A picture of his grandmother.

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  1. My heart goes out to all of you, and particularly to the young man whose grandmother was lost in the fire. What a horrendous situation for everyone involved. I hope that writing about this brings some comfort. Best wishes and take good care.


    1. Thanks Gwen. I witness horrible stuff but that is the life of a first responder. Still hard when one of your brothers has the happen to his family. There was no way to save her. The house was totally involved when we arrived.


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