Vintage Technology- Enhancement To The Elderly



I’m still amazed that my folks, Eighty-five and Eight-four are into techno gadgets. They have wireless, laptop, Kindle’s, and the latest is a smart phone. I remember the day when my dad told me he would never be on a computer. I had an old one at the house and my mother wanted a computer. She only wanted it to play games and maybe do some of that email thing. I set up the old computer and my dad started watching how I was setting things up. He actually was very involved for the fact he wanted answers so if my mother was having trouble maybe he could help out. He ended up being the computer guru in his house. He took that old computer and upgraded the ram himself. Later down the road they finally bought a laptop and a desktop which is when he decided to put in a wireless router. Really, I’m very amazed at how well they did with technology. So you can teach an old dog a new trick , they are proof.

I spent the day today showing my mother how to operate the new android phone she bought. Wow, she is amazed at how much stuff is built into the phone. It will take a little time but I’m sure my dad will integrate to a smart phone soon after he starts using my mothers. I can hear her now. Get your own phone! Where will all this technology go when I reach my eighties. Who knows , but I’m sure the use of laptops will be long gone. The desktop is starting to become extinct at homes and it wont be long that in the industry they will fade out too.

I give a thumbs up to my folks for learning all this technology and being patient with me training them on certain apparatus. My kids are very computer and techno literate and my days of training will have to go down to them showing my wife and I down the road. You know that some day you wont even see phone booth’s. I was floored the other day when I traveled to the North part of the State in Maine to find out the gas pump I was using didn’t have a credit card slot. Huh! It really messed me up. There is stuff from ancient times still around in the country and I cannot wait for the day when cell phones will work everywhere. It still is left to be desired in this region. My android works great at my house via WFI but doesn’t work at my workplace unless I go outside or go to the tenth floor of the facility. I know that with changing times it will be awesome it will just take a little time and some more computer IT specialist to figure it all out in the future. I will be waiting and maybe learn that my landline phone will be history in short time.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


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