Bye My Love



The last kiss was when I was walking out the door this morning. She had made my lunch every morning for forty-two years. I worked in the coal mines in West Virginia as a foreman for loading train cars. I turned my back this morning and waved a good-bye. She smiled at me with the most beautiful smile and my day was complete knowing that the love of my life was always at the window.

I would come through the door after a long day of work and she again would be in the window smiling and waving at me. I arrived in the driveway, looked at the window, and she was not there. I had a bad feeling that something was not right. I turned off the engine and rushed to the house. I opened the door and lying on the floor was my beautiful wife, lifeless and with a smile on her face. I started to cry, tears flowing down my cheeks, I gave her one more last kiss and said my goodbye. Who will be there to watch me through the window ?


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