Ice-Cream Man



Where did that ice-cream truck go? I can hear the music playing coming down the street. The kids in the neighborhood and I are now running toward the ice-cream truck. Ding Ding a Ling, here it comes. The lights are flashing and my mouth is already watering. I cannot keep up with the big kids running and they are kicking up dust in my face. I have on my mind an ice-cream sandwich. You know the one with two chocolate cookies, rectangular in shape with ice-cream in the middle. I love it when the ice-cream gets real soft and starts to dribble down the edges. I’m coming boys and girls and don’t buy all the ice-cream sandwiches. I finally arrived at the window and the man in the truck looks at me and states. Hey squirt, what will it be for ya? Being  a wise ass young man I replied a poop sandwich. Oh, the look on that guys face when an eight year old boy is being a wise ass. Well he deserved it for calling me a squirt, right?

I will never forget this. Words do hurt people, look at me now I’m writing today about this man that called me a squirt and I’m in my fifties. Words do have an impact on your imagination for life. Remember, sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never hurt you. Well, I totally disagree with this statement. Children are being affected everyday by hurtful words. Kids are being bullied in grade schools and this can be real hurtful to a young lad who will never forget. Schools today are taking steps in the right direction about bullying and rightfully so. I just wish that the ice-cream man never made that comment about me being a squirt, I made a comment back to him that today I wish I never said. One thing to remember and I try to stick to this in my life today. Two wrongs do not make a right. If we all make sure to keep our mouths shut, or keep a tight lip, then maybe children will not be resentful later in life.

I’m standing at the window when this man at the window nods his head. How are you doing young man? I replied, great!  Do you have any ice-cream sandwiches? Well yes I do,  this is going to be the best sandwich you will ever have,  he smiled at me. I will never forget that wonderful man.

Here is the song. It will bring back your childhood.



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