200th Post-Yahoo!

New-Year-Dance-Party-Image-Courtesy-123rf_com_Never in a millions years would I ever think I could write this many stories. I look back at it now and believe that even through high school/college  combined, I never wrote that many stories. So I pat myself on the back and give myself congratulations. I was going to wait until tomorrow to make it my 200th post, but why wait.  It has been so enjoyable writing and it really gets my mind churning about. Mrs Smith will you now give me an “A” for effort? Sorry I didn’t put all my brain into writing in High School, I was a little pre-occupied with keeping up the peer life. Sorry Mr Jacobs in college for not putting all my effort either, I was too pre-occupied with the party scene so my head wasn’t always in it.

I will move forward in this writing adventure and who knows, you might see me on a book cover down the road. You never know, right? I have adventures and stories trapped in this head somewhere and someday I will unleash it when I figure out all this publishing stuff.

There will be cake and ice cream later, I know my wife is going to surprise me with this milestone, Ya right! Honey I just wrote my 200th post. Oh, really? Back down the stairs to her crafting. Honey if you come down the stairs can you bring some wood down? Ok, Honey after the swelling of my head goes down. Huh? I had to copy this from WordPress.

You’ve reached 200 posts on “JUST4WHY”

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


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