Where Have The Children Gone?

Children_playing_with_Campbell_Kid_dollsWhere have all the children gone. I really miss the sounds of children playing and laughing. The time has passed so fast and our children grew up way too fast.  I sit in an empty house and remember saying I cannot wait until the children grow up. Well, from experience now, I can say I would like to take back those words. I miss them, going to all their sporting events, or any school functions seemed like a lot of hassles at the time but I would like time to revert back. My days are either playing on the computer or writing short stories. My stories are a fragment of my life in some weird kind of way. There is no way to replace what has been. History has been made and the children were part of that history. They are now into adulthood and  we hope that our raising them has structured them for a wonderful future. Still I sit here now and the only sound I hear is the dog scratching. I don’t hear, Dad? Dad? Come here or there to help them out. Some say it is the empty nest, does it ever really go away. I’m sure we all miss our children in some way. I’m glad to have my wife around because this would be one lonely life without anyone around.

This is an important message to all. Cherish your children, give them all the hugs and kisses. You might have bad days with your children but always remember they are children. They will be all grown up before you know it and you will sitting in front of a computer writing stories to have record of your life, just like me. Go hug your kids right now, it really means a lot.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014



  1. What a lovely post! Our three children are grown and on their way also. We really treasure our family get togethers as it becomes more difficult to align everyone’s schedules. Another family event is coming up soon — lots of stories, laughter and food.


    1. Thank You Gwen. It is those gatherings that bring it all back into perspective. At least our children are only two hours away from here. Good Day enjoy your get together.


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