Old Commercial Ringers

untitledFunny snippets of commercials I remember and embedded into our minds forever. 1.Tony Tiger- There Great! Hey Tony Hey Tony. Interesting fact the same guy who did Tony the Tiger also did the voice of the Grinch. He’s a mean one Mr Grinch. 2. Rice a Roni a San Francisco Treat- Remember the street cars and people hanging out of the cab? 3. How about conjuction, junction what’s your function? Mixing up words and Phrases and clauses. 4. Snap-Crackle-Pop- The cereal treat. Remember the three little guys? 5. Mikey Mikey, Give it to Mikey he will eat anything. Interesting fact that Mikey didn’t stop eating and now is 639 lbs. No just kidding. 6. I’ve falling and I cant get up. The Medical Alert commercial. The old lady calling for help. Interesting fact, She fell and never got up one day. 7. Kit Kat- Give me some of that Kit Kat Bar. 8. Ricola- The guy blowing that horn- Cough drop commercial. 9. Please Don’t Squeeze The Charmin- Mr Whipple. 10. Oscar Mayer- My bologna has a first name and it’s.

If you think at how easy it was to impregnate these ringers in our minds forever, just think about how if a child hears a parent swearing all the time. A child will pick up on this in a second and it will be the language they will never forget. We as children are like a sponge , adults need to be aware of what language comes out of our mouths. My spouse and I was at a restaurant the other day and three young men were swearing like crazy. I look over to the next table and there is a five year old girl sitting with her grandparents. No wonder these children grow up to have dirty language. It is all around them. They become what they think is the norm around them.

If you can think of some good old TV ringers leave a message below. I would love to hear them. Maybe it will jog my memory which needs a good jog once and awhile.  Enjoy the day folks.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014



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