Boar In The West Virginian Mountains

imagesIZ4J5S7IThere was movement behind that tree, Trudy did you see anything?  We had been hiking for awhile now and looking for wild boar in the mountains of West Virginia. We had planned this trip for two years and saved up enough money to go to a hunting camp led by Mike Seymour and his entourage. Mike was a well known outdoorsman and had many television shows on the outdoor channel. We contacted him late December and wanted to book for the first of May of the upcoming year. The date was set and Trudy and I was so excited that we finally had enough vacations where we worked and money to take this incredible trip.

Again, a noise from within the woods. I swear Trudy there is something lurking in the woods about 30 meters ahead. I cannot quite make it out. Get your rifle loaded and take the safety off. It might be the big boar that we could trophy on. Ok honey, everything is set here on my rifle. We walked further toward the noise and we saw movement.

I was walking ahead of Trudy and I kept telling her to take baby steps and to keep watching the woods for anything that moves. I took one more step and heard a loud noise and something feeling like my back was hit by a freight truck. I fell to the ground and the light started to dim. I kept trying to reach out for something to hold onto but nothing was there.

Trudy had slipped on a rock and accidently discharged the rifle into her boyfriends backside. Trudy had known exactly what had happened at the moment. She was screaming and shaking all over. There was no one in the woods to help her with him. As she approached her boyfriend a loud screech came from within the woods. Frightened by this sound she was frozen in place. She cocked her rifle to make sure it was ready incase something came after her. She could tell that her boyfriend was still breathing and maybe she could save him. There was blood all over the place.

Trudy looked out and fast approaching was the biggest wild boar she had ever seen. Not that she had seen any before, but had looked at a lot of magazines to know this was one of trophy size. She raised her rifle and tried to calm herself down enough to get a shot at the boar. She pulled the trigger and the animal was dispatched. Trudy looked again and could see no movement from the boar. She now attended to her boyfriend . He was moaning which was a good sign and looked her boyfriend over for what wounds she had inflicted. There was bleeding on his rear-end. She pulled his trousers down and found that the bullet had stuck his buttocks. He was going to live but have one heck of a sore butt. She shook him and he opened his eyes. Honey can you hear me? Yes, what the heck just happened? I shot you Trudy replied, right in the ass. Honey, you have to try and get up, I have something to show you. Trudy helped him to his feet and she pointed in the direction of the boar. Right there next to that pine tree. Oh my god! that is a monster boar. I know Honey, I think it is of trophy size. Even though he was hurting a smile came to his face.

Trudy helped her boyfriend get off the mountain and asked Mike Seymour and his gang to assist in getting the boar off the hill.  The boar weighed in at 325 lbs and was the largest in West Virginia history giving Trudy the trophy was the West Virginia Fish and Game Department. There was a picture in the Fish and Game magazine showing the large wild boar she had shot.

Her boyfriend made a quick recovery and was so excited that they got their chance to hunt the West Virginia mountains for wild boar.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014



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