Motorcycle Pepe’

2009_v-star_650_classic_right_sidesmallI am about to take an endeavor like no other. The crazy wild me has determined that life is too short and decided on a chance to win a bid on a motorcycle. The call came in and I was the high bidder. Wahoo! Now what? I pulled out the old snowmobile helmet, exact words from my wife. That is a snowmobile helmet! Hey, That is all I have and I’m going to use it. You have to use what you have at the moment. The biggest worry for me is getting that motorcycle out of the lobby of the bank without tipping it over in front of all the local bank dwellers, most of which I know by person. I can picture myself putting the kickstand up and the motorcycle doing a timber.

The next endeavor, is when and if I do, getting the motorcycle out of the bank and hoping that it will start. The bike has been sitting in the lobby for over a month. I’m not sure the battery is any good. I do have a backup plan for that. I have one of those jump start units, oh that reminds me, bring tools to take covers off.  I haven’t had a motorcycle for almost 20 years now and just getting familiar with all the controls will take a minute. First find out where the key switch is located. Then where the gas switch is located. The wonderful world of the internet has provided me with some information so I’m not totally clueless. I did however find the most valuable bit of information. If the kickstand is down and you put the motorcycle in gear it will shutdown the motorcycle. For once they got something right. I can remember many times when younger I had to find out the hard way with the kick stand down and trying to corner in that direction.  I hope it warms up a little before I take this ride back to my house. It is only 30 deg F and a tad cold for a motorcycle ride. It is suppose to warm up to 43 F today so it might not be as bad. I will dress up somewhat warm, I only live 15 minutes from the bank. The picture on post is not actual bike but same as this year and color similar.

Watch out world because this grandfather is hitting the road. Good day everyone.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014



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