Mornings Around Here

2014-03-25 07.31.22Mornings are wonderful around here. The deer are feeding in the backyard and I can hear the morning doves. The chickadee’s are making their presence also. I look to the apple tree in the backyard and birds are picking off remaining apple’s. There is a war for these rotting frozen apples. The birds want them but so do the deer. The sun is shinning and the sky this morning was very pink. We have been supplied with an abundance of snow here in Central, Maine, the beauty is spectacular to see. 2014-03-25 07.35.12

With the amount of snow we have the authorities are very concerned with flooding in this area. The river is called the Androscoggin River and meanders around several towns throughout this state. I can remember a flood we had in 1986 or 87 that really hit this area hard. The roads were washed out and the paper mills took some damage from severe flooding. Not a whole lot you can do when all the water comes rushing into your facility and the basement is completely flooded. All the motors in the mill had to be hoisted above the water line. It was a good thing a contractor was at the facility at the time and lifted all the motors. A friend of mine called one day and he reported that his washer and dryer in the basement were floating. We are not usually concerned that much of the river flooding its banks, but this year we have an abundance of snow compared to earlier years.2014-03-14 08.20.26

I am hoping for all this snow to melt so we can start getting ready for bug season. There really is a season for that around here I swear.  We have many seasons around here. Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall, Bug, and Mud. We also have hunting, fishing season that are merged into some of these seasons. I have talked with the local leaders about making mud and bug an official season but we never get enough people to show up to local town meeting’s to have enough hands to vote.

Did I mention that the mornings are beautiful around here? Really just great to look out and see this wonderful, spectacular view. Ok honey! I will be right with you, she likes it when I put her socks on for her. I have to run, I’m taking one more peek outside. Enjoy the day! I’m going shoveling today. Ciao!



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