Winter Forever

2014-03-20 04.19.51Hard to believe that spring is here. I can remember the days when spring was when flowers are coming up and grass is starting to turn green.  I believe that Al Gore made a correct assumption  saying it is all about global warming. If there is some global warming I would like to see it here in Maine. I have come to conclusion that it really rots looking out the window when it is supposed to be spring. It does get a little depressing when you see other peoples post south of this State enjoying some warmer temps and actually looking at grass. Winters full grip is still within us and woodstoves are going and it is not even out of the 30’s F.  You know what the “F” stands for around here? FRIG or to mean cold. Refrigerator was derived from this term. I believe it was some Mainer that came up with it. It was spring time and snow was all about, he looked out the window and said FRIG. His name is in the books somewhere, I know I have seen it somewhere, Henry Frig Winkle.

We will wait for warmer temperatures to come around and melt some of this snow. The maple syrup business is in distress around here too. You have to have warm days with cold night. I see a long line of men today at Food Mart buying all the Aunt Jemima Syrup on the shelves. It has been a hard time for all around here.

It really just killed me that my daughter just came here to visit the night, she told me that from where she lives in South Portland, Maine, which is an hour and a half south of here, she could not believe how much snow we have. She replied, I felt like I just came from summer to winter. I know how she feels because we have the same feeling like winter is here to stay. It wont be until August before we can mow the lawn, I have to start my wood gathering and stacking program around that time to get ready for winter. Argh! Go Away Winter, I have had enough already. Enjoy your night folks, I’m going to slug down a little Crown and sulk.


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