Another Hammer Comes Down

2014-03-20 04.19.51Some how it just doesn’t feel like spring here. I woke up early this morning with visions of flowers blooming and birds chirping. I was soon alerted to a major snow storm and an early call out for the our fire department. There was supposed to be a tree on the line somewhere. Dispatch called us but just seeing the numbers on mailboxes to find the location was almost impossible. The first hurtle I had was going out and cleaning the truck. There was anywhere from 12-15 inches or more snow on the truck and trying to respond to a fire call was not going to be quick response this morning. The snow was coming down in buckets and visibility was intense around here. The local weather reports as of last night was only supposed to be 3-5 inches of snow. Someone missed the boat on this one.

Here in New England we are prepared for anything, but it really did kill my visions of spring in a hurry. I’m going to wait for daylight to do some cleanup around here but in the meantime I’m going to cuss at the local weather man for fibbing a little on this one. Someone in this country is enjoying the benefits of spring I’m sure.  The picture above is my deck this morning at 0400 hrs.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


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