Hiding Behind The Curtain

microphoneWhy I put myself into these positions? One time when our daughter was young and taking gymnastics classes, I the old athlete, wanted to show our daughter a tumble.  I started my roll and then I heard a snap and the most excruciating pain overcame me. Something in my neck didn’t like the extra stress and I laid there on the floor not even able to lift my head off the floor. My wife had to pick my head up and help me to my feet. I probably should have called an ambulance. I put myself into a position that I was not prepared to do.

I was at work one day and was told to do a safety topic in front of my piers. This is right up there with singing in front of a large group, whoever  is this guy up front trying to sing. Fear will set in and really mess you up. I had downloaded information of a topic I wanted to mention and was somewhat prepared. It really makes it easier if you know what your talking about. I did however bring a prop of the topic to be talked about.  So why did I decide that last night was going to be the night of the speech? I guess it was being able to put myself out there and not to worry about what others will say. Life is very short folks and to hide from everything you really miss out . So with my little speech completed, I’m going to hunt down a Karaoke Machine and start practicing for my next up front performance.

Lessen learned through all of this is to make sure you are prepared for anything in life. Do not be shy to step out of the box. Life is too short folks.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014
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