One Fraction To Completion

Icicles13I’m looking at the thermometer and it reads 31.5 deg F.  The saying one step for mankind is popping into my head. The icicles are a half of a degree from a droplet, slowly within a solid matter just waiting to become a liquid. Now, the ketchup bottle is in my mind, one more drop, hit the bottom to get to the last drop.

If you think about it, How often have situations been one millimeter from making it all the way? Or winning a race, he was only fractions of a second from winning. I myself have been in this situation. I was running once in the playground and a kid was ahead of me. Whoever makes it to the tether pole is the winner. I am running so fast with my PF fliers sneakers and I’m sure I am going to win this competition when something tugged at my foot. I looked down and someone who tied my sneaker didn’t do a very good job and I tripped. I was so close to that boy that I could taste dust.

Think about in warfare, one ship shoots at the other one, both however are shooting at the same time. One shooter decides to eat some Dorito chips before firing and because he put his head down for a fraction of a second his ship get destroyed. Only millimeters away from success.

What about the guy who decided to cross the ocean in a bunch of balloons tied to a lawn chair. He was so close to making it across the beach that he almost crashed into the ocean. I guess he wasn’t close was he?

One step for mankind, I’m still watching the darn icicles and not one drop has come down.  I remember a car race my father had brought me to when I was a young lad. These two cars were neck to neck and the finish line was approaching. One guy looks down for a split second, I think he is eating a Dorito chip, then the other racer takes the checkered flag.

If you look at most things in life that were so close, you will find a reason why they didn’t succeed. Mostly because of not paying attention, or probably eating Dorito’s. Have a great day folks, coffee and peanuts on the menu for me.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


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