Jetliner Lost?

fvUG-v8AI cannot find my keys. I understand that you can lose small items like keys, How can you lose a jetliner? I’m glad that authorities are still out searching the ocean for ten- thousand square miles. The first problem in this search is they forgot that the earth is round. They should be searching ten thousand round miles first. The next in the equation. How can lose something this big in the first place? I can understand a small items like your wallet, sunglasses can be misplaced, but not a jetliner.

They have the technology to find such things and for the sake of the family’s I hope that the liner is found and the people are safe. I lost my teeth once and had an easy time finding those lodged into a tree limb. I lost my virginity once but found this too. I got lost once and ended up finding my way, except for the time I got lost walking in the city when I was ten years old. A young lady found me and called the police, so this one doesn’t count. I have lost at gambling before, I never found that one back. We can lose things here on planet earth but sometimes we find the items or someone finds them for us.

I sure do hope this jetliner is found, I’m still searching around my neck of the woods but all I have seen is deer, squirrels, and birds. I will keep searching and maybe if everyone on this planet keeps searching we will find this airplane. I know we have the technology, we just have to keep looking.


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