Flash Ahead

lightning flashThe lightning hit the telephone pole right in front of my eyes. It was a dark and rainy night and I was driving home from work on county road. I could see small lightning flashes ahead so I knew that I would be driving into a storm. This is not uncommon in the area that I live and to be honest I kind of like watching the flashes. The rain started picking up so I decided to move the wiper control to another notch. I was struggling hard to keep concentration on the road when all of a sudden I saw a big flash and heard a loud crash. I looked up and a telephone pole had been hit by the lightning. The only problem is the pole came crashing down right in front of me. I cranked the steering wheel to the left real hard and the car fishtailed and drove right off over an embankment and crashed into a large tree.

I’m sitting on a beach in the French Riveria and I can see all these first responders running down the beach. I’m thinking boy I hope they find who they are looking for because I’m sure someone is in dire need. Oh, the sun feels so good today and I think a nap is going to happen real soon. One more sip of my cocktail, sip, Ah!

Sir? Wake up. I open my eyes and I see a first responder hollering at me. I move my arm, or try to move my arm, pointing in the direction I saw the other responder running to. Sir? Are you ok? I’m very confused at this point. Why is he talking to me like something happened? Oh, my arm is hurting like someone pushed a dagger through it. Sir? You have been in an accident. Lightning struck a telephone pole and you swerved off the road and hit a tree.

Life can change in a moment. We need to enjoy every day and tell the loved one’s you love them every day. Lightning can flash in front of you and change everything.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


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