Rocco And The Boy’s

1521958_631095710288192_1868571257_nDispatched for a life of crime. Rocco was a thug starting at a young thirteen years old when he stole the neighbors tires off their trailer. He needed them to put on his go-cart.  Rocco grew up in the Bronx and was a tough kid too. He started running with some of the older boys. Some of the stuff they were doing was going to train Rocco at a very young age that the crimes were getting much bigger. There was the day the group decided to snatch purses on Cargill Street. This was a busy business district and a great place to make a lot of money stealing. Another day the oldest boy in the group decided to steal from a local market. They all ran in with clubs in their hands and took all the money from the register.

Rocco was becoming a rough city boy and violence was another thing. One day Rocco was coming home from working the streets when he saw a boy in the alley. He walked up slowly at first until he was close to this boy and then punched the boy. The boy fell to the ground and was bleeding. Rocco continued beating that boy for no reason.

Time to do a robbery at the bank, the oldest boy in the group stated. Rocco was ready for anything, this was going to be exciting. All the boys were able to steal guns from within the hood. The leader told them at 3pm to all meet at the corner of Free Street and Roosevelt Street. The time had come and all gathered for the last information from the leader, the oldest boy. Two will storm in, you Rocco, and you Tim. The other’s are to follow in afterward and would have pillow cases with them to gather the money. When you the first two go in make sure you announce for all people to get to the ground. If they move they will be shot. The time had come and Rocco and Tim stormed the bank. Rocco was the front man and when he made it about halfway to the counter a shot rang out. Rocco was thrown backward and landed on his back. Blood had started to pool around him immediately. Tim was right behind him and another shot rang out and he too was lying on the ground. The other boy’s knew what has happened and ran out of the bank as fast as possible.

Rocco was dispatched right there at that moment. An armed bank guard had shot at the boy and was right on target. The life of crime for Rocco had ended. He never really had a chance. His life was destined for failure. A path of no return.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


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