Time To Change

untitledTime to change the time and get some exercise. I decided it was time to run around the house and change all the clocks. You never know how many you have until you have to run around the house changing them all.  I proceeded downstairs and change three of them. I ran upstairs  and changed three of them. Back downstairs because I forgot one. Back upstairs because I put the wrong hour on the clock. When upstairs I remembered that the vehicle’s needed a time change. I put on the jacket and outside I go. Changed in the car, then changed in the truck. I ran back into the house feeling like I had ran the marathon. I sat down to take a breather when I forgot I usually change the batteries in the smoke detectors. I ran upstairs and changed them in the detectors, then downstairs to the main floor, then in the cellar to change another. I heard a beep on one of the detectors. The one all the way upstairs is beeping, bad battery. I forgot about another one on the main floor, beep beep, the one in the cellar is beeping. Must be a bad batch of batteries. I changed this one and I hear a beep again. I go all the way upstairs, nope. I run to the main floor then run into my wife using the microwave and hitting buttons. Phew, I’m exhausted. Good for another year!


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