Slow Down Sally

imagesGOQNZMZGThe world is spinning faster than a skunk in a perfume factory. The time is moving a lot faster than I ever thought. I have to look back at my children and wonder where the time went. Hey, even my dog is four years old now. Darn it, ole man time, why did you have to put competition into the factor? Slow down old man buddy of time because I’m not ready yet. This is not a race to the end, ok? You can move ahead like a snail in a peanut butter factory, ok? But really on a serious note when you look back at how fast things move along it scares you, or me.

I know that age is catching up for the fact I have lost my ability to bend right over and cut my toenails like when I was younger. I am not flexible like that anymore. I could cut my toenails from a standing position before. I now have to sit in a chair and bend over, which is not even that easy. I also have to wear my glasses to trim my moustache for fear of over trimming. It has happened before and a clean shave was completed because of a total failure.

So old man time! You hearing me on this one? Slow down fella! I am not ready for you or your antic’s. This man here wants to be able to move about at free will and not limp, hunch, or anything of therein. I’m taking control here, Got it?  What is that noise I hear, oh it is the old lady snoring in the background. That is another thing, she really hates it when I mention anything about old lady. I can understand that, it sure makes for hard writing with that background noise.

We can go on in this age old classic, or put a stop to time in our own way. I am going to stop right here and have a coffee, that is going to change my perspective on this topic of age and the timing of age. Hey, I feel better already, young, healthy, inspired, I now have a new leash on life. Live Free, Die Hard. I’m going to enjoy this day off and do something like hula hoop or something young. Maybe I will go throw snowballs at  mailboxes or something silly . Enjoy the day, one more toenail and I’m finished.



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