On The Slopes Of Alberta

untitledI was skiing down an incline like no other when out of the corner of my eye I saw a big black fury animal to the right of the ski trail. I was skiing in Alberta Canada with my brother. The two of us a year previous had talked about a big ski trip and we finally saved up enough money to book our ticket and hotel. We arrived at the hotel in the city and laid our clothes on the bed. My brother decided that we would go to SKI ALBERTA for the first day of our ski trip. We was going to try and hit a few ski area in the area during the week and maybe take one day off to venture into some of the local clubs for a little night life.

My brother was behind me and the trail was a black diamond, which meant it wasn’t for the beginner skiers. The two of us had ski- raced in high school so a black diamond trail didn’t scare us one bit. I was ahead and I could still see the black fury thing coming out from within the woods and it wouldn’t be long that I would be aligned with the animal. I was trying to slow myself down because the trail was getting a little bumpy and I was worried about what was coming out on the trail. I took a quick glance back and could see that my brother had fallen. I took a couple of swishes from side to side to come to a complete stop and wait to see how my brother was doing getting himself back up. I could see that my brother wasn’t getting up and the animal was not walking up the slope toward us. My brother still wasn’t moving about so I decide to side- step up the mountain to see what was going on with my brother.  The faster I was side stepping up the trail, the animal was approaching at a much faster pace. My heart started pounding and now I was hollering at the animal. I could see now that is was a grizzly and it was looking at me with his eyes like I was going to be his first lunch. I kept hollering at the bear and then hollering to my brother. I could tell that my brother was in grave danger. I finally made it to him and he was barely moving. Hey? Hey? You ok Jim? I didn’t get a response from him. I looked up and the bear was now with 15 feet of us. I decided to make a stance and try to protect my brother. I held my ski poles like spears and when the bear was about to prance I would poke my poles at him, right between the eyes.

So we are in the bar room and this burly, bearded guy, walks up to us and tells us that he recognized us. My brother and I looked at this dude and we are thinking, where in the heck he had seen us. This guy had hair all over his face and bushy hair. He said I saw you guys at the ski slope today.

Never judge a book by it’s cover. What may appear to be someone that might scare you by appearance could actually be the nicest person you ever met. Good night my friends.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014


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