Muffin’s for Me

untitledAfter a hard nights work I decided to try out the muffin’s that were made the previous night by the bakery down the street. I have driven by this particular bakery with the windows down and the scent is to die for. Every morning when I would come home it was the same old thing. Toast and two eggs, sunny side up, with a half slice of cheese on them. Yes, a delicious breakfast but the aroma from these muffin’s was impregnating my mind. This has to be one of the senses we have no control over. The smell of something that will be etched in your mind forever. I have often thought that once a certain scent has touch the brain it remains forever. The muffin’s are one such item that I will never forget.

There have been times of scent essence that I would not want etched in. For instance around these parts there is a large egg farmer. Every so often a caravan of poop trucks drive down the highway. Not only that this gets etched into your brain, but also your skin, and clothing. One day I was going to an interview for a prospective job. I was in a hurry because I didn’t want to be late. I look up ahead and there they are, the caravan of poop trucks. You could almost see the smell from behind their trucks. So I get to the interview now smelling like chicken poop.

Another instance was when the wife, children, and I were on a summer vacation. We were driving around the beach town looking for some place to eat when we approached a traffic light. The most un-godly smell you have ever smelled was at the intersection. It had to be 90 degree’s out that day and we later learned a fish truck had over turned and its contents along with it.

We can use our sense of smell to our advantage too. You can smell a nice cologne on a person which in some cases be an attractant. It will either drive you crazy or drive you away, one way or another.

I’m going to stick with the smell of muffins today and all other scents will have to wait. Good Day folks- I’m smelling coffee right now.



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