Five Year Old Language Lesson

imagesAmazing thing I witnessed. I was watching a kids television show with my granddaughter and all of a sudden she starts counting to ten in Spanish. I’m thinking what the heck, did this just come from her tiny little voice? This just doesn’t happen really that a five-year old can pick up language at this young age. I sat in amazement but really thought about how the young absorb everything. They are what they are taught. If a child see’s bad behavior this can be impregnated into their brain. The path of replication. They will remember stuff that you really have no idea that sunk in to their tiny brains. So I sit here and think my granddaughter can speak another language or at least a few words of it but I have to go back to stuff I absorbed. Remember the jingle? Conjunction Conjunction what’s your function? Mixing up words and phrases and clauses.  There is a lot of stuff that if your heard it today you would remember. How about the commercial WHERE’S THE BEEF? This was a little old lady asking for beef. How about IVE FALLEN AND CANNOT GET UP. These are all jingles to get you to remember their product. It is of repetitive nature to instill in our brains forever. I still have to think about my granddaughter. She has watched this particular show over and over and has learned from this. A language was taught without her really knowing it. I just loved the fact that children can absorb so much. We have to nurture this education to our young. We need to bring good stuff to television and take out the no-nonsense reality show’s we see today. I have seen some science shows popping up. This is a step in the right direction. Uno Dos Tres- I’m out of here. ©Bilodeau.D.H. 2014


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