Dora Dora

2014-02-11 12.59.05A quick trip to pick up the granddaughter this morning. Oh, Just love to see her face when we drive up to her mothers car to get her. My wife and I were up early and traveled to get her. We arrived back at the house and went out to feed the deer. Darn Bluejay’s are stealing the deer feed. Funny, our granddaughter told me the deer feed smells good. Everyone likes the deer feed. I saw Turkey’s nibbling on the feed too. The squirrels seem to like it as well. We made the trip back from the apple tree where we spread some of the deer feed. It was a cold trip this morning but we will get to see deer soon. We are back into the house and stoaked the woodstove so we can have a nice warm house. The granddaughter has set the priorities right off. It will be Dora-Dora-Dora. She just loves watching this show. I cannot understand a single word they are saying because it is all in Spanish. Ok, where are the deer, this will distract her from watching Dora. Come on big critters anytime now. So cold in NewEngland and playing outside with a 5 year old just doesn’t make for a good day when it is this cold.  It has warmed up a little and reading 15 F right now at 1030 hrs. Again I cannot wait for the deer to arrive, this has brought a lot of enjoyment watching them come in for a snack. It is funny how when I do not feed them I will see them out there watching the house. It appears they are just sitting there telling me, Ok, we made the trip and now it is time to feed us. It usually works when I see them all looking my way. I’m going to watch in two directions right now. Doro and the window. Enjoy your day wherever you are.



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