Month: March 2014

Chickata Pigeon

imagesRain is the gift from god. It keeps all things living. Life would not exist without water. Good ole H20 as most of us humans know it. Plants will take in the water and give off Carbon Dioxide which is needed for us to breath. What in the world is the most water using animal? I wondered this one day and did some research and found it to be a Chickata Pigeon in Morrilla, Spain.

This pigeon spends all day drinking water and only takes short moments to eat a little food. The people in Morrilla are outraged by this bird because of the consumption of water. It is also the number one animal in the world for extricating. The town workers spend most of the time hosing down the sidewalks and the local fire departments have exhausted their manpower budget this year and it is not even summer. The local hunting clubs have been hired by the local government to combat the population. The hunting clubs are having a hard time finding anymore ammo to supply the members. The tax payers are upset because they are having to pay for all the overtime pay that has accumulated this year. The town of Morrilla is in a standstill as how to combat this issue.

The United States of America has been contacted to send someone that specializes in this species. They are sending a highly recommended scientist. His name is Al Gore, and it is known in the States that he was the person who developed the internet. He is also a specialist in Global Warming. He is the man and will give the people of Morrilla  a breath of fresh air.  He has proven in his country to combat such issues before.

Rain can also move mountains. The local gazette here in Maine had reported last week of a landslide coming down and houses and people were covered in mud. It is also known that many people are still missing.  This rain has become a nuisance for as far as I can tell. I know water is needed for us to live, but why has it taking more lives than any other on this planet? I have a simple answer to the people of Morrilla, take all this rain we are having in Maine right now and wash down your streets with it. It is free to take. Al Gore will be your contact person for this and will handle all your logistical needs. The farms in this area are looking for a new manure to put in their fields maybe with a trade mission to Morrilla that we can exchange water for bird poo. Again Al Gore will be your contact for this.

So really, Can you imagine life without water? I have often thought about this………………….. ©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Flash Of A Miracle

article-2572269-1BAFBB8C00000578-793_634x506Miracles do happen. I was working in a pizza joint one night and this old man came up to the counter. I will have a pepperoni pizza young man, he replied. That will be $6.95 sir and it will take about fifteen minutes sir. You might want to take a seat and we will call you when it is done. The man went and sat down. I looked over and he was sitting next to the window and kept looking out the window like he was waiting for someone to arrive. The pizza was almost complete and the man stands up and walks to the door. He opens the door and is holding it like someone is there but no one is there. He then closes the door and is talking to himself. The chair on the opposite side of the table moves all by itself then moves back in toward the table. I look out and the old man is talking and directing his conversation across the table.

The pizza is complete and I’m still in amazement for what I had just witnessed. I cannot tell any of my co-workers because they will think I have gone completely bonkers. I approach the table. Sir, here is the pizza you just ordered. He looks straight ahead and says, honey this pizza smells fabulous. Now I’m not going crazy here, I look to the other side of the table and a drinking glass raises up then is placed gently back down on the table. Wholly smokes my knee’s are shaking at this point. I look at the old man and I say to him. Sir, did you just see that? See what young man? Did you just see that glass raise up then back down? I saw nothing what you are talking about young man . He looks to me and replies, Young man do you know miracles do happen if you believe? I didn’t know how to answer that question.

I walked away in awe of what this old man had just stated to me. Was it true that if you imagine something real hard that miracles can happen. I went home from work that night wanting to tell my wife what I saw today but realized that she would think I had become totally insane. Had this old man in his wanting so bad, reincarnated his beloved wife? How could this be I wondered. The lesson from this man made me understand that life is what you make of it. You can dream and pray for something hard enough and in the end miracles can be possible.

I have been dreaming real hard and researching this topic on the internet. I have never found one story of this happening. Was what I witnessed only a fragment of my imagination? Who has the answer? I cannot wait to go to work tomorrow, I have many questions. I hope this man and his wife reappear. There has to be a miracle within my life somewhere. ©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Love Again- Now go Hang Out The Clothes.

untitledShe smiled at me and I smiled back. It was the sweetest thing I had every seen. It has been three years now since I lost my wife in a horrible car accident. She had meant the world to me and had our two children. I never even to the slightest had thought about being with another person again. How could anyone replace this lady I had loved so much. Again, the stranger smiled at me. I gave her a slight wave of my hand letting her know I responded back. Who was this stranger? I moved closer to introduce myself. What the heck was I doing? I’m not like this. What is pulling me toward this woman?

I was at the grocery store and here I am now standing next to this woman. I can smell the perfume on her, she smiled again and reached out her hand. My name is Adrianna, yours would be? I kind of stumbled, Ah, Ah, my name is Henri. She told me that is a funny name. I giggled for a second, it was the only name I was giving and it wasn’t funny to me. I am from French decent. It is a lovely name Henri, she smiled again. She had the whitest teeth and blue eyes to die for. We talked for a few minutes when I decided to give her my number and asked if she would like to meet somewhere. I know Henri, this is a funny place to meet. She asked if I was interested in going to the local coffee shop on the corner of Bridge and Main Street. I would love to meet your there, like 7 pm on Friday night? Ok, she replied, and she gave my hand a squeeze acknowledging this information. I caught myself watching her as she walked back down the isle. Wow there was some sparks going on here and I was about to slap myself.

We met at the coffee shop down on the corner and she was wearing that same perfume. Oh man this is an attractant for me. She smiled again and moved her head forward as to let me kiss her. I leaned forward and gave her a big romantic kiss right there in front of the store owner. She looked at me with surprise when I pulled back. She replied Henri? What is the rush here? I was only leaning down to fix my stocking. Oh the fool I am, making a complete arse out of myself. That is ok Henri, there is plenty more where that came from. My cheeks had to turn bright red when this comment was made. I asked if she like to dance. Well of course, she replied. What person in this world doesn’t like to dance? Ah, Me for one I’m thinking to myself. Lets meet at the Café del Rosa in Remmington.

We met at the dance hall and she was wearing a tight skirt which revealed an amazing body. I couldn’t help noticing that she was also well endowed in the upper region and I kept catching myself staring at her. Oh man, I’m going to get busted for looking. Ok, the perfect gentleman I am, stop it!

The night was awesome and she sure could dance with grace. She had moves on the floor that I couldn’t even think of doing. I would try to keep up but my dancing experience was very weak. We made the last call and last dance of the night. The last song was making me tear up because this was a waltz from when my wife and I got married. I was holding this lady who I just met like it was my wife. It seemed like my wife had been recreated. How could this happen? I told myself there was no one else in this world that I could love more than my wife and I was resigned to the fact I would be a single person the rest of my life. Somehow everything had changed at this moment. Oh the scent of this woman.

We kept meeting for a year, before we knew it life for me had changed drastically. I realized now that love can repeat itself if you give it a chance. Henri? can you please go pick up the kids? Where is my breakfast? I’m getting it honey. How come you throw your darn clothes on the floor everyday? I’m getting sick of your snoring all the time. Ah- Love as you know it!


©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Until The End

article_84fd85e643e1abd1_1343825565_9j-4aaqskOn the edge of life and death. Life is so precious we take every moment and balance every moment of this. We are time machines and are not programmed for eternal life.  Photograph the memories of your loved ones and tell them you love them at all times. We cannot control the future, nor can any other human. Others can mitigate certain problems and with that we survive in the hands of doctors. Hope, pray, cross your fingers if that is what it takes to give a person more time with us.

We have been witness to life after death, we see it all around us. The wind, sun, tree’s, certain songs, a noise. We can hear this person sending signals at times. I know life goes on. I have photographed everything about this person into my brain. They are with us to our eternal end and I know a connection of the two of us will prevail.

Lives will hang onto this bitter balance of this time machine and family’s will bond and make connections with these people to photograph one more memory.

Otis Mill

78670I could go on into the history of this paper mill but wanted to talk about the history of my forefathers and thereafter. Both my grandparents worked in the Otis Paper Mill or the old International Paper Mill in Jay, Maine. One of my grandfathers worked there for almost 50 years and my own father worked in this mill for 43 years. I worked in this mill as an electrical and instrument tech for 20 years until it closed in 2008. millcrew1903

The community was built upon this industry. The Northern territory or Northern Division was started because of the abundance of tree’s in this state. The paper mills owned and controlled the woodland division and this was what brought people from all over the world to work here. The Italians were the masons and built all the structures around here. They also built building’s for the woolen mills too. This part of the country was an industrial giant back in the day.  Some of the paper mills in this area are still in operation but not running like the booming days from like from the 40’s to 80’s. All industrial facilities are struggling with today’s market prices. Fuel cost has increased and the good ole dollar just doesn’t have much strength anymore in the USA.across-river1885sm

My forefathers worked hard for a living to build this community. I have seen good days and bad times in this region. The local shoe shops have all gone away and everyone is struggling to find jobs just like any other part of this country. Small stores have closed shops because of larger compaines. I can understand why because only the bigger companies can survive in today’s industry. We are becoming a poor country- I will not get into any political debate why, but think our country has been sold out to  foreign industries with a better dollar value.images39S5IG3Q

It was sad to see the the Otis Mill close when it did, I have a lot of memories and visions of my forefathers walking the same steps I took. It is only a place of historic events for some writers to talk about. I am the history of this paper mill and will always remember that place. $T2eC16FHJGoE9nuQeWioBQUMTCM(!w~~60_35

Mornings Around Here

2014-03-25 07.31.22Mornings are wonderful around here. The deer are feeding in the backyard and I can hear the morning doves. The chickadee’s are making their presence also. I look to the apple tree in the backyard and birds are picking off remaining apple’s. There is a war for these rotting frozen apples. The birds want them but so do the deer. The sun is shinning and the sky this morning was very pink. We have been supplied with an abundance of snow here in Central, Maine, the beauty is spectacular to see. 2014-03-25 07.35.12

With the amount of snow we have the authorities are very concerned with flooding in this area. The river is called the Androscoggin River and meanders around several towns throughout this state. I can remember a flood we had in 1986 or 87 that really hit this area hard. The roads were washed out and the paper mills took some damage from severe flooding. Not a whole lot you can do when all the water comes rushing into your facility and the basement is completely flooded. All the motors in the mill had to be hoisted above the water line. It was a good thing a contractor was at the facility at the time and lifted all the motors. A friend of mine called one day and he reported that his washer and dryer in the basement were floating. We are not usually concerned that much of the river flooding its banks, but this year we have an abundance of snow compared to earlier years.2014-03-14 08.20.26

I am hoping for all this snow to melt so we can start getting ready for bug season. There really is a season for that around here I swear.  We have many seasons around here. Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall, Bug, and Mud. We also have hunting, fishing season that are merged into some of these seasons. I have talked with the local leaders about making mud and bug an official season but we never get enough people to show up to local town meeting’s to have enough hands to vote.

Did I mention that the mornings are beautiful around here? Really just great to look out and see this wonderful, spectacular view. Ok honey! I will be right with you, she likes it when I put her socks on for her. I have to run, I’m taking one more peek outside. Enjoy the day! I’m going shoveling today. Ciao!


Within The Forest Of Fire

plane%20crash%20kansas_1382128078871_3629612_ver1_0_640_480I was awakened by the sound of a loud crash. I looked outside and couldn’t see anything because of the darkness. There was a rumble that shook the whole house and I was freaking out. I put my clothes on in a hurry and made quick time downstairs to see if the house was damaged or a wall had come down. There was nothing to witness within the house, out of the corner window I saw a glow in the woods.

It was very cold out so I grabbed my jacket and hat and some gloves. I went to the cupboard and retrieved the flashlight. When I stepped outside the door I could hear a roaring sound with loud pops every minute or so. I walked closer to the glow and I could now smell something burning. I came to an opening in the woods, before my eyes, and strewn all over the place was burning debris for as far as I could see. The tops of the tree’s were on fire and fire throughout the forest for about five-hundred feet in width.

My mind was reeling and still I could not process what could cause such devastation. I started walking around the perimeter and I saw a suitcase, a doll lying on the ground covered in soot. I now understood what this devastation was. It was a jetliner that had crashed. I got on my cell phone and called 911. Here is the call. Hello dispatcher. I am in the woods and I believe a jetliner has crashed into my backyard. Sir, don’t play games with us. We are an emergency dispatch center and it is a crime to make false accusation’s about something of this nature. I am not fooling around miss, there is flames for as far as I can see. You need to send someone out here in a hurry. There might be people lying in the woods still alive. I’m going to walk around and see if I can find any souls. Sir? You are serious about this? Yes, I’m not kidding, send the fire department out right now. Ok, Sir, I will be dispatching the fire and rescue they will be there soon.

It must of been five or ten minutes and it seemed like the whole state had responded to this scene. I ran back to my house to check on my wife and two children. They were standing in the kitchen and understandably shaken by what they were seeing within the woods. Honey, a jetliner has crashed in the woods. My wife looks at me with a worry on her face. Honey? Is there any survivor’s? I do not know that answer dear but I’m sure the fire department will let us know soon.

We waited in the house for it seemed like eight hours and this one fire chief came into the house and told us that one soul had been found and is in critical condition. The person found was a young lady of around twenty-four years of age. Her passport stated she was from Istanbul and she was coming to America to become a chef in a famous New York restaurant .  I asked what hospital they were taking her too. Sir, they will be taking her to Presbyterian Hospital by the Bay. Ok, Thanks chief I appreciate this information.

I walked back out into the woods later when daylight came and was amazed at how much debris was strewn all over the woods. I could see a section of the wing and also the wheels from the jet. There was some things still burning but most of the fires were out. The firefighters had been there all night and were exhausted. The count of souls they found were to be two-hundrend and twenty-five. I started to cry and only had visions of how many families had lost their fathers, mothers, children,brother’s and sister’s. This was going to take me a long time to process and I hugged my family today. We all cried.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Winter Forever

2014-03-20 04.19.51Hard to believe that spring is here. I can remember the days when spring was when flowers are coming up and grass is starting to turn green.  I believe that Al Gore made a correct assumption  saying it is all about global warming. If there is some global warming I would like to see it here in Maine. I have come to conclusion that it really rots looking out the window when it is supposed to be spring. It does get a little depressing when you see other peoples post south of this State enjoying some warmer temps and actually looking at grass. Winters full grip is still within us and woodstoves are going and it is not even out of the 30’s F.  You know what the “F” stands for around here? FRIG or to mean cold. Refrigerator was derived from this term. I believe it was some Mainer that came up with it. It was spring time and snow was all about, he looked out the window and said FRIG. His name is in the books somewhere, I know I have seen it somewhere, Henry Frig Winkle.

We will wait for warmer temperatures to come around and melt some of this snow. The maple syrup business is in distress around here too. You have to have warm days with cold night. I see a long line of men today at Food Mart buying all the Aunt Jemima Syrup on the shelves. It has been a hard time for all around here.

It really just killed me that my daughter just came here to visit the night, she told me that from where she lives in South Portland, Maine, which is an hour and a half south of here, she could not believe how much snow we have. She replied, I felt like I just came from summer to winter. I know how she feels because we have the same feeling like winter is here to stay. It wont be until August before we can mow the lawn, I have to start my wood gathering and stacking program around that time to get ready for winter. Argh! Go Away Winter, I have had enough already. Enjoy your night folks, I’m going to slug down a little Crown and sulk.

Captured Soldier

images3Y01KD0ESurrender! The German soldier was pointing his bayonet at me. He could have squeezed the trigger, I was waiting for it. The day before I was with my battalion working some hedges along the road, in the south of Bastle. I was near the back of the group and we was taking some small arms fire all day. We had taken out some of the enemy and we had lost a few of our own . This was getting to be quite normal around here and to be expected. I remember when in boot camp the leaders telling us to look around the room. He told us that only three guys in this group would survive this war. So I understood the odds of some of us getting killed on a regular basis was to be somewhat normal.

The battalion had settled for the night and our colonel told us that we would have to dig fox holes, two in a hole would guard our defensive positions. My buddy and I had dug for hours and the hole was of good size. The two of us jumped in and took our rifles and ammo that was needed. Jeff my buddy told me that he would be the first to guard and that I could kind of nap out if I wanted to. I replied no problem because I was very tired from walking the hedges all day. I dozed off and was dreaming of home. My mother’s home cooked thanksgiving dinner with all the fixing was on my mind. I was also dreaming of my girlfriend Rayleen who I hadn’t seen for over a year now. I must of been out for awhile and was jolted to my right shoulder. I woke up real fast to see my buddy Ray lying in a pool of blood and he was looking at me. Ray took his last breath and about the same time I heard a shot and it hit just to left of the fox hole with dirt flying all over the place. I jumped out of the way and my helmet fell off my head. I was scurrying about to get my helmet when I looked up and a soldier was telling me to surrender. Hands Up! I thought this was the last person I was going to see and he waved for me to get out of the hole.

The soldier brought me back to his placement and I was put into a chamber of total darkness. I was in a squatting position and after it seemed like two days, finally someone came to the door. A man speaking broken English told me that I am now a prisoner and that I had to talk to his leader about the atrocities I had done to his fellow soldiers and his country. I met with a portly man who also spoke broken English and he was a mean son of a gun. He asked what my name was and I wouldn’t tell him. The man punched me in the stomach, I thought I was going to die right there. He again asked me my name and rank. I still did not reply and this time he took a wooden stick and smashed my right knee. I fell to the ground and then he hit me over the head. I saw stars and then passed out.

I woke up back in the dark room as earlier but this time I was in so much pain. I couldn’t breath without serious pain. Many day and nights had gone by then the soldier came to the door. He gave me food and water, which seemed to bring me back to reality. He told me that I had to speak to this leader again. I was brought back to the portly man and again asked the question. Your name and rank. This time I was not a fool and told him my name. Richard Mulligen and my rank was a private. Mr. Mulligen, you have been bad to our soldiers and country. You are going to pay us back by working on our railroad system. You will need to be strong,  we will provide you with food on a daily basis. You start this project tomorrow and will go early in the morning and come back here at night. It is not going to get you back to your country but you will become one of us.

Time went on and work was hard. Many of us captured was working the lines on the rail. I remember this day like it was yesterday. A United States fighter jet swooped down on this rail yard and starting shooting every soldier in sight. All of us hid in the hedges and when the jet was all done shooting we looked to our left and US Army tanks were coming in one right after another. One stopped in front of where I was hiding and the hatched opened up. The soldier hollered come on you rednecks get your assses over here. We all gathered and behind the tanks were trucks. We all loaded into the back like cattle and then we drove off. We came back to Fort Riley which was way back from the fire line and real far from the enemy camp that I was located. All of us soldiers got out of the truck and were brought back to a bunch of men cheering and clapping for us.

We were finally going home. After the record of men was taken, it was told that we spent 385 days at this prison camp. I had lost 68 pounds and didn’t even look like myself anymore. We were flow back to the states and when I got off the airplane there standing at the tarmac was my beautiful girlfriend Rayleen. It was the most beautiful thing in the world. We hugged for it seemed like hours and kissed.

I will never forget the boys that I was held captive with and I’m sure they will never forget me. All I can say is that war is painful. I still have the scars to prove it. My mind, my body, my soul have been etched forever. I have lived on and the American Flag has so much meaning.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Another Hammer Comes Down

2014-03-20 04.19.51Some how it just doesn’t feel like spring here. I woke up early this morning with visions of flowers blooming and birds chirping. I was soon alerted to a major snow storm and an early call out for the our fire department. There was supposed to be a tree on the line somewhere. Dispatch called us but just seeing the numbers on mailboxes to find the location was almost impossible. The first hurtle I had was going out and cleaning the truck. There was anywhere from 12-15 inches or more snow on the truck and trying to respond to a fire call was not going to be quick response this morning. The snow was coming down in buckets and visibility was intense around here. The local weather reports as of last night was only supposed to be 3-5 inches of snow. Someone missed the boat on this one.

Here in New England we are prepared for anything, but it really did kill my visions of spring in a hurry. I’m going to wait for daylight to do some cleanup around here but in the meantime I’m going to cuss at the local weather man for fibbing a little on this one. Someone in this country is enjoying the benefits of spring I’m sure.  The picture above is my deck this morning at 0400 hrs.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Fire Road Twenty-Four

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe night of the snake encounter. My brother Mike had asked if I wanted to go hiking in the Sierra Mountains, Near Kirkwood Mountain ski area. I guess by what he was saying you could go about 12 miles into the mountains via fire roads. He would go to the local information center in Kingsbeach area and get topographic maps so we could follow the roads and hike different mountain peaks.

I didn’t have much for mountain gear to start out with. He told me I probably will need a decent back pack and to go to the local Circle K and maybe I could find one. I went to the store and in the sporting equipment section I saw the perfect back pack. It was in stripes and stars of the American flag. It was relatively cheap looking and that was ok because I only had a little money. I had to get some other supplies. A thermos and maybe some plastic cups and plastic silverware would do.

I was feeling good that I was packed and ready. My brother picked me up at my house. Hey bro, How you doing? I’m doing great and excited for the trip. How many day’s do you think we are going to hike. Well, I have three days off and do not have to be back until Friday night. Ok, I replied, sounds good to me. The drive up the mountain pass to where we was about to begin this trip was like forty-five minutes away. Hey bro? Here is a beer to start the trip. I was smiling from ear to ear.

Mike was an ambitious young man and the outdoors was really his fancy. I liked being around him because of this outdoor excitement. We did a lot of trips together which I probably wouldn’t do if it weren’t for his planning. We made it to the start of the hike, Mike brought out the topo maps and we decided to take Fire road 24 which would take us to the north ridge. We hiked all day and stopped for a few beer breaks along the way. Mike told me that we better start looking for a place to bed down for the night.

We found a nice flat spot near the top of the North Ridge and it was a perfect place to start a small campfire. It was hidden by tree’s and hopefully we wouldn’t start a forest fire. We had some cans of beef stew and cooked it up. We needed the protein for energy for the hike tomorrow. We sat and talked for a few hours until I told Mike that I was going to bed. I lay awake for a few minutes and fell quickly fast asleep.

Ouch! Something had just punctured me in the thigh and I about jumped through the roof of the tent. I was trying to find my flashlight but that was outside in my backpack. I tried to find the zipper on the tent and something hit me again right on my stomach. Ouch! I found the zipper and ran out of the tent hollering all the way. My brother came out of his tent and asked what is all the hollering about? Something just bit me, twice actually Mike. He had a flashlight and looked into my tent. Oh my god bro, it is a timber- rattler. I was starting to feel a little dizzy and getting very weak. Bro? I have to get you back down the Mountain in a hurry if you are going to survive this. He gathered all our stuff and left my tent right where it stood. Bro, we have to get moving fast. He put his arms around me and we started the trek back down the ridge.

I was really starting to fail fast and walking was like I had never walked before. Bro, you have to keep going! Hang in there because your not going to die on my watch. We finally made it back to the vehicle and Mike raced fast as he could to the nearest hospital which was twenty minutes away in Truckee, California. The doctor put some anti-venom into me and by the next morning I was starting to feel like myself again. My brother had save my life and I owed everything to him.

I loved my brother and his exploration of the wilderness. He had a love of the world like no other and wanted to share everything about it with his family. Mike took ill back in 1990 and couldn’t survive the infections that he had. If only I had half the ambition he had for life. I will never forget the time in the mountains with him. Thanks Bro it was a wonderful memory of you today. I’m looking up to ya Bro.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Quest For Time, Really?

man_writing_authorI just cannot seem to get any gump today. Maybe it is the fact that I had worked twelve hour nights and slept for only four hours. It also could be the fact that things are going through my mind faster than a camel in heat. I find that being somewhat of a writer I tend to have stuff brewing all the time. This writing stuff gives me a place to let out some of those feelings or ideas. We who tend to write do it for pleasure and hope that in the end someone else can get satisfaction from our past writings. It took me a long time to accept the idea that I was going to write stuff and leave trail, sort of speaking. When we write stories it is etched into computer world forever and someday hopefully my family will stop for a minute and read some of the stories I have put into this memory chip.

I sit here alone, my dog at my feet and wonder what else would I be doing right at this moment in time if I wasn’t a writer. It’s ok boy? You will be ok, the dog is licking my feet. He gets bored too. I think I became a reader somewhat out of boredom. I was not a racer anymore, nor was I a ballet dancer. The hobbies were far and few between and I needed an outlet. Writing has become this new outlet and I hope that by journaling my mind that people can get a chuckle from time to time or learn something of interest.  I know your hungry dog, you can wait, I’m writing.  This is the only thing that has bothered me about writing is the interruptions. I get into somewhat of a trance when I’m writing and all of a sudden a question is thrown at me. You know your mother is watching Jeopardy every night? Huh? You say something there dear? Or now the dog wants to go outside and do his duties. So writing is really not a priority only a necessity to fulfill my dire needs. Hang on dog, I will be right with you! So interrupted again, now I lost my thought.  No, I don’t want to play with shakey- shake the Frisbee. Good Dog, go lay down. What I find in this writing endeavor is that sometimes people or animals are left out, put out to pasture as to speak. I however only wanted a few minutes of my time to jot something down. I hope people will understand this quest I’m having.

Sometimes you have to go back in time to get yourself out of this gump. It is like resetting yourself. I like to take music for this.  Aztec Two Step. Some Acoustic Therapy-

Enjoy the day, I can hear the birds chirping, Come on Spring, this Thursday. Ya- hoo. Now the snow can melt anytime.  ©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Crying In The Woods

Avalanche_Rescue_Dog_Looking_A_6552172I am part of an elite special search and rescue team out of Ashvielle, Texas. Our major concentration and training has been in Search and Rescue. I am special- qualified in low angel rescue and searching with dogs. Our team was called out to the the State of Maine because a woman had gone missing on the Appalachian Trail a week ago. I had my dog Bert with me and another person on my team was going with a search dog too. I had all my gear in my back pack and flashlights for hiking at night if needed. This woman was hiking alone on the AT when she failed to contact her husband Tony two days before. Her husband new that something wasn’t right and called the authorities.

The day started out with all our team meeting at the local fire station in Apton with our team leader Dean giving us a pre-op and giving us coordinates to search for the day. I looked over the map of the terrain that Bert and I would be canvassing and notice the elevation to be around 3200 feet. I had hiking boots with spikes in the bottom which gave me better traction. One of the firefighters gave me a ride closer to the area I would be searching.

I found out that this lady had an enormous amount of hiking experience and that she was well prepared for hiking in the mountains. I’m sure she just went off trail and got lost and that we would find her in no time. Usually our team found most people that we went looking for and I felt like this was going to be the same. I had been all day searching and calling out her name. Julia! Julia! I hollered for her all day and never heard any response back. I called back to my team leader Dean to tell him I had not found any indication of anyone hiking this area. I could find no foot prints and also looked for turned over rocks, or broken whips on the tree’s. The hike was starting to wear me down so I decided to stop and get some water. There was a big rock and the sun was shinning on it brightly which I felt would give me some warmth. Bert sat down next to me and I brought out some water for the both of us. I was looking at my map and making decisions to change course when I thought I heard someone crying from within the wood line about 100 meters ahead. Sometimes when your looking for someone so bad your mind does strange things and I just thought it was my mind thinking I’d heard a voice within the woods. Again, I could hear someone crying. This time Bert’s ears popped up so I knew that I wasn’t just imagining this sound.images

Bert and I  moved toward the ridge line and into the woods. The crying sound was getting stronger and I know could hear this person calling out, Help! Help!  We were about to cross over this stream and down next to the stream and near a large felled tree I saw a woman. I called out, Are You Julia? Yes, Please help me. I got on my two-way radio and called team leader Dean to give him information of my coordinates and that she had been found. Julia was so happy to see me. Here is a link of a true story that happened in Maine. This woman was never found.

I accessed her condition and found that she had two broken legs from a fall she had taking. She had dragged her injured body at least one mile through the woods. She understood that she needed to get to a stream if she was going to be found. Both her hands were cut up as well. I took out my bandages and wrapped them around her hands. I had soft splints in my gear bag and splinted both legs the best I could. The crying from Julia had stopped. She had no more tears to let out. She was very dehydrated. The rest of my search team embarked upon the scene and we were able to carry her back to the fire station to an awaiting ambulance. Her husband was relieved that his Julia had been found.Cave_Rescue_training_12_4in

In the weeks afterward our team was called out to another search and rescue. The Arizona mountains, where a team of sky jumpers could not be located. Bert and I were ready for anything- – – – – – – – – – – –   ©Bilodeau,D.H.

Hiding Behind The Curtain

microphoneWhy I put myself into these positions? One time when our daughter was young and taking gymnastics classes, I the old athlete, wanted to show our daughter a tumble.  I started my roll and then I heard a snap and the most excruciating pain overcame me. Something in my neck didn’t like the extra stress and I laid there on the floor not even able to lift my head off the floor. My wife had to pick my head up and help me to my feet. I probably should have called an ambulance. I put myself into a position that I was not prepared to do.

I was at work one day and was told to do a safety topic in front of my piers. This is right up there with singing in front of a large group, whoever  is this guy up front trying to sing. Fear will set in and really mess you up. I had downloaded information of a topic I wanted to mention and was somewhat prepared. It really makes it easier if you know what your talking about. I did however bring a prop of the topic to be talked about.  So why did I decide that last night was going to be the night of the speech? I guess it was being able to put myself out there and not to worry about what others will say. Life is very short folks and to hide from everything you really miss out . So with my little speech completed, I’m going to hunt down a Karaoke Machine and start practicing for my next up front performance.

Lessen learned through all of this is to make sure you are prepared for anything in life. Do not be shy to step out of the box. Life is too short folks.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014
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A Billion Years Ago

imagesA billion years ago I was walking down to the river to get some water. I had walked for many days through the forest. The insects had been biting me all the way and I stepped on a black snake. I think that it bit me on the foot. I found some ginger root and rubbed it on the bite location. The ancient elders had told me that ginger would draw out the poison from the serpent.

I first came to the waters edge and put my sore foot into the water to cool the pain that I’d been having since the bite. I looked out to the other side of the river and out of the corner of my eye I saw a  pack of wild dogs. One of the dogs looked at me and growled, then all of the other dogs looked up at me. The one dog from the back of the pack started swimming across the river, I could see another one downstream doing the same. I could tell that they were trying to surround me, I would become their meal. I had to advise a plan and real fast as to how I would protect myself. I looked to my right and I could see a large club lying on the ground. I picked up this weapon for defense purposes incase these dogs surrounded me. Looking out to the woods, I could see a large tree and I though that if I scurried a little fast that I might get to the tree and climb up. I turned on my bad foot and made a quick trip, hobbling as I went.

I stood in the crotch of the tree limb for a long time and the wild dogs at the bottom of the tree. They were showing their teeth,  drool was dripping from their mouths. I was going to be their meal if I stepped down from this tree. Finally after the sun went down that the dogs started to disperse. I was getting very hungry and tired. I went back to the waters edge and drank some water and cooled my foot, which was still aching. I crossed the river in search of food. I was walking for quite some time when I could smell an awful odor. I looked up ahead and could see an animal lying on the side of the path. It looked like this might have been left over from the wild dogs. The meat was still pink so I grabbed my stick and poked at it to get some chunks of meat apart. I ate for awhile and then I heard an awful screeching sound. I jumped to my feet real fast and hid behind a bush to try and get a visual of what was coming . Tromp, Tromp, Tromp, I could hear in the forest. Screeeeeeeeech! It brought chills to my spine and all the way down to my toes. I looked up, there before me was a giant bear like creature with large fangs. The paws on the animal were the size of my head and it didn’t look very friendly. I could tell that it had my scent and the only way to get rid of this creature was to start throwing some of the meat that I had gathered from beforehand. This seemed to be working, I kept throwing out pieces of meat, as far as I could throw. My arm was starting to hurt from all the tossing, what the heck is this soft thing lying across my face, why am I laying down on a soft square object, where is my club? What is that beeping sound?

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

One Fraction To Completion

Icicles13I’m looking at the thermometer and it reads 31.5 deg F.  The saying one step for mankind is popping into my head. The icicles are a half of a degree from a droplet, slowly within a solid matter just waiting to become a liquid. Now, the ketchup bottle is in my mind, one more drop, hit the bottom to get to the last drop.

If you think about it, How often have situations been one millimeter from making it all the way? Or winning a race, he was only fractions of a second from winning. I myself have been in this situation. I was running once in the playground and a kid was ahead of me. Whoever makes it to the tether pole is the winner. I am running so fast with my PF fliers sneakers and I’m sure I am going to win this competition when something tugged at my foot. I looked down and someone who tied my sneaker didn’t do a very good job and I tripped. I was so close to that boy that I could taste dust.

Think about in warfare, one ship shoots at the other one, both however are shooting at the same time. One shooter decides to eat some Dorito chips before firing and because he put his head down for a fraction of a second his ship get destroyed. Only millimeters away from success.

What about the guy who decided to cross the ocean in a bunch of balloons tied to a lawn chair. He was so close to making it across the beach that he almost crashed into the ocean. I guess he wasn’t close was he?

One step for mankind, I’m still watching the darn icicles and not one drop has come down.  I remember a car race my father had brought me to when I was a young lad. These two cars were neck to neck and the finish line was approaching. One guy looks down for a split second, I think he is eating a Dorito chip, then the other racer takes the checkered flag.

If you look at most things in life that were so close, you will find a reason why they didn’t succeed. Mostly because of not paying attention, or probably eating Dorito’s. Have a great day folks, coffee and peanuts on the menu for me.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Abundance Of Something

2014-03-13 13.01.33What is all this white stuff around here. I decided it was time to go out and start cleaning the snow. I was very comfortable in the living room. The woodstove was pumping out some nice heat and going out into the cold just didn’t seem right. I was thinking that if I wait long enough the snow would be gone. However being the smart guy that I am, How was I going to get to work in the morning? So I went into my cellar to retrieve my snowmobile suit and gather up my mad bomber hat and some gloves.

I’m all bundled up now and feeling a little locked in. I make the move out to start cleaning off one of two trucks that I have. One truck I use everyday and it doesn’t have a plow. The other truck is the old truck with a plow. I decided to get the everyday truck cleaned off first . I tried to open the drivers side door and I couldn’t open it. Frozen in time. I pounded on the handle and finally the door opened. I spent some time cleaning this truck and it was not easy. The snow we had last night was filled with a lot of moisture and I had to pound ice off. I then proceeded to the old plow truck. I tromped through the snow and started the cleaning process. Phew! I”m getting tired already and haven’t even started cleaning the driveway yet. 2013-12-30 06.57.11

I finished the plowing in the driveway and now it was time to start the snow blower so I could clean the walkways. This was going to be a task since I burned up the starter during the last snow event. I had to take the spark plug out and spray starter fluid to assist me in starting this. I pulled on the pull cord many times before it started up. I proceeded the process of cleaning. I was about halfway done when the snow blower quit. Oh no! Now I have to try and get this started without the starter fluid. Lucky for me it started right back up.2014-03-12 17.53.03

You know what usually happens when your all bundled up like this? You have to go to the bathroom. Back into the house and reverse the process.  Then start the process over and so I can finish the job outside. It is not easy being me.  I finished this job and felt like taking a nap after all this work. So I told myself, You? Take a nap, Me, Ok no problem. The wood heat is feeling so good. I will have to make it another day to finish this story. Good night everyone. The shoveling will have to be completed in the morning.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

New Invention- Keeping America Cool

SchwartzCap_backNew snow here in Central Maine. We have so much snow that I joined a group of local’s who have come up with an idea to start shipping snowballs to California. The Governor of that State called for assistance in keeping people cool. This group or one smart guy, came up with an awesome invention. We will distribute this item along with a pack of ten snowballs. It is similar to a stocking hat where you place the snowball within. The user will take the long tail of the hat and stuff it down the back of their shirt.

Studies have been concluded, and it has proved to drop the body temperature by 6 degree’s. The governor has ordered Five Hundred Thousand to start. We have had to hire the locals from the next town over for assistance. So far business is booming and with the amount of snow we have been collecting from this new named storm, we can continue our business at least into August.

You can find this product in most of the online stores and pricing is dependent on the consistency of the snowballs. With this storm there is more water content and because of the viscosity we have to charge more for this product. We will be rolling this product out to public shortly. It will be going public on the New York Stock Exchange within a month. California is our testing ground and so far of what we have heard there is a lot of happy people. The Fire Service is now talking with our Chief CEO right now and we hope to land an order with the Wildland Fire Service. We are applying for a grant from the Fire Act Program to buy more stocking hats. Stay tuned folks.

Our Catch Phrase is- Keeping America Chilled, One Hat At A Time.

©Bilodeau,D.H. 2014

Jetliner Lost?

fvUG-v8AI cannot find my keys. I understand that you can lose small items like keys, How can you lose a jetliner? I’m glad that authorities are still out searching the ocean for ten- thousand square miles. The first problem in this search is they forgot that the earth is round. They should be searching ten thousand round miles first. The next in the equation. How can lose something this big in the first place? I can understand a small items like your wallet, sunglasses can be misplaced, but not a jetliner.

They have the technology to find such things and for the sake of the family’s I hope that the liner is found and the people are safe. I lost my teeth once and had an easy time finding those lodged into a tree limb. I lost my virginity once but found this too. I got lost once and ended up finding my way, except for the time I got lost walking in the city when I was ten years old. A young lady found me and called the police, so this one doesn’t count. I have lost at gambling before, I never found that one back. We can lose things here on planet earth but sometimes we find the items or someone finds them for us.

I sure do hope this jetliner is found, I’m still searching around my neck of the woods but all I have seen is deer, squirrels, and birds. I will keep searching and maybe if everyone on this planet keeps searching we will find this airplane. I know we have the technology, we just have to keep looking.