Embarking On Time

imagesI would rather not admit it but I’m creeping up on time. I know this for the  fact the calendar is reflecting back at me a big number for my upcoming birthday. I can say this in here because there is no hiding the fact anymore of this day. With online posting of birthday’s, it is impossible to hide. I do realize that in not that many years I will be embarking on retirement. I know this is going to sneak up on me real fast because it seemed like yesterday I was putting diapers on our children and now they are adults.

I have often pondered about living in a warmer climate. I’m thinking Virgin Island or Puerto Rico as great destinations. I would like to be a snowbird when I’m older. This dealing with months of cold temperatures does get to one’s mind. To me there is nothing worse than working all night, taking a nap when I get home, then having to go out and snow blow the driveway, or shovel snow. The snow is very pretty for the first month, then it can go away. I’m going to plan our retirement so that my wife and I do not have to battle the weather, at least not in the cold. We are still children of time, but in a short time, we will be seniors of time. st-thomas-wedding-and-honeymoon-attractions-magens-bay-beach

Sometime when I think about how time evolved, it scares me. I don’t want someone digging my grave yet. I dug graves when I was a kid and was always day dreaming about what these people did with their time. I do not have boats, motorcycle’s, camper’s, or even an inner tube for tubing. What I do have is time, family, and a whole lot of dreaming. Good Day Everyone, I’m a little late posting today, I had to pass a little time.



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