Ice Around Here

FallOnIce-738120We just cannot seem to get warm temperature,s around here. Last weekend it did get into the high 40’s but when getting out of work this morning it was zero degree’s F. Today as I sit here It is only 22 degree’s. The icicles are still hanging from the garage and house. The sun is showing it’s face from time to time but only for a minute or two and then back to overcast. Maine can be cold at times but this is unusual for temperatures to be this low at the end of February. The sneakers will stay tucked away for now and I will continue to wear my LLBean boots a bit longer. This cold cannot last forever right? I know probably in a few weeks I will be wishing it was cool and again. The icicles can be a real problem in places that you just cannot reach to knock them off.  I know where I work that there is places very high and icicles form and when we get a day of slight warmth these will fall. They will come down and destroy whatever is in its path. Here is a bridge in Maine that found out the hard way. Click on this to watch the video

There is a real difference from ice falling or falling through ice. Here is a pic of what you do not want, well neither is very good. 9f2f19f4-7584-4563-87a4-102fda04c894_650x366watch-a-fake-vw-touareg-falling-through-ice-on-live-tv-video-55410-7818-tulsa-ice-storm-dec-9-2007imagesA few clips of either ice falling or falling on ice picture. You can see that none of them are very good. So, I will sit here today and view the icicles from within the house. It will be warmer soon I hope, and then I can complain about the mosquito’s and blackflies. Another thing we have around here is ticks. I hate those worse than any other bug. I will take icicles any day.

The video clip used from a report from BDN Maine Midcoast report. This bridge is realatively new and no one ever thought this was going to happen. We had several ice storm this winter and all the suspension wire were coated. We then had one or two days of warmer temps and this is what happened.


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