I Found My Dream Girl

imagesAZMETHYNA mystical beauty I saw the other day. I was driving in my car down Route 42 when I looked out the passenger side window and saw her. I was so darn excited that I almost busted a vein in my neck. I swung my head around so fast that she almost could hear me. My breathing was getting very rapid and my pulse was pounding so fast. I had to slow myself down or I was going to crash this beast.  I had been looking for her for so long, I knew that someone would show her to the world. I had been looking on the internet, looking at magazines, and calling around. She just could not be found. I had dreamed of the day I would meet her, and there she was. She was sitting so prime and proper, looking sooooooo good. What a babe she was, or is, I just have to stop this beast and bare myself to the gorgeous girl. The fin on her trunk, the sleekness to her just drives me crazy. I have waited all my life, I finally have my dream girl,  right before my eyes. The Plymouth Road Runner Sports Car I have always wanted. The beauty, I’m about to lose control here. 1968-plymouth-road-runner-7_600x0w

An interesting fact about this car. One of these sat at a car lot not far from my house years ago. My cousin finally bought it and held onto it for years. When it came time to sell it the value of this car was unbelievable. I think he made out pretty good. Very rare to find these days. I just had visions in my mind today of driving by the car lot and seeing this when I was younger. The fin on the back really stood out. I’m going to break out one of these days and try a fast car. I have never had one. The fastest car I had was an old Plymouth fury with a 4 barrel. It was a retired police car but looked like a family car. Still would move. Classic Sports cars have always interested me. What kind of hot cars from the days do you remember or envy. Leave some comments below. I would like to hear. Ciao!


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