I Won the Powerball

images772GAL4TI have come to understand the meaning of winning the powerball. I made a trip down to the local store and bought my tickets. I sat on a Wednesday night with ticket in hand and I believe I dosed off.

The bells were ringing and necklaces were all around my neck. I was walking down the street with music and trumpet playing.  I quickly noticed that everyone was wearing necklaces. I looked around and everyone was waving at me. Well hello Mr. Gladmere, How are you doing? I nodded my head, then another person, a young lady, was walking with me and telling me that we had an appointment with the Mayor of the city at eleven tonight. She was telling me about the purchase I was going to make in this town. I guess I was buying a whole city block. What? How in the heck was I going to afford this? It is starting to get cloudy right now.

Darn it is hot outside, where in the heck am I? I am feeling air blowing across my body and look up to see two young ladies with palm leaves swishing them back and fourth to keep me cool. It is getting blurry again.

The feeling of water is splashing on my face. I open my eyes and I’m in the sailing vessel I just bought, and I’m off  to Bermuda for the weekend with my wife. The kids are with us and both of their boyfriends and girlfriends. Our granddaughter is also in the wheel house. Pepe? Can I take the wheel for a little. Ok Han, no problem, I hope you enjoy it. This is going to be a wonderful day. I’m starting to fade out again.

Pilot please respond, this is Dallas International Airport and your are on a decent to runway 111, roger? Ok, I’m really liking my new 747 that has been decked to the kilt. Now I can fly all over the world in comfort. I am really enjoying being a Powerball winner. I have everything I ever wanted, wait I need a new car. I will buy something fast when we touchdown in Dallas, maybe tomorrow. Things are fading again.

Dwayne, wake up, Wake Up I said! It is time to go to bed. I look at my tickets and cross them for what is on the screen and not one number is matching. What I’m not a winner? Oh come on. Enjoy the night. Maybe next time.



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