Boy Next Door

nine_tips_to_destressFirst of all I want everyone to know that it is mental health week. So many people suffer from anxiety, depression, or other mental illness. It is not a rare problem, and it does not discriminate. So the story goes like this. I woke up in the morning to get a report from my dad that my cousin had taken his life. How sad, I know this person had suffered for years. Even though I didn’t know him well he was family. Later in the evening I was sitting on my couch catching some Olympic coverage when a report came out over the scanner that a possible suicide was apparent very close to my address. I couldn’t pin point where, so I tried to Google maps the location. It kept coming up right about where I lived. I was worried for my neighbors but still didn’t have the exact location. You really worry for people especially when it is your neighbors. It ended up being the boy next door. I am so sad for the family, I cannot believe this happened. The boy was so liked by all in the community-was a college student these days and was doing good. It is going to be a hard road for the family and I only wish there was something that could heal the pain. The community is here for you. Our hearts go out to the family’s of both these boys.

Please if you know anyone who is having problem’s be there for them, let them know that there is help. Talk to your loved one’s often and do not let mental health issues try to heal on their own. These people need help, Please help them. This link will bring you to National Suicide Facebook Hotline Page.




  1. Thank You so much Gwen. It is a hard subject to talk about. I have been witness to a few through the years when I was working on an ambulance. It is not easy even for the responders ,believe me. I feel so bad for what is left behind after they are gone.


  2. I would like to first express my condolences over the loss of your cousin. Thank you for bringing the issue of mental illness forward. The more the conversation is heard, the more people may be willing to step forward for help. Friends and family will learn the signs of mental illness so we will know when to reach out for support on that person’s behalf as well.


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