Stealing The Juice

untitledThere had to be a way to get the last glass of orange juice. I finally had realized that my sibling was kind of germophobic at a young age. One morning before going to school we were sitting at the kitchen table and he had filled his glass to the brim with orange juice and there was no more left in the container. I stared at it for a minute, trying not to listen to the demon on my right shoulder telling me to take a sip of that when he was not looking. The demon won out, I took a big gulp hoping my brother would not see me. It was a mistake on my part but I was all about sharing. My folks had taught us that right? My brother was so angry at me that I received the whole glass of orange juice. So I now had the tools to get anything I wanted when we were in short supplies.

This method has not been good to me. He now is about 150 lbs and I am a mere 207 lbs. I was sure my weight would go down after moving out of the house. I always made sure I had enough juice and milk in the house. I really didn’t want to take from the kids. The children are adults now, but the issue now is too much food and drink in the house. I am not going to feed these leftovers to the local pig factory.

I want to apologize to my brother for taking the juice, sorry bro but you have to share, right? Mom taught us that. My twin brother is in his 50’s today. Another caper solved and one off the bucket list. ©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.


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